Why Use Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair?

Why Use Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair? Remy Hair has been used in the hair industry for so long some people just associate it with every other piece of hair available in the market today. Why do people still invest on it despite the misconceptions? It’s because of the quality and durability it gives to users. But there’s another problem arising despite the high market penetration of the product which is sourcing vendors selling the real thing. We’ll go over each of these topics one by one. What is Virgin Human Hair? We begin with what Virgin Hair actually is. Virgin Human hair is  what most salons use today means that a virgin human hair cut from a donor’s hair was never touched and kept of its original alignment. In particular, it should have retained its cuticles. This is where the pesky business comes in. Non-experts can claim all they want but real professionals know the difference. Virgin hair can only be called as such if it has retained cuticles that are needed in terms of tangling, Non-virgin hair advertised as Remy virgin human hair make up most of the market share today. Cuticle makes up what Remy is. Manufacturers today acid wash virgin human hair they get from donors to rid of these cuticle because it becomes easier not to tangle. Which is why there’s trust issue between buyers nowadays. On the other hand, unprocessed virgin human hair may last a little less than the proven 3 to 6 months for Remy hair but at least buyers can know that their head is safe from other skin concerns [such as irritation when there’s a reaction between chemicals applied on the processed hair and the skin. hair weaves in orlando  How to Pick Diamonds from Rocks? This could be quite a difficult task but entirely doable. Remember even most experts still make mistakes when classifying whether the hair they got is unprocessed or virgin but there are ways to bet on the safe side. First is to be wary of prices. Research on average prices for virgin or unprocessed virgin human hair so you can compare it from current industry standards. Research about direct competitors as well so you can determine if whether prices that a salon offers is a yay or nay. Usually, lower priced ones proliferate the web space and online transactions but most of the time these could be imitation. On the contrary, vendors that offer their virgin hair products for overly high prices can be alarming as well. hair weave using lace closures  We encourage our readers to think wisely when buying virgin hair, one condition is color. Natural unprocessed virgin hair should never have one. It should always come with either the common black or brown variants. Virgin hair also comes in different ranges depending on which country it came from. Brazilian is obviously the most famous variant, next is Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Mongolian. All these variants need different styles of attentive care.  That’s why Shallamar’s Hair Solutions offers the best quality unprocessed virgin human hair in Orlando so if you’re nearby, you’ll know exactly where to go; we even offer advice on how to properly take care of your chosen virgin hair product after application. Visit our Facebook page to find out exactly what our expertise are and see for yourself the Shallamar’s  difference when it comes to virgin human hair.

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Why Use Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair? | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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