Which Keratin Treatment Is Formaldehyde Free?

This is a common question that is asked in the salon. Let us try to shed some light on the subject. First, let us agree that not all Keratin treatment has formaldehyde in them. Some people are convinced that every Keratin treatment as formaldehyde in them, that is simply not true. There are Keratin treatments with formaldehyde in them and they are Keratin treatments without formaldehyde. Well, how do I know which one has it in there? Well, the first thing you need to do is you need to research the Keratin treatment you’re going to use. So you’d want to ask the salon professional what Keratin treatment line are they using. Base on what you are told, you can then do some research on that particular product line.

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Do I Need to Research Different Keratin Treatments or Get a Consultation?

One way of research is Google. You can definitely use Google has a research tool. Also, a Keratin treatment with formaldehyde in it will make the hair pin straight. So if it is making the hair straight it means there is formaldehyde in it or some straightening product. There are many keratin treatments on the market with formaldehyde and there is also many without it. If you do a keratin treatment and you notice your hair is pin straight, especially if you do not have pin straight hair then you know formaldehyde may be present.The question is, how do you know before the treatment is done? The simple answer is research and consultations. On your consultation be sure to ask the licensed cosmetologist what ingredients are in the product. Also ask for the name of the product so you can further research it on your own and be sure to ask the number one question, which is, Does this Keratin Treatment as formaldehyde in it?Another question will be, What does it do? Hopefully, they’ll be honest with you because any professional is obligated to tell the customer the truth.

What Does the Formaldehyde Do to My Hair?

The Keratin treatments are formaldehyde free if they do more smoothing than straightening. Also, it is a good idea to research formaldehyde to decide if you want to a keratin treatment with that ingredient in it or not. They are Keratin treatments on the market that would make the hair straight, but it does not have formaldehyde in it, because there’s a substitute ingredient that will make the hair straight, but not pin straight. The purpose of a Keratin treatment is to smooth the hair to make it frizz free and make it more manageable and to loosen your curl pattern, but it’s not supposed to make your curl pattern go completely away.

What Does The Keratin Treatment Do to My Hair?

So the keratin treatment smooths and give the hair more manageability and prevent it from swelling up or making it puffy. That’s what it should be doing. It should not be making it straight because that’s not what a Keratin Treatment is supposed to be doing. There’s different, straightening system that can be used to straighten the hair, but a Keratin treatment is a smoothing treatment, it’s a protein treatment as well because Keratin is protein, so it’s supposed to go in the hair and keep or make the hair more manageable and strengthened the hair as well.The keratin treatment, when it’s done, it’s done by a flat iron. A flat iron is used to seal it in the hair, so once a Keratin treatment is sealed in the hair, it stays in the hair for two to three months and it wears off as you shampoo your hair. The more you shampoo your hair the faster the treatment will come out.

How Long Does Keratin Last in My Hair if it is Formaldehyde Free?

When you shampoo less, the keratin treatment may last over three months. That’s what a Keratin treatment should be doing. You got to be careful of how much you’re flat ironing your hair when you have a Keratin treatment in your hair. If after the Keratin treatment, you are flat ironing your hair all the time, the flat iron can and will cook your hair or cause heat damage. What that means is the flat iron will cause your curls to go away and then you can’t blame the Keratin treatment, right? So you got to be careful.When you do a Keratin treatment and when you’re doing your hair at home make sure you’re not doing a flat iron every day. You do not want to be doing a flat iron every day, nor do you want to be keep flat ironing your hair at a very high temperature, so don’t keep it at 450 all the time.Flat Ironing your hair all the time at a high temperature will cause severe heat damage to the hair. So, it is very important to keep all these different things in mind. Hopefully, this helps you. Again, you want to stay away from Keratin treatments with formaldehyde in them and you should go in and do a consultation with your salon professional to find out what kind of Keratin treatment they’re using n your hair and if that Keratin treatment has any kind of formaldehyde in it.  Unless you choose to do so.  What Keratin Treatment is formaldehyde free?  The quick answer is to ask your licensed professional and research the product before making a decision to get it done Article Written by Sandy SillsLicensed CosmetologistShallamars Hair Solutions 407-507-3000 

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Which Keratin Treatment Is Formaldehyde Free? | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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