What Is A Protein Hair Treatment?


What Is a Protein Hair Treatment?

A protein hair treatment is a treatment that is basically liquid. It’s made up of 50 or more percent of protein. Proteins are important to strengthen the hair and to give you a healthier looking hair. Protein hair treatment is designed to strengthen the peptide bonds or the amino acid chain in the hair strand. To make the hair stronger and healthier. Protein treatments are made to strengthen the hair.

Why Do I Need A Protein Treatment?

As we go on our everyday life. And as we are combing and brushing our hair, including styling and using hear on the hair, we are going to tend to lose strength and the hair is going to tend to weaken. Als,o has we do different chemicals in our hair such as colors, relaxers, and perms, the hair will also weaken. The only way to strengthen the hair is to put back the protein back in the hair that if looses from these activities. Since the hair is made up primarily of protein. Caution should be taken though, not to do too much protein on the hair because excessive protein treatment can also cause the hair to break. Protein treatments should always be professionally done. 

Are There Different Types Of Protein Hair Treatments?

Yes, they are different types of protein and also different strengths of protein hair treatments. There is also a different percentage of protein in each protein treatment. The protein treatments that are used in most salons are made up of 50 or more percent of protein and they are basically liquid. The reason they are liquid is that the liquid penetrates into the hair faster and better than if it was in cream form.  And since we want it to penetrate into the hair strand so it can strengthen the amino acid chain or the peptide bond that’s inside the hair shaft.

What Hair Types Are Good For Protein Treatments?

Protein treatments are great on all hair types and textures. They are recommended for all hair types and all hair textures because they go in to strengthen the hair. A strand of hair is made up of what we call an amino acid chain. Different links off amino acids linked together to create this amino acid chain which then creates a peptide bond which is what makes up the hair shaft. Has different chemicals and treatments are done on the hair. The peptide bond or amino acid chain weakens and must be put back in the hair so it does not break.Essations and Naked Cocktail

How Often Should I Get A Protein Treatment?

It depends upon how damaged your hair is. If your hair is severely damaged, we will recommend you get one once every week until the hair starts to recover. Once the hair starts to recover and is gaining strength, we will then do a protein hair treatment every two weeks and then eventually once per month. Ideally, on healthy hair, we do a protein hair treatment once per month to maintain the health of the hair. If the hair is kind of weak , we are going to suggest once every two weeks. Once it starts to strengthen, then we will go to once per month. If the hair is severely damaged, it would then be once per week for a series of weeks, then moves into once every two weeks and then it moves over to once per month.

What Is Protein Hair Treatment Made From?

Protein hair treatments are made primarily from protein. This is liquid protein that is designed to penetrate into the hair shaft to strengthen the hair up. There is a high concentration of protein in these in the form of amino acid. Too much protein can also break the hair, so care must be taken when they’ are being done and that is why it’s best if they are professionally done. Most of the times, a good professional protein hair treatment will not be sold in the beauty supply stores. 

Why Is Protein Hair Treatment Good For The Hair?

Protein hair treatments are good for the hair because it strengthens the hair, keep the hair healthy, prevents it from being weak, and also prevents it from breaking. Protein hair treatments are meant to prevent breakage. And to give you healthy hair, whether you have a chemical in your hair or not.

How is A Protein Hair Treatment Done?

Protein hair treatments are basically done in the salon. A lot of times keratin treatments get confused with protein treatments. Keratin treatments are also protein treatments, but a Keratin treatment is also a smoothing treatment. It does different things than a protein hair treatment. Typically with a protein hair treatment, you go under a dryer with the plastic cap and it is done to strengthen the hair. A keratin treatment also strengthens the hair, but it’s also a smoothing treatment. It also control frizz and gives you more manageability on the hair. It cuts down on your blow drying and time by 50 percent. Stays in the hai for two to three months.  A typical protein treatment does not do that. A typical hair protein treatment strengthens the hair and is the only role. Okay, so there is a difference. In a Keratin treatment though, there is also protein in there because it’s Keratin, so it also strengthens the hair, but it also smooths the hair and make it frizz free. So it does a different thing than a typical protein treatment. The prices will be severely different as well. Keratin treatment could start off a $200, whereas a protein treatment is about 50 bucks or something like that. Then you pay for the washing and styling after the treatment.

Can Too Much Protein Hair Treatment Break The Hair?

Yes. If you do too much protein treatments, it could break the hair. That is why protein treatments are typically professionally done. A professional licensed cosmetologist should govern how often you should get one done based upon the health of your hair. 

What Is The difference Between Keratin and Protein Hair Treatment?

A Keratin treatment is a form of protein treatment as previously stated, but it is made with a very high concentration of protein among other ingredients. It strengthens the hair and make it frizz free. it sits on the cuticle layer of the hair for two to three months. Whereas a protein hair treatment is designed to strengthen the hair only and have less concentration of protein.There are the major differences. If you feel that you need to get a protein treatment done, I’m going to suggest you find a professional hair salon that you could go to and get one professionally done. Most of the time when it comes to protein treatments, you got to keep doing them. So either you are going to keep doing them once per month, once every two weeks or once a week until it goes to once every two weeks, and then eventually down to once per month.  Your hair will be in optimal condition with regular hair protein treatments.   Article Written bySandy SillsLicensed CosmetologistShallamar’s Hair Solutions407 507 3000www.shallamarshairsolutions.com 

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