What Hair Care Products Are Good For Hair Growth?

This is Sandy from Shallamar’s Hair Solutions here in Orlando, Florida. Today I’m going to be talking about what hair care products are best for hair growth.  Hair growth is very important in order for you to maintain lovely healthy hair. If the hair and the scalp are not healthy, then you’re going to have a  problem.  So then, what hair care products are out there that would be beneficial to my hair to promote hair growth?   Okay, so you don’t want to use anything too harsh as far as hair care products are concerned.  So you want to try to avoid shampoos with sulfate in them because they tend to be very drying and especially if you have dry hair then the sulfate will make the hair dry, so you will then end up with drier hair. 

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Speak to a Professional for the Best Hair Care Products for Your Hair

You also want to have a hair consultation done by licensed cosmetologists, which will tell you what products would be best suited for your hair. It also depends upon what condition your hair is in. Is your hair currently damaged? or not healthy?  Is it in between that?  What’s going on with your hair? The hair care products that you use is going to determine what state your hair is going to be in.So that’s why a consultation is important from licensed cosmetologists that will be able to guide you into what hair care products to use.  Also, if you’re going to the salon on a biweekly or weekly basis, they will have products there that you could also use to maintain your look. So if the cosmetologist  is recommending certain products to you based upon what hair care you’re receiving from then you would want to follow that advisehair care products

Will Popular Hair Care Products Help with Hair Growth?

The one thing you don’t want to do is you don’t want to go into the store and buy your own thing, like asking the people in the store because they’re not licensed and they’re only going to tell you to buy the products that everyone else is buying.  The popular products may not be the product suitable for your own hair. If you have color treated hair, then you would need a product, different from that hair condition.  If you have a keratin treatment and if you have botox, or if you have a hair plastic surgery then you would need products suitable for these hair treatments.   If your  hair is  weak or  if it’s damaged, or if you  just have a baby and the hair is falling out, I mean there is so much different things that could be going on with your hair and based upon what you need to determine what hair care products would  be best suited for your particular hair condition.Essations and Naked Cocktail

Can I Use The Same Hair Care Products Has My Family?

Sometimes you may have a household with different people, mom, dad, cousins, and sisters. Everyone doesn’t necessarily benefit from using the same hair products. So not because your sister or your mom or your friends says, this product works for me, it may not be working for you. So a hair consultation is important for a cosmetologist. Once you get the consultation, then they will determine what hair care products to use and then you could purchase those particular products.If you are already to going to a salon, then ask your cosmetologist what hair care products are suitable for me?  If they don’t know, then try to seek out a salon that will be able to educate you on your hair care needs based upon your hair condition, what hair care products would be the best suited for your hair. If you have color treated hair, then you want to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and you want to use shampoos that are going to keep that color in your hair to prevent it from fading.  If you have red in your hair, red is a color that fades really fast, so if you have red, you want to have shampoo and conditioner that’s going to maintain that red without drying it out and without making it dry.  

What Hair Care Products Can I Use on Color Treated Hair?

Color-treated hair tends to get dry really easily and if you’re doing high blonde, or different blondes or ombres or any of those colors, they’re going to tend to get dry and you want to prevent that.  The only way to prevent that is to use moisturizing conditioners,  and shampoos each time.   Definitely, getting a consultation from a cosmetologist is very important.  Also using the correct products that you were advised to use or that is recommended to you by a licensed cosmetologist would work.

Can I Just Ask Someone In The Beauty Supply Store For Which Hair Care Products are Best?

You don’t want to go to the beauty supply store and ask them or tell them,  my hair is dry. What do you think I should use? That’s not a good idea. You could get a free consultation from a cosmetologist without having to get your hair done with them.   In our salon, we do consultations all the time. As long as you make an appointment and there is no obligation for you to get your hair done by us because we gave you a consultation. We just go through the consultation with you and go through your hair, and let you know what is best suited for your hair and then you can take it from there. Of course, we sell all kinds of hair care products as well because we want to make sure that we provide you with the products that we are recommending you to purchase. So to recap, it is best to get a consultation from a licensed cosmetologist to determine what hair care -products are best for hair growth.

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What Hair Care Products are Good for Hair Growth? | Shallamar's Hair Solutions

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