Virgin Human Hair-All You Need To Know

Virgin Human Hair

Virgin human hair is the purest form of hair that a donor can donate or sell to a company who is selling hair, for the purpose of hair extensions. There are people in various parts of the country that grow their hair to either sell or to donate. For instance, in India there are Temples, women go to, to worship and part of that worship is to cut their hair as part of worshiping their God. When they cut their hair, the hair is discarded. Some women will cut their hair in a neat format. Meaning they may place their hair in a ponytail before cutting. In so doing the hair will be in one piece after the haircut. Some women will just go ahead and shave their head for this ritual. The way the hair is cut will determine the quality of the hair that is taken from the Temple.

Where Does Virgin Human Hair Come From?

There is good quality hair that is taken from the temple and then you have crappy hair on the floor like wasted on the floor. This will play a role in how the hair will perform once installed for hair extensions. The quality of hair determines where the hair comes from and the quality of the donor’s hair. There are also women in countries like Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Brazil, Russia, etc, that grow their hair specifically to sell it. Hair vendors go to these countries and purchase hair from these women cheaply in comparison to what they are sold for here in the USA. Most of the time, these hair vendors go to the poorer parts of these countries. Most of these women grow their hair for the purpose of selling it to feed their families. Once the hair is bought, some of the hair is kept in its truest form. While some of the hair is blended with other hair. That is why there are so many variations of the quality of hair sold.

Virgin Remy Human Hair

Virgin human remy hair means the cuticle of the hair is intact or that is what it’s supposed to be. Which means once the hair is purchased from the donor, it remained intact and no alternations where done to it. And if it was altered, the cuticles remained in tack. Most of the time virgin remy human hair is coming from one donor. This means the hair being sold, came from one person. When someone donates or sell their hair, it can be sold as one package to one person. So it was not mixed with anything was not processed or blended. This is the truest form of hair that is sold commercially. Remy means the cuticle of the hair is intact and the hair should be pure. Now I have seen hair at the beauty supply stores, which looks or feels nothing like Remy, but the package says, Remy. Care must be taken with these kinds of purchases. 

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

This simply means that this version of human hair came from Brazil. in Brazil there are people that are growing there hair and they are either selling their hair or they are donating their hair. The word virgin means unprocessed. Let’s examine this for a little. If a hair vendor went into someone’s home or village to purchase hair from different people. Technically you would have the mother, the sisters, the relatives, and the cousins. There will be different people with a variety of texture, quality, and condition. Once the hair is purchased and cut, some vendors will keep the hair separated from each person. The hair from the mother will be separated from, let us say the hair from the aunt, etc. While some hair vendors will pool all the hair together without separating i. If the hair is kept separate, then that’s the truest form of virgin human hair that you could purchase, because that hair is coming from one single donor.If the hair has been mixed together, then you are going to have a variation of the quality of the hair, because each person has different quality of hair. Some people have nice bouncy hair, some people have tangled hair and that is what will be sold to you. Which means you can purchase a bundle of hair with different quality of hair in the same bundle. That’s because it’s coming from various people head. Virgin human hair from Brazil is hair that as not been processed and is been sold directly without being processed. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming from one donor because the hair could be mixed together with other people’s hair. It just means that the hair as not being processed.

Virgin Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are made with hair that’s not been processed at all. It came from someone’s head and they didn’t color it or did any chemical treatments to it. Of course, it will be shampooed and cleaned but it’s coming directly unprocessed. These kinds of virgin human hair can be used to make wigs. This means you would get a very good quality hair on that wig because the hair is coming directly from hair has not been processed.

Virgin Human Hair Extensions

These are hair extensions that are made from virgin human hair. This means that the hair is Unprocessed. Virgin human hair is the best form of hair to color on because nothing has been done to it. That does not necessarily mean that it is good quality hair because it could have been mixed with something or with other hair. Although it is unprocessed, it could be coming from different people and the hair was combined. Or it could also be blended. You will need to bear these things in mind buying virgin human hair extensions. You should ask the vendors a few questions, such as Where is the hair coming from? Is it just unprocessed or is it coming from one donor? The price is going to determine the quality because if it’s coming from one donor. The purchase price will be more than if it’s been blended with other people’s hair.

Virgin Human Hair Weaves

A hair weave is a form of hair extension that is sewn in the hair. The technique that is that used to apply the hair extension to the head is sewing. A weave with virgin human hair is what a virgin human hair weave is. This means the hair weave is being done, using virgin human hair.

Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair

This is the hair from Brazil that is unprocessed and the cuticle of the hair is intact. Most of the time Remy hair is from one donor but this is not always the case. Virgin Remy human hair does not mean the hair is unprocessed. 

Virgin Human Hair Bundles.

Hair bundles are very popular for hair extensions and weave today. Virgin human hair bundles are extension hair that is sold in bundles and is wefted together to create one line. Each bundle is typically three point five (3.5 ozs) ounces or 100 grams and typically two to three bundles are used for a sew in hair extension or a weave. They are also used for other forms of hair extensions. This does not mean the hair is from one donor. The purest form or quality of virgin hair extension is going to be from one donor. There are times it is from two or more donors. There are also times that the hair is blended. It could be blended with other people’s hair or with synthetic hair type product. When you are buying commercial hair from the store or from online or from a hair salon is probably going to be commercial hair.

Commercial Virgin Human Hair 

Commercial hair means it’s been purchased from somewhere or someone. And is being sold on the commercial hair market. How pure they keep the hair will also play a role in how the hair will perform. Meaning how many people’s hair they are combining together to create these bundles. And we all know that all the bundles can never come from one person’s hair. Not many people have that extra thick, full hair to donate all the three bundles of hair. More than likely one bundle is going to be from one donor, and the rest from someone else or they combine all the hair together and they created the bundles. What a lot of vendors tend to do is try to keep the same texture hair together. All straight hair will be together, all body wave hair, all loose curly hair together. They also treat the hair to create various wave patterns. The body wave hair and the super curly hair are sometimes made from straight hair. The hair is treated to create the different pattern and textures.

Peruvian Virgin Remy Hair

Peruvian virgin Remy hair means the hair is from Peru. This sometimes is packaging to sell the hair so one must be mindful of that fact. Care must be taken that the label is not just being placed on it, but that it is truly from Peru. If it is from Peru then it would mean it is unprocessed and the cubicles are intact. Remy means the cuticles are intact. The commercial hair that is being purchased to use for your hair extensions or for your weaves should be in the same pattern has the hair on your head. That is what it means when it is said that cuticles are intact. When the cuticles are intact, there is no tangling and the hair is easy to comb through. Then you know the hair is true Remy.

Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair

This means that the hair is not processed at all. This is the purest form of human hair you want to use. If you are going to be coloring and highlighting and doing different custom colors on the hair. Unprocessed virgin human hair will be the best to use. Now, remember though, that if it’s unprocessed and its virgin human hair, it’s going to act like the hair on your head. Which means you should not bleach, pre-lighten or color it too much. You have to be mindful that this is still hair, and the more you color it, the more you will lessen the integrity of the hair. If you are going to color unprocessed virgin human hair, make sure you do a strand test. Take a piece of strand and color it first, to see how it work. Observe what it looks like, especially if you did multiple colors.Another thing you can do is foiling. If you are looking to get various color shades, foiling may be the best choice as opposed to coloring then going in to change various sections of the color. Going back to deposit other colors over pre-lighten hair can damage the hair. Your best bet will be to get the hair professionally colored by a licensed cosmetologist. Another note is whenever you do a color that requires bleaching or pre-lighten, make sure you do a toner because that will eliminate all that brassy and unwanted shades. Unwanted shades occur when you preligten the hair because the hair will not light altogether as one shade. Toning blends the color together and makes it one shade.

Indian Virgin Human Hair

This hair would be coming from India and it would be virgin human hair, which means it is unprocessed. This would be the mean the truest form of hair for hair extensions. It doesn’t however necessarily mean it’s coming from one person’s head, but it means that it’s not been processed. In India, there are various Temple’s hair that is sold and the quality is all the same. Some are really good and some are taken from the temple floor. It is hard to know where the hair is coming from. Always run your fingers through the hair to see it there is any resistance. If there is resistance then you may not want to purchase that hair. You will need to be really careful when you get hair from India. if it’s coming from the temple. Some ladies will actually put their hair in a ponytail, cut the hair and give it to someone.No, they’re not supposed to be selling their hair in this religious ritual. They give it to the priests and the priests will take it and place it in a big bin for the hair. Sometimes people steal the hair from the temple and sell it. At times, the people working at the temple, sell the hair themselves. There are also times when someone would wait for the temple garbage to be emptied and they get the hair that way and sell it. I know it sounds horrible, but they go into the garbage bin and they get the hair. Care must be taken has you really don’t know where the hair is coming from.

Virgin Human Hair Grades.

There are different forms of grade when it comes to human hair. These different grades start at five and go up to about ten. What does that mean? The grade of the hair determines the quality. The lower the number the lower the quality of hair. Now I am seeing grades up to ten. However, the prices are not reflecting what grade ten human hair would be priced at. The hair in the beauty supply stores can be very misleading. Sometimes the different grades are used just to commercialize the hair to get the consumer to purchase the hair. When there is a package with six bundles of hair priced at $100 and the package states that the hair is grade ten. That should send a red flag to you.

What Does Different Grades of  Virgin Human Hair Mean?

These labels and packaging are being used as an advertisement to sell more hair. There are 10A and 9A and also 8A that is placed on these packages to cause the consumer to purchase the hair. Under the pretense that it is good grade hair. When frankly it is not. If you are buying a package of hair at a beauty supply store and it has three or more different bundles in the package and it says 10A and the cost are $100 to $120 for the entire package. It will not be true Grade 10A virgin human hair. The price of the hair is going to determine the quality of the hair. Sometimes you are able to get cheap hair and it performs well. Sometimes you will get hair from the beauty supply store and it’s cheap and you get in it installed and it works very well. Then there is another time you get a cheaper grade of hair and it performs poorly.This article is not saying that cheap hair is always bad. What we are saying is that the quality of the hair oftentimes determines the cost of the hair. You can get great hair from the beauty supply store and sometimes you don’t. The quality of the hair should measure up to the price you pay. If it is good quality coming from one or two donors, it’s going to be expensive.

What Is A Donor For Virgin Human Hair?

The most expensive hair will be hair coming from one donor or one person’s head. Sometimes a person will donate or sell their hair, and they will grow their hair again and they will sell or donate the hair again. Some specific vendors will keep that hair and they will be able to have all that donors hair to sell to one person. Basically, the celebrities because that’s going to be really expensive hair. Then you have the hair that is from two different donors. So you have hair from person A and hair from person B, and they combine it together and you may or may not get a good outcome.When you get into donors of 3 or more then you have more of an issue with the quality of the hair. Virgin hair can be a very good source of beautiful, luxurious hair extensions and then they can become a nightmare. If both experiencing is saying virgin human hair then there is a lie or something misleading somewhere. Not every packaging that says virgin human hair is actually virgin human hair. When it comes to purchasing virgin human hair, I would advise you to go to a hair salon or to go to a company that’s actually doing the hair extensions. If you are purchasing the hair from a company that’s doing the hair extensions, they will pay attention to the quality of the hair that they are selling you because they are going to want you to keep coming back and to bring your friends.

Should I buy Virgin Human Hair From Beauty Supply Stores?

It’s a different thing if you’re buying from the beauty supply store, or from a company that just sells hair because they don’t have the same loyalty to their customers. Yes, they want to be in business. And they want to sell, good hair, but their loyalty is not going to be as strong as the person that’s actually doing the installation. People tend to be very forgiving of the beauty supply stores. They sell them bad hair or companies are selling bad hair and they forgive them and repurchase hair from them. However, they are not very forgiving of salons that sell them bad hair. Especially the hair salon that sold the hair and did the installations. and install Make sure you know the quality of the hair. A good idea is to probably buy a sample of it and test it first before you purchase a large quantity.Especially if you are purchasing expensively. On the cheaper hair, if you are purchasing cheaper hair, just be careful. Know what you are buying and know that it might not work, but it might. It may or may not work the way you want it to work and it’s based on how often you are going to be using the hair. If you are buying the hair, to use to make a wig, and you are just wearing the wig every now and again. It’s a different story. When you are buying the hair to install hair extensions to wear on a daily basis, then hair quality will come into play.   Great hair extensions start with the fantastic virgin human hair. 

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