Top 10 Hair Styles For The Holidays

Top 10 Hair Styles For The Holidays weddingupdo6 The holidays are just a few weeks away, and it’s the perfect time to change your hair style. You are going to want to look your best for the parties. There are lots of styles to choose from including the Roll-Up, Side Braid, and the Triple Flip. Our hair stylist expert in Orlando can prepare your hair for the holidays. Find a style that is right for you with this descriptive list featuring some of the most popular styles. 
  1. Roll-Up
rolluphairstyleIf you want an elegant holiday style, you can’t go wrong with the roll-up. It looks like the hair as been rolled up like a rug and held at the base of the head. The neck is exposed. A pendant is usually used to hold the rolled up hair in place. The hair around the ears are merged into the roll, creating the perfect look. 
  1. Side Braid
sidebraidCapture everyone’s attention with a side braid. It’s just like a braided pony tail, except the hair is tossed over one shoulder. Keep the hair flowing over one side of the side of the face, while the side-parted hair is wrapped around the back of the head into the side braid. The end of the braid is accented with a pendant. This hair style should have a tousled appearance, and if done properly, it will accentuate the entire face. 
  1. Triple Flip
 An alternative to the normal center-part is the triple flip. Take two strands from the temples and merge them at the nape with an elastic band. Take another set of strands from the temple and flip them inside the first two strands. The hair should appear centered down the spine, instead of flowing over the back. It’s different than a regular hair style, which is what the holidays are about. 
  1. Fancy Bun
fancybunSwirls in every direction, culminating in a bun place atop the head, exactly diagonal to the face. That’s a fancy bun. There’s a strand of hair the falls perfectly over the forehead and possibly covering one eye. But that strand can be push aside if necessary. 
  1. Pretty Pony
 Don’t settle for a regular pony tail this holiday season. The pretty pony is both elegant and beautiful. The hair is full and adorned with pendants. It rest gently atop one shoulder and is secured by a elastic band. You can make the hair wavy with a curling iron, before parting it to one side.malaysian-wig
  1. Side Buns
 If wearing a bun is too boring, try wearing one to the side. This hair style is interesting and unique. The hair can be wrapped in a swirl and placed behind one ear. From the back, this hair style accentuates the neck and back. It also contrasts nicely with any necklaces around the neck. From the front, it might look a bit odd, but a decent side part with flowing hair around the forehead and the right shade of lipstick will complete this holiday look. 
  1. Ripple Effect
Updos-OrlandoThe ripple effect sounds cool. It involves blow-drying freshly washed hair over a side part. Then waves are added to the texture of the hair with an iron. It will look messy. It’s recommended to use gel to form twists with small sections of hair at the temples. Then, wrap them over the head to create a finished look. It will certainly contrast from everyone else’s hair style. 
  1. Braided Bun
 Instead of pulling straight hair into a ball, pull braided hair and straight hair into a ball and place it at the back of the head. The best way to do this is to braid some of the hair in the back and pull the rest of the hair back from the front. They should meet at the same place, nearly horizontal to the forward-facing form. 
  1. Top Knot
ShallamarsupdosOne of the sexiest looking holiday hair styles is the top knot. As the name implies, all the hair is bunched together above the head, but not directly centered like a high bun. Instead, it’s placed at a diagonal at the back-top region of the head. All the hair is pulled back from the front. It’s a popular style in New York. It’s similar to the fancy bun, but there’s no hair falling over the forehead. 
  1. Simple Knot
simpleknotThe easiest, yet one of the most appealing hair styles is a simple knot that holds the hair in a scrunch at the nape of the neck. It’s perfect for those that usually keep their hair long. Bring the hair around one side of the head (side part) and wrap it up in a ball behind the head. It’s alright if there’s several strands of hair remaining across the forehead; just move it around the ear.updostacySome of these styles may need extensions or coloring. Our salon provides hair extensions in Orlando, and there’s a hair colorists in Orlando that provides services at our salon. The hair salon is close to Disney World.

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Top 10 Hair Styles For The Holidays

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