The Hair Botox Craze

The Hair Botox Craze Before you jump into the bandwagon and try out one of the hair industry’s newest offerings, it is important that you start investigating about its origins and effects first. We’ll help you find the right information on the web in our new blog entry discussing its many benefits so we advice that you read closely now. Hair Botox? More like hair rejuvenation techniques! There is actually no botox-related chemicals being used in such treatments. The hype is there as a marketing strategy employed by some of the biggest names in cosmetic today like Kashmir and BTX. They wanted attention so they employ this marketing genius to create a new buzz in the industry. They even crafted unique equipment to help build the craze. These manufacturers came up with not just the bottled formula but most kits also come with their very own injection-like product. Be informed though that the formulation they use is not the same as the botox chemicals that are used to lift sagging skin or eradicate wrinkles and make it look younger. Hair botox treatments have the same effect: control aging in terms of hair progress but luckily, the formulation is much safer and different in composition. Natural Alternatives As highlighted in some of our previous articles, styling causes considerable amounts of stress to your hair so the best alternative is to do away from it. BUT, knowing women around the world, this is unlikely. They’ll still perm, dry or color their hairs no mater what. Shallamar’s  encourages that if you can’t avoid ’em try eating a balanced diet. This way you could direct some of the nutrients your hair needs. Sometimes bad hair is also the result of toxic and improper nutritional balance inside you. Our crowning glory can sometimes depict your overall health condition.  Like us on face book for current hair trends. orlando salon offers botox  Should you Get Treated? It sounds cool nowadays but if you’re relatively very young, we suppose you won’t need much of it anyway. Hair botox treatment is made for adults who frequently style their hair making it lose its natural vibrance and bounce. If you’re still 10 or 14, your hair still has all those natural collagen in there that keeps it strong and naturally beautiful. For adults, hair botox treatment, luckily, is applicable for any hair type.  If you’re ready to invest in this procedure, remember it takes time and you have to return for re-application. Shallamar’s Hair Solutions will help you with pre and post consultations so we can walk you through all the way from getting your hair treated to aftercare essentials. If you need hair botox treatments in Orlando, you now know where to go.  Visit and join the hair botox craze.

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The Hair Botox Craze | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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