Tape In Hair Extensions

 What Is Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair extensions is small panels of hair that has tape on them an is installed into your hair to create fullness and volume. Each panel is about one to two inches in width. These panels are sandwiched into small sections of your hair to create fullness, length or volume. Tape in Hair extensions are very easy on the scalp, they do not create tension in comparison to sew in hair extensions and they lay flat to the scalp.Typically, a small section of your hair is taken and the tape in hair extension panel is placed in a sandwich manner between that small section of hair. These sandwiches are then placed throughout the hair based on what end the result the stylist is going for. Some of your hair will be left out for coverage.

Pros Of Tape In Hair Extensions

The pros of tape in hair extensions is that. It gives you that it gives volume. there is no tension on the scalp. There is no tightness. It is very comfortable to wear. It is very easy to install and take out. Tape In Hair Extensions can be used to add highlights or ombres colors or give a totally new look.

Cons Of Tape In Hair Extensions

If you have an oily scalp or oily hair, tape in hair extensions would not work for you because the oil from your hair or your scalp would loosen the adhesive on the tape. It will tend to fall out more. You should not shampoo your hair more than once per week with tape in hair extensions because the more you shampoo, the more you loosen up the adhesive. It is recommended that you shampoo your hair once per day.You could follow up with a dry shampoo in between the one-week time frame. If you need to shampoo more than once per day then this technique would not be the one for you. Swimming may be another issue. If you swim with tape in hair extensions in, this will also cause the adhesive to loosen so you should not swim with these hair extensions.

How Long Does Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

Tape in hair extensions typically will stay in your hair for six to eight weeks. After six to eight weeks, you should remove them. After which they can be retaped reinstalled. Tape in hair extensions is reusable.

Tape In Hair Extensions Textures

There are various textures that are available with tape in hair extensions. You could get straight, wavy, curly body wave, to match your own hair textures. With tape in hair Extensions, your hair is integrating with the extensions, so your hair is interacting with the extension. That means your texture and the texture of the tape in hair extensions must much to create a seamless look.If you have natural African American hair and you want to keep it natural. Tape in hair extensions may not be a choice unless you relax your hair or do a Keratin or botox or a hair plastic surgery to soften the hair so it could better interact with these hair extensions.

Tape In Hair Extension Quality

it is very important that you get, good quality or good grade hair when you do the tape in hair extensions. If the quality of the hair is not good and it starts to tangle and get frizzy and react to the environment with your hair, it is not going to be a very good experience. You want to make sure that the hair that you are using is of good quality. Salon grade hair extensions are normally one of the best ones to use because, for the most part, a professional salon is going to make sure that the hair that they are selling to their customers or clients are good quality because they have a reputation they want to keep with that customer or client. They will make sure if they are providing the hair to be installed is good hair.  The highest quality tape in hair extensions should always be used

How To Remove Tape In Hair Extensions

If you are wearing tape in hair extensions, you want to make sure that you get them professionally removed. Do not remove them yourself. It is very important that you get them professionally removed to prevent breakage and make sure you are not keeping them in for more than 8 weeks tops. There is a solution that is sold to remove the tape in hair extensions and each manufacturer that, that makes tape your extension, have their own solution.Sometimes you could use the same solution with a different manufacturer. Sometimes a particular solution works better with a particular manufacturer. So it is very important that you go back and get them removed from the same salon that you got them installed at. That salon would most likely have the same remover or solution that is needed to take them out. However, no matter what the case is, make sure that you get them professionally removed because this could create damage if they’re not professionally removed.

Are Tape In Hair Extensions Reusable?

Absolutely. Once the tape in hair extensions are taken out, you could wash them, remove the excessive adhesive and then retape them and they will be ready to be installed.

Can Tape in Hair Extensions Be Customized?

Yes, they can be customized. And the thing is because each panel of hair has a sandwich on it, which means, there is one tape in hair extension panel the top and one on the bottom. You could intermix the hair, so you could use that option to create highlight effects are to create a dramatic look or to even create the peekaboo look. You can use two different colors per sandwich. As long as one of them matches your hair color.

Can Short Hair Wear Tape In Hair Extensions?

Based on the way that the hair extensions are placed in the hair can short hair can get a tape in your extensions. It depends upon how short the hair is because you will need enough length to cover the tape panels and not only to cover it, but to have enough coverage, so if you go outside and it’s windy, the hair won’t separate and cause the tape in extension panels to be shown. For short hair, I would recommend you do a consultation with a professional cosmetologist to make sure that you will have sufficient coverage.Tape in hair extensions is a very good hair extension technique. You could use it to create length or volume You also create highlights in your hair. You can also create an ombre look with these hair extensions, so they can be used so many different things. It is a great way to give your self a new look with tape in hair extensions. If you have thin hair, you would want to make sure the hair extensions panels are sufficiently covered. If you are getting tape in hair extensions be sure you are getting them professionally installed and professionally removed.  Research and review the salon you are considering for these hair extensions.   Always get a professional consultation from a professional hair salon before getting tape in hair extensions.

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