Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions are hair extensions that are sewn into the hair. They are connected into your own hair by means of sewing in wefted hair to your own hair. Sew in hair extensions can be installed with either a braid done to one’s hair or without braids. So we have braided b sew in and then there is braidless sew in hair extensions. 

Sew In Hair Extensions Done With Human Hair

This is going to refer to sew in extensions sewn in with human hair. Most sew in are done with human hair, however, there are some that are done with synthetic hair or with blended hair. Sew in human hair extensions is going to refer to a sewing that is done with human hair.

How Long Does Sew In Hair Extensions Last?

This will depend upon the technique that is used. If the sew in was done by the row by row technique, meaning it was done doing individual rows. These typically last about six to eight weeks. if a full head sew in was done or sew in with some left out. The differences between a full head sew in, where none of the hair is left out and maybe a closure or a frontal or just doing everything.These typically last two to three months. If some of the hair is left out, meaning that most of the natural hair is in the sew in hair extensions with a little hair left out, then that would also last two to three months. Individual rows sewn would last about six to eight weeks.Tightening will be necessary during this time frame. Whether it is a full head or sew in with some leave out or row by row. You will need tightening. Tightening are typically done every two to three weeks. Initially when the sew in is first done, it may not need to tighten until after about three weeks, depending upon the texture of the natural hair. Two weeks for softer or Caucasian hair. The straighter the hair is, the sooner tightening will be needed.

Sew In Hair Extensions Cost

The cost is going to depend upon the location and the professionalism of the salon doing the sew in hair extension. So typically per row, the cost may range somewhere between $25 to $50 per row. For full head sew in, the cost may range somewhere between $175 and $400. This varies a lot. It could be more based on the area and the experience of the salon.The years of experience of the installer will also play a part in basing the price. A very experienced professional licensed hair stylist may charge upwards of $800 and up. The cost will depend on other factors as well. A professional consultation is necessary before a sew in or any other hair extensions are performed with a professional hairstylist. This is to make sure the natural hair will be suited for a sew in hair extension. It is assumed that anyone can get a sew in hair extension done However that is not the case. Each individual hair is not suited for sew in hair extensions.

Sew In Hair Extensions On Caucasian Hair

Caucasian hair tends to be straighter and softer than African American hair. Sew in hair extensions n Caucasian hair is not going to last as long. If the sew in is done on Caucasian hair and its done by row, it is probably won’t last for more than four to six weeks. If it is a full head with most of the hair in with a little bit left out. This may last maybe six to eight weeks. Care should be taken when the hair is being shampooed and blow dry because this can cause premature loosening if not done gently.Whether the braided technique or the braidless or the microbeads, the same care will be recommended. Tightening will also be necessary during the time period that the sew in hair extensions are being worn. This should be done every two weeks for longevity. If the sew in was done with the braided technique, they will need to be removed once the braids get loose. They can be done over once taken out. Braided sew in would last four to six weeks and the braidless sew in about six to eight weeks. on Caucasian hair. 

Sew In Hair Extensions On African American Hair

Sew in hair extensions is going to last longer on African American hair because it’s kinkier. It’s not as straight. So the more kinky hair is, the longer it might last. Whether it is braidless or braided. If it is by the row, it will typically last six to eight weeks. Full sew in or close to a full sew in with some leave out will last two to three months. After three months, no matter what it looks like, meaning it may look like it can last longer, it should be taken out. Hair extensions should not be left in the hair for more than three months. Breakage and damages can occur after three months.

Sew In Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of sew-in hair extensions


Pros of sew-in hair extensions It gives your hair a break and puts it at rest to stimulate growth If a full head or close to a full head is done The hair that is under that extension is going to go to rest. This makes a sew in a good protective hairstyle to have. The hair can be treated while the sew in is in and it is at rest. There are liquid protein treatments that are used at a professional hair salon to treat the hair while the sew in is in. Using a liquid oil on the scalp will prevent it from itching while wearing a sew in. It saves the hair from chemical damages. While wearing a sew in, especially if it is a full head or close to one. Chemicals will not be used on the hair for the most part. Sew in hair extensions adds volume, and length to the hair. It can also be used to give a brand new look.


If the sew in is sewn too tight or the braids are done too tight, it can cause breakage of the natural hair. If you are not putting a liquid oil on your scalp every other day, that could create itchy scalp. Scalp antiseptics should be used before each shampooing to clean the scalp. Access to the scalp is limited when wearing a sew in hair extensions so a scalp antiseptic will be necessary to ensure the scalp is kept clean. It is important that the sew in is done on the correct hair types and texture to prevent damage. The hair extensions should be taken out of the hair at the recommended time. Otherwise, breakage can occur. 

What Hair To Use For Sew In Hair Extensions?

Human hair is preferred when doing sew in hair extensions for longevity and to prevent tangling of the hair. One hundred percent virgin human hair If using synthetic or blended hair, it will not last as long. These hair types can be used but only temporarily. Synthetic or and blended hair will tangle up. Shampooing may not be possible if synthetic or blended hair is used. If you shampoo the hair extensions, it will tangle up. If your goal is to wear the synthetic or blended hair temporarily and it won’t be shampooed, then synthetic or blended hair can be used. But if the hair extensions will be worn longer and you want it to last six to eight weeks by row, or two to three months, if it is a full or close to a full, you will need to use human hair.

Remy Hair Sew In Hair Extensions

Remy hair sew in hair extensions are sew in using Remy hair. This means the cuticle is intact and the hair came from one or two donors. Most of the time it will be from one donor. The cuticles are always intact and it’s not processed. That’s what Remy hair is. There is a lot of packages in the stores with the word Remy hair on them. Sometimes it is not true remy hair.Research must be done and care must be taken when purchasing remy hair. Companies are known to put this word on their packages to boost sales. However, this is not always remy hair. This is used to give the belief that the hair is good quality, but it really is not. When it comes to remy hair, care must be taken that is it true remy hair. Research must be done to make sure that if you are doing a sew in hair extension with Remy hair, that the hair is true Remy. This will be important to make sure disappointment is not acquired. 

Types Of Sew In Hair Extensions

We discussed that there is braided technique and a braidless. The braided technique is where the hair is actually braided. If the sew in is done by row. Each row will be braided and then the wefted or hair extensions are sew onto the braid. In the case of a full head or close to a full head. The hair would be first braided and then the hair extensions would then be sewn on. The braided technique is a traditional technique that has been used for years and years and years. The braidless sew in is pretty new and there’ is a difference in sewing in braidless sew in hair extensions. One technique is done with the micro links. There are two different techniques.One technique is where the links are used to create a row in your hair instead of braiding it, they create it with a micro link. then the hair extensions are sewed to the row that was done with the micro links. There’s another technique where the micro links are used to connect the hair extensions with the natural hair by using the micro links to connect it. Next is the Brazilian knots. Were different knots are created using either rubber bands or with threads to create a row and then the hair extensions are sewed to that row.Then we have the braidless that sews directly to the hair. This technique does not use microbeads or knots. The hair extensions are sewn directly to the hair. This technique lays flat to the scalp and is good on most hair type. There are different ways to connect the extension in the hair, and the texture of the hair and the type of hair that will be used is going to determine the best way to put it in the braided technique or the braidless technique. Some people may prefer or can use the microbead technique. Some may prefer the Brazilian knots, while others the braided technique. Each person will also have different texture hair and density. 

Best Hair For Sew In Hair Extensions

The best hair for sew in hair extensions will be  100 percent virgin human hair unprocess. That’s the best quality of hair on the market these days. That’s the hair that can be used over and over again. This hair also can be colored and highlighted. If coloring human hair, be careful with the color and a professional coloring is recommended. Pure natural human hair with no blends in it, will be as delicate as your own hair. Which means, it can be over processed and destroyed just like the natural hair would.Over-coloring will lead to over processing. Be mindful of the integrity of the hair. Therefore color the hair with caution. Even though it’s extension hair it also can be damaged by color. Determine what level you want it to be colored, and what color you want it to be before you start the color process. Color can be placed over the color of course, but avoid using high volumes of peroxide like 40 volumes consistently on the hair extensions. That could destroy the hair. The quality of the hair is very important. When doing sew in hair extensions for it to last for two to three months, then you want to make sure that the quality of the hair that will be used, will last for that period of time. Most of the times, professional hair salons will have hair for sale and a lot of times professional hair salon is going to sell professional human hair. It’s going to be more expensive than the beauty supply store, but the quality is going to be phenomenal.A professional salon is trying to build a relationship with themselves and their customers or their clients, so they are going to make sure they sell good quality hair to them. They also want their customers to tell their friends to go to them so they will ensure a good relationship. When bad hair is bought from a salon, especially a professional one, it is not easily forgiven by their customers. People tend to forgive the beauty supply store more for selling them bad hair than they do for a salon. Has a result, any professional hair salon will make sure that they have the best quality of hair for sale.   Customizing human hair extensions is great in a professional hair salon. Sew in hair extensions are being done with closures and frontals as well as 360s and most of those are coming in the natural color which is typically dark brown. These can be customized by a professional hair salon. If the choice is to get different colors such as light brown, auburn, red, blond, or any other color for your closures or frontal or the 360s. This can be done. Typically they tend to take three to four weeks to be done by the hair salon.  Customize colors give dramatic results when doing sew in hair extensions

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