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Treatment Plan One

Monthly Plan for Damaged or Breaking Hair
Week OneWash & Condition
Week TwoWash & Deep Condition
Week ThreeWash & Condition
Week FourWash & Protein Treatment

Treatment Plan Two

Monthly Plan to Restore Damaged Hair
Week OneWash & Deep Condition
Week TwoWash & Protein Treatment
Week ThreeWash & Deep Condition
Week FourWash & Protein Treatment

Treatment Plan Three

Monthly Plan to Restore Extremely Damaged Hair
Week OneWash & Protein Treatment
Week TwoWash & Protein Treatment
Week ThreeWash & Protein Treatment
Week FourWash & Protein Treatment
 After the first month, if your hair is showing improvement, you will be moved up to Treatment Plan Two, and later to Treatment Plan One.
Hair Extension – Improve Looks, Length and Quantity InstantlyHere at Shallamar’s Hair Solutions we are committed to enhance your sex appeal, good looks and confidence with hair extensions. We make use of only real, unprocessed and fresh hair so that you will get natural feel and look you deserve. It is a wonderful option for those who want to look better by adding length and volume of your hair or want to hide bald spots in smart way.Why people choose hair extensions-
  • To transform their present look
  • To get the look they have always sought after but couldn’t because of real texture or type
  • To hide thin, weak hair
  • To get length
  • To look younger
Our hair specialists hold expertise in multiple techniques of installing hair extension. Each technique has its own advantages for numerous reasons. extensions1Interlock is a revolutionary braid-less sew-in technique to attach hair extensions to your natural hair without using braids and glue. In this technique, professionals sew every raw carefully to give a smooth, even look. Interlocked hair extensions are really wonderful for those areas of your head where your hair is thin. Interlock Net Wrapping System can even hide bald spots of your head by covering top, back and sides for good-looking hair that will look genuine and healthy. With this technique, you can get smooth beautiful hair and can maintain health of your natural hair at the same time. 

extensions2Micro Links, also known as I-tips, Cold Fusion Hair Extensions and Micro bead is another popular technique to extend hair. This technique brings lots of advantages including stability, genuineness and richness. The experts use metal or plastic micro breads and a tool to loop natural hair with hair extensions. It is frequently recommended to add some inches and give great volume. If handled with proper care, mirco links hair extensions can be used for up to 6 months. Micro Links hair extensions give you a freedom to move your hair freely just like your real hair. 

extensions3Keratin Extensions is another highly popular method to extend length, quantity and exquisiteness of your hair. This technique is also called U-tips, Fusion and Hot Fusions Hair Extension technique. U-tips hair extensions are appreciated all around for excellent durability. They can be worn day and night for several months. Keratin, a fiber protein which is already available in real hair is used to attach extension to your own hair. It is melted to install hair extensions; it becomes harder when it calms down. It is a totally safe and sound technique to get great hair for long. There is no need to be concerned about your real hair when you are using this technique to install hair extensions. The keratin wax can be removed easily whenever required. Let us transform your look utilizing the best hair extension technique. Share your desires and needs with us; we would be pleased to recommend you the best method. Call us at 407 507 3000 or visit our website to make an appointment today for a free consultation.

Hair Color – Get a new look in you With Trendy Hair Color and Style

Shallamar’s Hair Solutions is one of the most celebrated hair salons in Orlando and specializes in creating perfect color and styling. Supported by skilled hair colorists and stylist, we offer excellent hair color and color correction services. Because of our perfection, value added services, state-of-the-art décor and comprehensive services; our salon is favored by a lot of celebrities and high profile individuals.We use only the best hair color and hair care products, specially designed to safeguard your hair and hair color. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the best salon experience and utmost value of what they invest for hair color. Foil HighlightsWhether you would like to restore glow to your boring hair or to change your hair color to get a bouncy look, foil highlights is the most effective technique to get the look you want in an interesting way. Basically, it is a partial hair coloring technique using foil. Hair colorists put in a different shade to particular locks to give you an appealing look.Single Process ColorSingle Process color is all about changing the base color of your hair. A new hair color is applied to whole hair to create a new look according to skin tone and personal preference. It is a wonderful way to cover up gray and dull hair. Most of the people prefer it to get younger, attractive look.Double ProcessingThe double-process hair color technique consists of the exploit of lighteners, tints and toners. It is preferred to transform depth of color three or even more stages especially to eliminate warm shades. The first step of this technique is to lighten or remove real color through bleach. After that a tint is applied to create a perfect shade. This two-step technique is used to change the hair color permanently. However, real hair color will be visible from root when your hair grows.Balayage HighlightsBalayage highlight is a stylish hair color technique which has become quite popular these days. Prefer it to get natural-looking highlights. In this technique, hair colorists paint the hair to form depth and height.Ombre ColorOmbre hair color is a favorite choice of many celebrities. This hair color style gives great look by lightening only lower part of hair and ends with sparkling upshots and inserting contrast to your hair color. This style requests low maintenance and gives trendy look.TonersAt Shallamar’s Hair Solutions, we make use of toner in place of ordinary color to give you a natural hair color. Although, color toner are like other semi-permanent hair colors but they contain lighting components unlike other hair colors. Also, toners are translucent to some degree.Demi ColorsOur hair colorists also use Demi hair colors which are ammonia-free and safe for your hair. It is highly recommended to offer long lasting, safe and effective results.RinsesAfter coloring your hair with your favorite color and style, hair colorist rinse your hair carefully with quality products that can protect your hair color.Make an appointment today or call us for a free consultation with our hair colorist.
Hair Replacement as become more and more common as people lose their hair due to various causes. Some includes medications, stress, illness, chemical overprocessing, various hair styles to name a few. Various methods and medication and techniques have come on the market to help with this situation. Some have helped while others are just gimmicks. The question though is what causes hair loss. Why does the hair falls off, and is there anything to prevent if from happening?Lets deal with what causes hair loss…Hair loss is caused by many different sources including predisposed or inherited traits from the family tree. There is a hormone present in the body called DHT. Under stress this hormone is released and once released is stops oxygen from going to the hair follicle. With no oxygen the hair follicle dies and reverts back in the scalp. Often times this is what causes male or female pattern baldness. This is where hair thinning starts in the crown or the hair line and starts to recede back. This is one of the commonest form of hair loss.men4Women also experience hair loss as they get older or as they go through menopause. There are many medications on the market that causes hair loss as a side effect. Sometimes this cannot be avoided based on the sickness and the needed cure for the patient. Hair loss is a vast topic and each individual will experience some kind of hair loss whether severe, moderate or minimal.Can hair loss be prevented? In some cases it can be and in others no. The key is to take care of your hair as best as you can. Multi Vitamins also plays a role in the health of the hair. Some hair replacement products work well with some clients and some do not. The major concerns for a lot of women is what can I do to hide my hair loss. Is there something I can do that does not involve a wig. The answer is ‘Yes’…. 

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement is performed in various ways…there are temporary fixes as well as surgical fixes. Surgical fixes should be researched thoroughly and also getting second opinions is also a great idea. The temporary fixes allows immediate gratification with no side effect and give the individual almost immediate results.Temporary hair replacement includes hair weaves, hair extensions and hair enhancements. Shallamar’s Hair Solutions specializes in temporary hair replacement and also treatments to help the hair recover and grow back. Temporary fixes are great while treatment is bieng administered and the hair slowly begins to come back.Please add the attached pictures to that page and also leave the ones that is already there…that way we have a mixture of male and female.We offer free consultation to determine which one of our technique would work for you. We do recommend and offer treatments with each technique to help your own hair restoration while you are wearing any of our hair enhancement pieces…We offer
  • Hair Integration
  • Hair Enchancements
  • Customize Hair Pieces
  • Weaves
Hair Replacement – Live Your Life at Its Best with Non-Surgical Hair Replacement TreatmentAre you experiencing problems associated to hair loss and baldness? If yes, revolutionary non-surgical hair replacement treatment could be the best alternative to go with. With this treatment, you can get head full of hair that looks real and improve your confidence level to a great extent. Here at Shallamar’s Hair Solutions, non-surgical hair replacement is our forte.We have a team of skilled and trained hair stylists who have comprehensive knowledge and experience on top-notch hair replacement treatments. They have a system to examine your hair and scalp and schedule a base for the best outcome that would satisfy all your expectations and needs in terms of age, style and preference. So, now you are able to obtain your preferred look.Being a renowned hair salon Orlando, we are devoted to give you that feeling again that you experience before hair loss started. In compare to surgical treatment, it is more cost effective and faster. It can recreate your look in perfect way. After this treatment, you will get a completely natural look – you can comb your hair, swim and shower freely. For a genuine look, we recommend our clients to replace their hair gradually so that people will not start asking about their hair growth. We offer completely customized services depending on your personal choices and requirements.Non-surgical hair mask is finished with exceptional derma that works and appears genuine. It is inculcated with human hair or premium quality artificial hair manufactured with polymer fibers. We use only light weighted and leaky base so it allows your actual scalp to breathe freely. It looks so real that even experts can’t recognize it. Additionally, the hair inculcated into the base give a genuine look. Not only it looks effective, also it is comfortable to carry. You can live your life to its fullest and there is no need to make changes in your life style after going through non-surgical hair replacement treatment.Our crew of hair care experts gives their valuable suggestion to preserve the new look. The stylist can guide you on how to make your favorite hair style without affecting the quality of your hair. We recommend you to take care of all the guidelines and precautions.hairloss1Although, after hair replacement, you will not get real hair but it is important to take good care of them as your own hair. Our experts can suggest you some special shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products that will help you to maintain quality and look of your hair.hairloss2Besides, we specialize in helping our clients to grow their natural hair even when they are using enhancements. Our hair care experts are well familiar with various cutting-edge hair growth treatments. Call us today to share your needs our specialists are eager to serve with the best.Browse our website and call us today to make an appointment today for a free consultation.
 Prices are subject to changes without notice. Complimentary consultations are available prior to any service for accurate pricing
blk_weave_b-afHair Weaves design and application is an art that must be done by an experienced stylist for non detectable results. The quality of hair to be used is very important and must be carefully selected for great results. Getting the wrong hair can become a weaving nightmare. Remy hair as become quite popular but care must be taken that you are getting true remy and not imitation. You should consult with your stylist before making the purchase. Other hair type includes Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian to name a few. Good quality hair will result in good quality results. Taking care of your weaves is also important and should be followed carefully.Hair Weaves is a great way to add length and volume to your hair. There are various techniques to investigate before making a decision on which one is right for your hair and texture and lifestyle. Caring for your weave should also be considered and also if you swim a lot as well. There are some temporary ones that can be clipped in and use for specials occasions. These tend to be the easiest to do. However there are clients that wants a more permanent solutions especially if they are going on vacations or want a more permanent solution.blk_weave_b-af2When wearing hair weaves, the hair to be used is very vital especially if you are going for a more permanent technique. If the hair gets tangled and is not easily manageable, this can be a nightmare for clients. Make sure you are using good quality hair and though it may be expensive at times it will be well worth it and often times you can reuse the hair.It is important that you get a in-depth consultation before deciding on the technique and hair by an experienced stylist. We have over 22 years of experience in completing hair weaves and as examples for you to see the techniques and the different kinds of hair that can be used. We invite you to make an appointment for a free consultation Hair Weaves In Orlando can be done safely and will enhance the look of the client with no hassle
Lace Wigs Specialist OrlandoWelcome to Shallamar’s hair solutions! We specialize in offering our clients with the supreme quality lace wig solutions. We offer a long array of shades, textures and styles to suit every ethnicity, desire and of course your pocket!The thing what makes us a leader in the industry is that we make use of only virgin, unprocessed human hair for wigs. Our virgin hair never mixed up with poor quality hair. Being a reputed hair salon, we believe in offering completely customized solution to our clients. Depending on your individual choice and specific needs, we can design the wigs with several hair types such as Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Cambodian, Malaysia and more.Your final look and satisfaction is our top-most priority and aim. To keep up our commitments with the client we offer both ready to wear wigs and tailor made wigs. Once installed perfectly, you can try various hair styles – curling and straitening. Even you can color and highlight the wigs anytime with ease.Probably a lot of people don’t even recognize but a lot of celebrities do use lace wigs to look wonderful every time. But it is not restricted to celebrities only; you also have a right to look fabulous. And as a leader of beauty and hair care industry, our experts can help you to do so. We can give you a celebrity like look with lace wigs.Here at Shallamar’s hair solutions, we hold expertise in offering mainly two types of wigs – the lace front wigs and the full lace wigs.Lace Front WigsThe basic difference between these two kinds of wigs is of the fabric used for the base of wig. Lace front is made up with sheer base for the front area. Some lace front wigs wrap up front half or some others only cover a couple of inches. The rest base is designed with an easy-to-wear material. As the lace is undetectable, it looks quite genuine and real. You can try various hair styles and can even part your hair seamlessly juts like your own real hair.lace1Full Lace WigsUnlike lace front wigs, full lace wigs is designed with a base finished of lace only. It covers the whole head from every side seamlessly. Full lace wigs allow you to try various hair styles seamlessly.lace2Let us modernize your look with lace wigs of your choice. Call is now to gather more information.
We, Shallamar’s Hair Solutions believe that real hair extensions are a magnificent way to make your hair longer, thicker and better at this instant. With an aim to satisfy all your rising fashion needs, we utilize 100% pure, human hair for all our hair extensions and weaves. Being a well-established hair salon, we facilitate our clients with cutting-edge, personalized and the best quality hair care and styling solutions.When it comes to hair extensions and weaves, we use only Virgin Human Hair that is never processed, bleached or chemically untouched. Depending on personal taste and specific expectations of the client, we offer massive range of hair extensions and weaves made of Virgin Human Hair.Brazilian Hair – Hair extensions made with 100% pure unprocessed Brazilian hair gives flexibility to the wearer to try countless hair styles. They are favored the most because of their quality and softness. Brazilian hair extensions need a little care and you can use bleach, dye and other hair styling products when you are in mood of experiments with your look. We have a wide range of textures, types and length to choose from.virginhair1Peruvian Hair – When an individual is in search of soft, healthy and silky-smooth hair, Peruvian hair extension is the answer. Whether you want straight, curly or wavy hair, we have just right solution for you. We only use pure human hair that is known for amazing shine and ultimate quality.virginhair2Malaysian Hair – Malaysian Hair extensions have a quality to be perfectly blended with your own hair. Malaysian Hair brings a genuine, beautiful and shiny look. Malaysian hair extensions are available in multiple textures and types including Curly, Deep Wave, Wavy and Straight, etc.virginhair3Mongolian Hair – Mongolian hair bring a beautiful combination of durability of Indian hair and flimsiness of Chinese hair. Mongolian hair extensions are able to cater to all your requirements in terms of length, textures, types and volume. To give a wonderful makeover to our clients, we offer only unprocessed Mongolian Hair.virginhair4Cambodian Hair – Cambodian Hair extensions are quite beautiful and available in all sorts of texture including deep wavy, loss wavy, curly and straight, etc. Cambodian not only brings a genuine look but also feel but also offer flexibility to try various hair styles effortlessly. We use only 100% pure unprocessed human hair to offer maximum satisfaction to our customers.virginhair5Indian Hair – If you are in search of healthy, beautiful and long hair, Indian hair are considered the best choice. A wide range of textures, types, sizes and colors in available in Indian hair. Moreover, you can try various hair styles and hair colors to get a new look.virginhair6Whether you have a desire to get a bouncy look with deep curls, elegant look with straight hair or you want to look cool with wavy hair, you are at a right place. Each hair type is available in multiple textures, types and sizes. In addition to hair extensions, we use 100% pure, human hair for lace front wigs.Call us today to know more and fix an appointment. Our hair stylists and hair care experts are looking forward to serve you with the best.
For maintenance of overall beauty, hair health is one of the important factors to take care of. Today, due to changes in lifestyle, people find themselves lacking in taking care of their hair, resulting in weak hair, hair loss, and unmanageable hair. We at Shallamars Hair Solutions offer all hair services that will leave your hair beautiful and strong, and you will learn to take care in a much better way. Keratin treatment is one of the hair services that we provide to render you a polished look helping you look your best everyday. We are a professional hair care services provider with over 22 years of experience. With use of reliable and best hair products in the treatment methods, we ensure that your hair gets proper nourishment and solutions. Other services that Shallamars Hair Solution provides include relaxers, colors, highlights, extensions, hair replacements, weaves and special occasions styling.Keratin treatments have a great importance that easily manages frizzy, curly or limp hair. It is also helpful for people whose hair have undergone chemical treatments and who want to go for smooth regeneration treatment. It assists to bring back over processed hair to its original form, in a better way indeed. It leaves hair straight and even with luster and silkiness. It is very important to nourish hair deeply for long term goodness. Keratin is fibrous structural proteins that make up the outer layer of the hair scalp, also human skin. It is the key structural material of hair and nails; therefore, keratin treatment helps in building up the components needed for healthy hair. It prevents drying out of hair enabling easy handling and styling. Keratin treatment works by infusing the protein to straighten the natural protein bonds in the hair, bestowing you stronger hair.All of our keratin products are tried and tested. This is a safe treatment suitable for all hair types. You will be guided well related to the pros and cons, do’s and don’ts after the keratin treatment. In addition to this, you will also be consulted about hair health and other possible treatments after evaluation of your hair. People often worry about situations such as if they can swim in the pool or undergo for a bleach after keratin treatment; it is totally advisable to do both of these things after the treatment, you just need to simply wash and apply a conditioner before going in the pool or bleach. Also, remember to shampoo and dry your hair religiously once you are out of the water, using a sulfate free shampoo is preferable.Today’s generation girls and boys often take stress concerned about their unprotected hair that may further lead to hair loss. Instead of stressing on your mind and supplementing for hair loss, it is advisable for you to visit our salon, learn about keratin treatment and cut down your worries. Protection of hair is very important in order to maintain its beauty. Hair are much prone to damage due to exposure in extreme external conditions like heat, humidity, rain and chemical usage. Ascertaining relief from side effects of all these unsuitable conditions to your hair, Shallmars Hair Solutions offer you with great deals.keratin_1
Botox is a kind of toxin produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is largely used in cosmetics and surgical procedures. You might be aware of the fruitful botox treatments that are helpful in lifting up the wrinkles and altering the facial features, resulting in more beautiful outlook. Due to its similar function of beautifying, hair botox treatment guarantees to moisturize, repair, revive and nourish hair. It repairs split ends and converts frizzy hair into smooth, shiny and soft hair. Unlike injections used in facial botox treatment, hair botox treatment uses its protein-rich formula externally to provide beautiful and manageable hair. It has a powerful concentrate of active ingredients to battle the over-processed chemicals that leave hair look lifeless and dull. It works upon each strand from root to tip of hair, restoring the damaged cortex and hair cuticles through its ultra-nourishing technology. It is applicable on any hair type.Here at Shallamars Hair Solution, we ensure every customer to be rendered with our guaranteed and satisfied services. We start the hair botox treatment with a clarifying shampoo cleaning each strand carefully, and then we apply the best hair botox product to the hair, section by section, that approximately takes 45 minutes. After the absorption of all protein and antioxidants in the mentioned time, hair are washed thoroughly with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and then we do the styling as you desire. This gives you wonderful experience of the botox treatment that also contains vitamins, oils and keratin, leaving smooth and silky hair. The main ingredient of botox molecules seek out and attach to areas of damaged keratin, the protein which makes up hair fibres, thereby sealing gaps and breakage. The molecule changes hair structure to create a network or mess which plugs holes in the hair and gives it its substance back. You will get the difference daily when you go back home and find the hair more manageable and easy for any kind of styling. The most effective part is that your hair will be free from split-ends. The botox treatment effects last for approximately upto two months. Till then, your hair will get the required repairs and you will be well versed about taking care of your hair in a better way.We also provide consultations on hair solutions after evaluating your type of hair. We advise the steps to be followed before, at the time and after the hair botox treatment. We strongly recommend it to women with long hair who have repeatedly undergone blow drying and hair straightening for curly and dry hair, since those are most likely to get intense heat exposure and damage. This kind of treatment ensures protection of your hair for longer periods making them stronger and thicker in the coming days. It is thought to be a magical therapy for gaining beautiful and healthy hair. We claim it to be purely safe because of the usage of safe products and their excellent exfoliating effect. In addition, it helps to break free from dandruff and psoriasis like scalp conditions.You can reach to our nearest clinic and get it done for extreme hair rejuvenation and experiencing youthful state.botox_1
Hair Detox: UNDO THE DAMAGE AND GET HEALTHIER HAIR The are many different kinds of hair treatments, from straightening to coloring and beyond, that can cause damage to the hair and to the scalp. This damage is often treated with a conditioner or even a deep conditioning treatment. Although these treatments are beneficial to the hair, they do nothing for the scalp, and add to the buildup of materials on the scalp itself. The answer is a hair detox treatment in Orlando.botox-hair-treatmentUnlike hair, the scalp is a living part of the body. As such, just like the skin, it can show negative effects from having the surface covered in products. Some of the most common negative effects from product buildup on the scalp are dry, flaky skin on the scalp, dull, lifeless hair or a decreased rate of growth for the hair itself. Shampoo alone cannot effectively remove the buildup of products on the scalp. In order to get the scalp back into shape and improve the look and feel of the hair overall, a hair detox is required. The products used in a hair detox are designed to products the hair while deeply cleansing the scalp.hair-replacement-orlandoThe first step in most hair detox processes is to treat the hair with a hair protein. This protein coats the hair strands to protect them from the deep cleaning astringents that are used in the hair detox. This product is designed to nourish the hair as well as protect it, all without the residue that is sometimes left after other conditioning treatments. Once the hair is effectively protected, the actual hair detox can begin. Green juice, which includes chlorophyll, is applied to the hair. This juice detoxifies the scalp, removing all the residue from previous hair treatments. It can reduce or prevent the oiliness and flaking common to scalps that have not been detoxified, and it works as a toner for the skin of the scalp, stimulating new hair growth. This is the heart of the hair detox treatment in Orlando. Following the scalp detox step, the hair is treated with special multi-nutrients to restore any missing nutrients from the hair and to strengthen and repair the hair, including rebuilding the DNA if it is damaged. This results in stronger, healthier, and more attractive hair overall.hair-replacement-orlandoAfter this step, the hair is shampooed and conditioned as usual, but using specially formulated shampoo and conditioners that are designed to support the detox process and provide cleansing and conditioning effects without leaving the residues the hair detox just removed. The hair detox treatment in Orlando is designed to provide a deep cleaning to the scalp and hair, removing all the residues from previous products and treatments. This produces a healthier scalp and facilitates faster growth of shiny, healthy hair.
Hair Therapy For Hair Loss In Orlando Regular or large amounts of hair loss can be a sign that hair needs therapy. Hair therapy is necessary to maintain a healthy, beautiful looking hair, devoid of loss and other bad hair conditions. Shallamars Hair solution located at 8956 Turkey Lake Road Orlando, Florida 32819 (next to Walmart Plaza), provides quality hair therapy using many effective methods. Hair Detoxwindow picDetoxing is a new concept for treating hair and scalp; it nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth. Active ingredients used for hair detox include; chlorophyll, methionine, jambu extract, essential nutrients such as vitamins, and amino acid complex (protein). Chlorophyll detoxifies the scalp, methionine promotes healthy hair growth, jambu extract strengthens and rejuvenates the hair, essential nutrients like vitamins nourishes the hair strand, and amino acid complex (protein) restores and protects the hair. Hair detox works by applying Cadiveu detox products to hair. Cadiveu detox hair protein actively contain jambu extract + amino acid complex and protects the hair from the astringent action of shampoo. Cadiveu detox green juice actively contains jambu extract + chlorophyll + methionine and helps detoxify the scalp, eliminate oiliness and flaking, and also stimulates healthy hair growth. Cadiveu detox multivitamins actively contain jambu extract + essential nutrients. Cadiveu detox shampoo actively contains jambu extract + salicylic acid, and promotes cell renewal; it also gives the hair strength and shine. Cadiveu detox conditioner actively contains jambu extract + essential nutrients, and ensures increased softness without weighing the hair down; it also makes the hair stronger and resistant to breakage.keratin-treatment-that-last-6-months Hair plastic surgery is a thermal reconstruction treatment for all hair types. It provides healthy, straight, shiny, and frizz-free hair with the exclusive “easy straight method” for up to three months. Active ingredients used in hair plastic surgery include Acai: a Brazilian fruit with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help with the reconstruction of hair. Arginine: an essential amino acid that prevents hair loss and breakage, as well as increase density and strength. Acetic acid: an organic compound with acidic pH, that keeps the cuticle closed. Hair plastic surgery works by using quality products in a step by step basis. Preconstruction shampoo deep cleans and opens the cuticle, preparing the hair for the thermal hair reconstruction treatment. The thermal hair reconstruction intensely restores the hair with an absolute straight effect, creating a healthy, shiny and frizz-free hair. Finally, a sealing mask is used to provide deep hydration and seals the treatment, to balance hair to the perfect pH. Plastica de Argillaplastic2Plastica de Argilla is the first treatment that recovers the hair structure along with the whole length strand, from the hair bulb. Cadiveu Professional laboratories developed it with an exclusive combination of powerful ingredients to solve the main problem of the hair. Active ingredients found in products include hyaluronic acid: a potent anti-aging agent that penetrates in the cortex and fills the cuticles; it also gives hydration and flexibility to hair. White clay from Amazon: Rich in nutrients and minerals eliminates the oiliness and promotes growth. Organic silicones: Essential oligoelement that improves the hair strand gives strength and resistance. Plastica de Argilla works by using revitalizing shampoo to cleanse and nourish the strands while reconstructing, clay mask to restore hair strand and nourish deeply, and finishing fluid to strengthen the hair bulb and fill in cracks along the cuticle to prevent further damage.
Hair Plastic Surgery In Orlando When you first hear about hair plastic surgery in Orlando you might think “Say What!” Shallamars Hair Solutions in Orlando is the only salon offering this unique treatment designed to treat every strand of your hair from the tip to the hair bulb. The exclusive formulations used in this treatment were developed by Cadivue laboratories especially for us.Hair Plastic Surgery OrlandoWhy does your hair need plastic surgery? There are a host of things that cause hair damage. Pollution, the daily use of hairspray, hair conditioners, and hair rinses all leave a residue that can choke the life out of every hair follicle. This is not an exaggeration. The build-up of chemicals on the hair interferes and prevents normal growth and lubrication leaving hair lifeless, dull, and prone to breaking. The Sun is a pleasure in Orlando but it takes a toll on hair. Too much direct ultraviolet light can impede the production of chemicals that nourish the hair and make it grow. Age too can be a factor. Your body does not produce as much hair growth and restoration products as you age. Hair problems like dandruff and excess oil can obstruct the natural hair growth processes that originate in the hair bulb. The nutrients that feed your hair are not able to be released from the bulb due to physical obstructions. Your hair is actually dying from lack of food and water. What does hair plastic surgery do?plastic2A powerful combination of the chemicals from white clay from the Amazon, organic silicons, and hyaluronic acid are used to treat each of the hair problems individually. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the hair and makes it more flexible by filling the cuticles and penetrating the cortex of each hair fiber. White clay promotes growth and eliminates excess oiliness. Organic silicons restore strength to each hair and make the hair resistant to damage. All of these products are natural and safe. The photographs of individual strands of hair taken during the development of this process show an amazing difference in the hair after treatment. The hair looks like an armadillo’s segmented tail before treatment. The hair is smooth and flexible after treatment.Hair Plastic SurgeryWhat is the process? We call it hair plastic surgery because the steps of the process are much like noninvasive plastic surgery for the skin. The hair is completely cleansed of oil, dandruff, scale, and the remains of any shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray with a revitalizing shampoo that cleans and nourishes each hair. The white clay mask restores each strand of the hair while it nourishes both the hair and the hair bulb. The finishing fluid fills in cracks in the cuticle with natural silicone that prevents future damage. Hair plastic surgery from Shallamars Hair Solutions in Orlando restores the look and health of your hair just like plastic surgery restores the look of your face.
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