Relaxers in Orlando – Lye Vs No Lye

Relaxers in Orlando – Lye Vs No Lye    weddingupdo6   Several women in the area of Orlando are willing to do everything just to make sure that their hair will be straightened faster and more conveniently. We would like to inform them that Shallamars hair solutions.com has great solutions for their problems at this point in time. Our company is here to provide the best type of chemicals that men and women can use to straighten their hairs. Such products work excellently in improving the softness and overall appearance of the hair of a woman. Those who are no longer happy with all benefits that ordinary hair relaxers can provide should never hesitate these products that can be purchased at affordable prices. stacypic     Those who want to make sure that their hairs will be straightened chemically in just few minutes without spending a lot of money should never hesitate to try the new lye relaxer. It will always be the best choice for those who really want to make sure that they will be able to save more time and money in achieving their dream hair styles. Lye relaxer works excellently in improving the level of pH in the hair of a person. However, it contains some harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp when not used properly.  Like us on face book for current hair trends. Shallamarsupdos     Lye relaxer works fast and it will never disappoint those women who really want to make sure that their hairs will be relaxed perfectly without sacrificing their money on low class hair relaxers and various types of shampoos that are not really effective in providing the results that women would like to see every day while trying to straighten their hairs in a very efficient way. Most of lye relaxers that can be found in the market nowadays are made of sodium hydroxide that can irritate the scalp. In other words, this must be rinsed with clean water and neutralizing shampoo right after its application in the hair to make sure that it will never cause irritation.     The best alternative that people can use just in case lye relaxers are not available is a non-lye relaxer. Just like a lye relaxer, non-lye relaxers are also made of special chemicals that can irritate and burn the scalp of a person when not used properly. Such products were designed to satisfy the needs of those who have sensitive scalp that can be irritated instantly by harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide.  The best alternative is to use a relaxer with Lithium Hydroxide.   updostacy     However, non-lye relaxers are not capable of improving the overall appearance and smoothness of the hair of a person. Such products contain mild chemicals that can prevent irritation in the scalp once used. But it doesn’t mean that non-lye relaxers cannot burn the scalp. Those who really want to make sure that a non-lye relaxer will never be able to make their hair dry and brittle should never hesitate to master the steps on how to rinse it correctly. There’s a need to use a clarifying shampoo to make sure that non-lye relaxers will never be able to create dryness in the head of a person. Such type of shampoo has an ability to prevent the development of calcium build up that causes dryness. Remember, calcium hydroxide serves as the main ingredient of a non-lye relaxer.  Call us at 407 507 3000 for a free  consultation or make your appointment online so we can discuss with you relaxers and the difference between lye and no lye relaxers.

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Relaxers in Orlando - Lye Vs No Lye

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