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Origin of Threading

ancient TurkeyThreading is ancient technique that is believed to originate in Ancient Turkey or India. There is no specific way to “pinpoint” the origins of threading. This is a result of cultural exchange and networking. However, there are specific points in history where Threading was significant to certain regions. For example, in Turkey it was part of the wedding ceremony on the bride’s side. In Persian culture threading signifies the transformation of a girl to a woman. Over the years, threading has become popular and is seen as a clean and effective way to clean facial hairs.

The Procedure of Threading

girl getting threading doneThe technique of threading is extremely delicate. The procedure of performing the service may seem very simple, but it takes talent and will power to be able to perform. First, the eyebrow is cleansed of any make-up, oils, etc. This can be done using Witch Hazel or any make-up remover product available. Then consulting the client is a huge and important of the service. After the consultation the procedure of twisting the thread and pulling multiple hairs at one time starts. The client plays a huge role in the process by stretching the skin.  Once the session is completed it is important to soothe the skin from irritation. This service can be performed on any part of the face including the chin and neck.

Pros and Cons of Threading

before and after eyebrow threadingThere are Pros and cons of having threading performed. Let’s begin with the Con’s:
  • Bad Technicians- Consults can be ignored and not don’t correctly. That means once the hair is removed it could take 2 or more weeks to grow back in specific areas. That is why it is extremely important to go to professionals for this service.
  • Hair Must be grow at least 1/16”, however it is possible to extract ingrown hairs without being long (this is a dependent on the technician).
  • If the technician has a heavier hand, there is a possibility of getting cuts on the eyelids/ eyebrows. Cuts can also happen if the skin is not stretched thoroughly or if loose.
Majority of the Cons can occur if not done professionally. However, there are Pro’s of having a threading service:
  • This method is a very sanitary process; there is no worry of double dipping (like wax pots). After the use of every client the thread is disposed and replaced.
  • Getting a more defined shape that is clean. Thread picks up smaller hairs that wax may not be able to remove creating the desired shape.
  • No chemicals are needed or used in this process. This is perfect for sensitive skin types.
  • Removes thicker hair and can make the follicle grow back thinner creating a more attractive look.
  • The Upkeep for Eyebrows ranges anywhere from 2 weeks- 3weeks. This will force the hair follicle to grow back smoother and thinner.
  • Made for any type of hair and client: Age, Gender, skin type, etc.

Eyebrow Tinting and Eyelash Tinting

before and after eyebrow tintTired of filling in your brows? Tired of constantly buying mascara? If you want to lessen your morning routine, you should consider Eyebrow and/or Eyelash Tinting! Tinting is the process of getting eyebrow hairs or eyelashes dyed to a specific type of color of the client’s choice or match the eyebrow color to give it a fuller and darker look. There are ways to get the fuller look without going too dark.

Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extEyelash extensions are like hair extensions for your eyes! The process is a little different, a single mink eyelash is placed on every individual eyelash. This is another technique to receive a fuller eyelash look and this MUST be professionally done. The process can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 150 minutes. This service can create a fuller eyelash look that makes you ready to go at any point at time. There are several types of sets such as the Classic, Hybrid, Glamour, etc. these are all looks that are done through the consultation

The Process of Eyelash Extensions

process eyelashThe process of eyelash begins with the cleansing of the eyelash of any residue or oils that may prevent the glue/ adhesive from being attached to the eyelash. Eyes MUST remain close during the entire process. Each eyelash is separated and an extension with glue is placed 1- 2 millimeters away from the eyelash root. If they are applied too close this will create a discomfort feeling for the client and a burning sensation. After each eyelash has an extension the client will have a full eyelash look with volume.

Up-Keeping Eyelash Extensions

 Up-keeping eyelash extensions is important to keeping a fuller look. After the service is completed the client should avoid water on the eyelashes for 24 hours. If not the adhesive will start to clump together and it will be a disaster. Also fills are encouraged every 3- 4 weeks because every day approximately 3- 5 hairs are lost just doing daily activities. Therefore, it is encouraged to upkeep with fills when having this service performed.

Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos is an ancient tradition established in ancient India. According to history, during wedding customs it was customary to adorn the bride with Henna designs as a form of jewelry. It was to enhance the beauty of the brides on their wedding day. The henna tattoos are predominately made of an organic mixture that is safe to use on any skin type. However, there is a long drying process; the longer the henna is on the darker the henna will get. Over a period of years new innovative formulas have lessen the drying time for the henna tattoos creating a dark red stain of the design; catering to all skin complexions. In western culture this is more of a fun temporary tattoo, while on vacation or just for fun. 
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