Orlando Utips Hair Extensions Vs I-tips Hair Extensions

Orlando Utips Hair Extensions Vs I-tips Hair Extensions U-tip hair extension is hair extension which is pre-tipped with keratin. This is attached through using a hot hair extension iron. Utip extension is also known as fusion. The form of the end could differ from flat tip to utip, it all depends on the brand. Keratin tip on the other hand might require to be cut to get rid of too much keratin.Utips Hair Extensions The temperature coming from hair extension will not harm the hair, it is less compared to flat iron or standard curling and this hair extension tool just touches your hair for a couple of seconds. To apply this kind of hair extensions your hair requires to be washed using clarifying shampoo and without using a conditioner. Your hands must also be clean. Totally melt the keratin with the extension iron therefore the keratin absorbs by your hair, this makes for an enduring bond. And then roll with your fingers, this will not stick to your finger compared to other keratin. Itips Hair ExtensionsThis is considered the most popular hair extensions for any kinds of hairs as the attachment spot is so small could be personalized through cutting the extension to make two to three smaller, micro bonds for usage with fine hair.  Like us on face book for current hair trends I-Tip Hair ExtensionsAlso known as cold fusion, Flash point or shoelace tip, these types of extensions are utilized through using pulling tools, like loop or hook that pulls your hair in a small micro circle. Then the I-tip hair extension place into the micro ring that is then compressed using special pliers. Compression is done in order to hold the hair extension in a proper place. Itips Hair Extensions OrlandoThere are many various kinds of micro rings on hand such as: Copper Micro TubesThese types of micro rings are thinner and longer compared to the aluminum type. The length assists the hold, while the thickness makes the extensions easier to conceal, however they could be the toughest to get rid of as the slight copper does not reopen once squeezed in the conflicting direction. Aluminum-Silicone Micro RingsThese types of micro rings are creased with silicone that assists to cushion and at the same time assist holds the extension and the hair. Perhaps these are the best micro rings for fine type of hair. They are a bit more costly compared to other micro rings on hand today.  Make an appointment for a free consultation on our website or call 407 507 3000  These I-Tip hair extensions are extremely common for those who do not like heat used for their hair. Your hair needs to be thick or average texture for the extension to grip well.  The cost of equipment is lower for this kind of extension all you need to have is hook that can purchase for as low as 4 dollars and loop available for 12 dollars as well as I-Tip plied on hand for 10 dollars. You can purchase these kits online or any hair extension retail stores near your place. U tip hair extensions and I-Tip extensions are both good hair extensions, the choice depends on you. Choose the  one suitable to your appearance and your budget as well.

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Orlando Utips Hair Extensions Vs I-tips Hair Extensions

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