Orlando Hair Salon Offers Summertime Hair and Makeup

Summer is a busy time with graduations, proms, even weddings. Of course we all want to look the best, so what better time and place than our Orlando Hair Salon, where we specialize in multicultural hair and makeup services. Just in time for our Summertime Deals Special with incredible prices at a Hair Salon Close to Disney Worldcurls1 washandcurls2 Curls are a great hairstyle for a wedding, prom, graduation, or any special event. It’s a perfect style to stand out and show off those beautiful bouncy curls. Even though some of us are not fortunate to have these naturally full curls, that doesn’t mean it cannot be achieved at our Orlando Hair Salon. The curls are then sealed with an expert hairspray given by a Hair Stylist in Orlando that will have hair last all day and night. For those times when it’s not so easy to get to an Orlando Hair Salon, here are 7 simple steps on how to touch-up those curls :Step 1 : Heat up your flat iron. Make sure to allow the iron to heat up completely to temperature before starting to curl for flawless curls. A good tip for what temperature to use is about 320 F for thin hair and 430 F for thicker hair. Keep in mind that the tightness of the curls depend on the width of the flat iron.Step 2 :  Dry your hair if it is wet, if not just make sure there are no damp spots. Brush the hair out from any tangles or knots. A voluminous mousse or moisturizer can be applied for more body when it is curled. Step 3 : It is so important to protect your hair from the heat of the iron. Apply a heat protection spray to protect it from the damage and dryness that commonly comes from using heat. Step 4 : Separate your hair in sections that are easy for you. Typically pin the top up with a clip and split the bottom in several parts depending on how many curls you want. Try to keep the sections pinned up and neat to make it easier as you go thru each part curling the hair.Step 5 : Curl the hair. Take one part and if you want the curl coming from the root then clamp the hair with the iron as close to the scalp as possible and flip the flat iron making a u shape in the direction you want the curl to flow out. Continue that step throughout every section that was parted off.Step 6 : Run your fingers through your hair to loosen some curls for a more natural look instead of all bunched up together (optional).Step 7 : Finish this look with hairspray to make those curls last all day or night. With our Summer Deals, wash and curls prices starting at only $50 !!! …


         Makeup has taken over the beauty industry for years but now more than ever. From the runway to girls posting makeup tutorials to YouTube, makeup has taken the world with it’s innovative ways in making use for several other industries.  Our Orlando Hair Salon is experienced with all different skin types and colors and is now offering full face makeup and lashes. The objective is to create the perfect match for your skin to get a flawless finish. There is an option to get makeup with or without lashes which entirely up to you. In addition, makeup and lashes can be paired with hair services as well. With our summer deals special going on, you can get a wash blow flat and a full face makeup with lashes starting at only $85 !! ..  orlando braids 1braids 2 For those summer events outside in the blazing sun, it is just too hot to have hair all on your neck and down your back. Braids are a great alternative to keeping your hair up or down and away from your face at the same time. There are so many different styles and designs that can make your braids unique for you. Half up half down braids are a refreshing way to wear your hair being that its something familiar but different all in one. Summer deals starting at $90 !!! ….. braids2Feed In Braids 4-8-17  Feed- in Cornrow Braids are a classic braided style that is getting more popular with all cultures. These braids are great for people with short or long hair. Typically the feed-ins work with short hair to bring length and volume to the braids to create a fuller look. We have Hair solutions in Orlando for any type of hair doesn’t matter the length or thickness, we will make it work. Now more revamped than ever, braids along with makeup have become a great phenomenon not only in our Orlando Hair Salon but everywhere else as well.    Call 407-507-3000 to set up an appointment today !! Not too sure about what you want just yet? No worries we have the Hair Solutions in Orlando for you, and we are here to help. Set up a free consultation to talk to a Hair Stylist Expert in Orlando to go over different options about what your looking for. You can also visit our website https://shallamarshairsolutions.com. We are open 7 days a week and will be more than happy to assists you !! Take advantage of these summetime offers on makeup and hair in orlando, the appointments will fill fast. Make one today !!           

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Orlando Hair Salon Offers Summertime Hair and Makeup | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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