Hair Botox Treatment

Botox is a kind of toxin produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is largely used in cosmetics and surgical procedures. You might be aware of the fruitful botox treatments that are helpful in lifting up the wrinkles and altering the facial features, resulting in more beautiful outlook. Due to its similar function of beautifying, hair botox treatment guarantees to moisturize, repair, revive and nourish hair. It repairs split ends and converts frizzy hair into smooth, shiny and soft hair. Unlike injections used in facial botox treatment, hair botox treatment uses its protein-rich formula externally to provide beautiful and manageable hair. It has a powerful concentrate of active ingredients to battle the over-processed chemicals that leave hair look lifeless and dull. It works upon each strand from root to tip of hair, restoring the damaged cortex and hair cuticles through its ultra-nourishing technology. It is applicable on any hair type.Here at Shallamars Hair Solution, we ensure every customer to be rendered with our guaranteed and satisfied services. We start the hair botox treatment with a clarifying shampoo cleaning each strand carefully, and then we apply the best hair botox product to the hair, section by section, that approximately takes 45 minutes. After the absorption of all protein and antioxidants in the mentioned time, hair are washed thoroughly with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and then we do the styling as you desire. This gives you wonderful experience of the botox treatment that also contains vitamins, oils and keratin, leaving smooth and silky hair. The main ingredient of botox molecules seek out and attach to areas of damaged keratin, the protein which makes up hair fibres, thereby sealing gaps and breakage. The molecule changes hair structure to create a network or mess which plugs holes in the hair and gives it its substance back. You will get the difference daily when you go back home and find the hair more manageable and easy for any kind of styling. The most effective part is that your hair will be free from split-ends. The botox treatment effects last for approximately upto two months. Till then, your hair will get the required repairs and you will be well versed about taking care of your hair in a better way.We also provide consultations on hair solutions after evaluating your type of hair. We advise the steps to be followed before, at the time and after the hair botox treatment. We strongly recommend it to women with long hair who have repeatedly undergone blow drying and hair straightening for curly and dry hair, since those are most likely to get intense heat exposure and damage. This kind of treatment ensures protection of your hair for longer periods making them stronger and thicker in the coming days. It is thought to be a magical therapy for gaining beautiful and healthy hair. We claim it to be purely safe because of the usage of safe products and their excellent exfoliating effect. In addition, it helps to break free from dandruff and psoriasis like scalp conditions.You can reach to our nearest clinic and get it done for extreme hair rejuvenation and experiencing youthful state.botox_1
Hair Botox Treatment | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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Shallamar’s Hair Solutions prides itself on working with a firery passion. Our number one thing is Hair care and we live that each and every day with our clients. When you come in to our salon as a new client, you will receive a consultation and hair evaluation before any service is provided, so that we can best suggest what your hair needs to look and feel its best. At Shallamar's "Your Hair Care Is Our Affair."

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You don’t just need a hair stylist. You also need a knowledgeable person that can advise you on the best care procedures for your type or hair and your general hair care needs. With over 20 years of experience, Sandy distinguishes herself as an expert who really cares about your hair care. Having worked with people from multiple ethnic backgrounds makes Shallamar’s Hair Solutions the best place in Orlando for your hair care needs.


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