Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

 Micro bead hair extensions are hair extensions that come to you strand by strand. They’ are held together by a Keratin bond at the tip of the extension. They are used to connect to your hair in a strand by strand method. The micro bead is used to connect the micro bead hair extension to your hair. There is one single strand by strand micro bead hair extension, and it is connected to strands of your hair using a micro bead. They are also called micro bead Itips hair extensions. Microbead or Itips hair extensions are connected at the top with a Keratin bond. The top looks like the letter I. that’s why it’s called an Itip hair extension.

What Are Itips Hair Extensions?

Itips hair extensions are made to connect to your hair in a strand by strand technique to create volume, fullness, and length to your own hair. it also gives the ability to run your fingers through your hair to create more flexibility with the hair extensions. 

Pros For Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro bead hair extensions give more flexibility with wearing hair extensions. It allows an individual to bring their hair up and down in a ponytail with maximum coverage. One could run their fingers through their hair, based upon how the hair extensions are installed. They allow the wearer to part their hair without too much limitation. Won’t create tension on your hair and it is not tight to the scalp. A more comfortable form of hair extension. The micro bead hair extension can be worn for as long as three months. After three months, you should have them removed. These hair extensions can be pulled up every few weeks during this three months period to keep them close to the scalp. The closer they are to the scalp the more any damages or slippage will occur.

Cons For Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Slippage is a big problem with micro bead hair extensions. Which means they could slide. During the course of time while wearing these hair extensions in your hair. Care must be taken while combing or brushing your hair. Micro beads could be lost during this process. Which means every now and again, a visit back to the salon will be necessary to get these links replaced. One also has to be careful with micro bead hair extensions if using oil or conditioners on the scalp. This can also cause slippage.Care must be taken that there is no oils or conditioners touching the connection area. The connection area is where the extension connects to the hair. If there is too much oil or too much conditioner, it will cause slippage and the hair extensions will slide from your hair. Care should also be taken when brushing the hair. It is a good idea to use one hand to hold the connection area on the scalp and use the other hand to do the brushing.Leaving the micro bead hair extensions in the hair for more than three months can cause breakage. It is a good idea to have these beads moved up every few weeks and also remove them after three months. Fingering through the connection area is also necessary to avoid knotting at the connection area.

Will Micro Bead Hair Extensions Damage The Hair?

Micro bead hair extensions do not damage the hair as long as they are taken out when they are due. One of the problems that will occur with these hair extensions is they link up together at the connection point. It is necessary to make sure that the extensions are being combed and brushed daily. Fingering is important to make sure the beads are not connected together at the connections points. This will prevent the hair from tangling together at the root. If your hair starts to connect together, then that becomes a problem. Especially when it is time to take them out. It creates tangling in the connection spot and when that occurs, breakage is inevitable.To prevent this it is important to take these hair extensions out after three months and also that fingering is done while wearing them. If you have African American type hair, this is all the more important with new growth. Since new growth occurs at the root area, which is close to the connection area. Fingering is important to prevent the new growth to tangle in that area. If fingering not being done through those new growths, then there will be a problem at the roots and damage will occur, especially upon removal.If all instructions are followed, micro beads hair extensions do not cause any damage to your hair.

Micro Beads Hair Extension Care

Special care must be taken for these hair extensions. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are important to use with these hair extensions. These are softening shampoo and conditioners which will keep the hair soft and tangle free during shampooing. The quality of the hair also plays a role, but we will talk about that a little bit later on. In addition to using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, care must be taken to using your fingers to go through the roots of the hair, at the connection spots so the links don’t connect together. Moving them up when it’s time for them to be moved will also be important.

How To Take Care Of Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Taking care of micro beads hair extensions is similar to taking care of any other hair extensions. What that means is, one must be gentle in brushing and combing the hair. Holding the roots of your hair while combing and brushing are vital. That way, the beads will not loosen and slide. Moving them up is also important every few weeks. Once again fingering through the root area is necessary to avoid tangling of the hair at the roots. This also prevents damage and hair loss at the connection area.

Weft Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Weft micro bead hair extensions are the hair extension that is used to install wefted hair to one’s own hair. It is similar to installing sew in hair extensions expect micro beads are being used. This is also called braidless sew in hair extensions. Where a weft of hair is connected to the hair using a beaded technique. It lays flatter on the scalp. The technique is done in two different ways. One way is to use micro beads to create a track on the scalp and then sew the weft of hair to that track. Or the micro bead can also be used to connect the weft directly on the hair without any sewing.

How To Stop Micro Bead Hair Extensions From Falling Out?

To stop micro bead hair extensions from falling out, oils should not be used at the connection area. Oily hair conditioners should also be avoided at the connection spots. Be sure to hold the connection area, when you are combing and brushing the hair. Good quality human hair is important to be used to avoid tangling and matting. Softening shampoos and conditioners are important and the recommendation is a sulfate free softening shampoo and conditioner. This will prevent it from being tangled.

Where Can I Buy Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

These hair extensions are sold in several stores and the beauty supply stores. Research should be done for recommendations before you purchase micro bead hair extensions. Purchasing hair extensions from the salon that is doing the installation is recommended. These service providers will make sure that they are using top-notch hair for the most part. Their intent is to build a long relationship with their clients or customers so they will research the hair they are using in their hair salons.Hair salons tend to have and use professional grade hair extensions. If the decision is made to purchase from a supply store, be careful of the quality. The quality is going to be very important for a successful hair extensions experience. The hair to be used should flow naturally with your own hair. Some research on the quality of hair you are purchasing will be of utmost importance.

What Is The Best Human Hair For Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

The best human hair is going to be virgin human hair, which is single drawn. Single, drawn means the hair is coming from one donor. Remy hair is also a great choice. Remy hair means that the cuticles are intact and that for the most part, they are either single or double drawn. The single drawn hair is a better choice. It is essential that the hair is 100 percent pure human hair.Coloring is safe on pure human hair. Care should be taken in coloring the hair has damages can occur with coloring if not done correctly. Make sure top quality human hair extensions are used, that will not tangle. The most professional hair salon will have this quality hair extension and that’s what you want to stick to.

Tips For Micro Bead Hair Extensions.

Good quality human hair is important for these hair extensions Be sure that when you are combing and brushing the hair that you are holding the roots of the hair, especially in the connections areaIt is important that the hair extensions are not kept in for more than three months irrespective of what you are being told because, the bigger the gap between your scalp and the connection area, the bigger the risk of breakage, tangling, and breakage.Getting your hair extensions moved up every few weeks is important to prevent the distance between the connection area and your scalp.Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is the best choice for shampooing while wearing these hair extensions.Before shampooing the hair, be sure to get rid of all tangles before wetting the hair, this will prevent tangling.Running your fingers through the scalp regularly will also prevent tangling at the connection area.
Micro bead hair extensions can be very fun if all correct procedures are followed. Again, they create flexibility of being able to run the fingers through the scalp. Parting the hair is easier. Wearing a high ponytail is doable and create more coverage. It’s easier to go up in a high ponytail because they’re individually connected. For people who hate the idea of a weft of hair going across their scalp, then this would be a better choice. There is no glue or bond for this technique. This hair extension is connected to the hair with a microbead. So that means that there is no glue or bond. Hence no damage, as long as you take care of it the way that is instructed.Follow the salon that does the installation instructions as best as possible. Ask before the service is done you will receive written instructions to take home.   Once all instructions are followed this is a great way to wear hair extensions, so go ahead and try micro bead hair extensions. 

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