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Lace front wigs as become very popular especially with celebrities wearing them more and more.  They come in many different styles, colors and textures and do not always require glue, making them easy to wear for everyone.  Lace front wigs allow for you to experiment on different hair versions to see what would best suit you.  No doubt they are comfortable to wear and can be taken on and off as desired. Lace front wigs were originally made for people experiencing hair loss and the lace is designed to give the impression of hair growing from your own scalp.  The model above as a lace front that as being custom colored to her desire.  This model is wearing lace front human hair.  Though she is not experiencing hair loss it still gives a natural finish.  Her hair as being braided under the wig.  Anyone can wear lace front wigs. Care must be given if glue or tape is to be used.  In this case you should have a professional install the wigs.  There are many lace front wigs that does not require glue.  It is best to place your hair out of the way before applying the wig.  You can braid or wrap your hair, then place a wig cap before placing the wig.  If you will be wearing the wig for a while.  Be sure to wash and treat your hair once per week and definatley use a wig cap.  Lace front wigs comes in both human hair and synthetic hair.   Celebrity Wendy Williams wears a lot of lace front wigs and wears them very well.   Of course she as a staff that installs and maintains them for her but you can also achieve this look if you have a professional install yours and follow their advise on after care.   Lace front wigs comes in various styles and length and is a great way to try extensions.  If you are thinking of getting a lace front wig call us for a free consultation at 407 507 3000 to let us help you find the one that will best suit you.  Visit our website for more tips or like us on face book for current hair trends.   While hair extensions or hair weaves will always be a more permanent way to go, lace front wigs is also an option whether it may be for style or for hair loss.  Full lace verses lace front wigs will depend on what you are trying to achieve.  Either one will give outstanding results.  Give us a call to begin your journey for lace front wigs.

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Lace Front Wigs – Orlando | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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