Lace Closure Vs. Lace Frontal

When getting extensions with no leave out, many people decide on getting a lace closure or a lace frontal. Lace closure vs Lace Frontal: which one is better for me? First we’ll start off on what is a lace closure and a lace frontal, then decide on the different factors which would be better for you. Closures and frontals are made to protect your hair when done properly. It is also highly recommended for people transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair, or anybody that just needs a break from their hair. 
  • Both lace closures and frontals are made from swiss lace or french lace
  • Can be made into a wig
  • Creates beautiful installations
  • Eliminates the need for blending
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Lace Closure

Lace closures are hairpieces where hair strands are tied on. Closures can come in different lace colors to match clients such as: transparent, beige or medium-brown. Depending on how much versatility you would like with your closure theirs also different sizes to choose from. You can get a 7×7, 6×6, 5×5 or the most popular one a 4×4. No matter what hair type you have you can wear a lace closure. They are especially good for receding hair lines and for those who have a hard time blending their hair in with extensions. For example lace closures can come in 4×4 while a lace frontal comes in 13×4. A main difference most people get confused on is which one is ear to ear and which is not. Closures cover the crown of your head compared to a frontal that covers ear to ear. Lace closures are applied by sewing the back and sides of the closure, then depending on the skill level of the stylist and the type of maintenance level you are looking for with the closure, the front of the closure can be glued, sewn or glue less. Closures have less maintenance than a lace frontal and is great for people wanting to get up and go and also cost less than lace frontals. For a full sew in with a lace closure 3-4 bundles are recommended.  girl with lace closure sew in 

Lace Frontal

woman with lace frontal sew in

Lace frontals is a half wig that goes from ear to ear that also have hair strands tied on it. Just like closures, frontals can come in different lace colors and sizes. Frontals can come in 13×6, 13×5 or the more popular 13×4. They are very popular for people with traction alopecia or thinning edges. Styling with frontals is fairly easy as it will seem just like your real hairline. The chic styles of ponytails or half up half downs work great with lace frontals! Frontals do require much more maintenance than lace closures as they are ear to ear. When wanting to try a whole new hair color or texture a frontal is highly recommended! Getting a frontal done by a professional stylist can have your hair look just like your own! Frontals cost more than a closure but can save you less on buying bundles as it takes up more room than a closure. 


Lace frontals are applied by sewing the back of the frontal. Depending on the skill level of the stylist and the type of maintenance level you are looking for with the frontal it can be glued, sewn or even glueless. For a full sew in with a lace frontal 2-3 bundles are recommended. 

closure sew in

What is better for me? 

When choosing for yourself its good to look at your budget, maintenance level and your states weather. If it will be your first time trying a lace frontal or lace closure starting off with a closure will be best for you. A lace closure requires less maintenance and can help you learn how to work with laces and maintain it with a smaller portion compare to a lace frontal. Depending on your budget it is up to you on picking the higher priced or the lower. Most people get their lace frontals or lace closures glued down. In hot weather or hot states, it may not be a good idea because you may sweat releasing the glues bonds making your frontal or closure lift or move. Closures are great for a year around wear while frontals would be better for spring, fall or winter wear.

How do I maintain my lace closure or lace frontal install?

There are things to do at home to maintain your lace frontal or lace closure after getting it done to keep yourself from going to the stylist every week. When using heat make sure you are being very careful not to put your heating iron on your frontal or closure as it can burn the lace and make a hole. Always make sure you wrap the edges of your frontal or closure to keep it down while sleeping or even at the gym. doing so will help the install last longer by preventing it from lifting from sweat or bad sleeping. When brushing your frontal or closure area make sure you are using the right brush for the hair texture you have in and that you are being very gentle with it as you do not want it to lift nor start to shed.  

After reading Lace closures vs. Lace frontal what do you think is better for you?

This is a great question to think about when picking your next install!This article has been written by Ginelle’ Anderson from Shallamar’s Hair Solutions located in Orlando, Florida. 

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