Keratin treatment versus Thermal Hair Smoothing Treatment

 Keratin treatment versus Thermal Hair Smoothing Treatment What is the difference between them and how should you choose wish one would work best for you. Has you know, a Keratin treatment is a treatment that’s made of a lot of protein and  Keratin that goes in the hair and it helps to smooth and control the hair.  So especially in African American type hair.  If you’re going through a transition where you’re transitioning from a relaxer, to go back to your natural hair then a Keratin treatment would help to loosen the curl pattern on your own hair and make it more manageable.   On the other hand, if you have Caucasian type or multi-cultural hair then the keratin treatment would loosen the curl pattern, makes the hair frizz free and give it a straighter look as well as cut down your blow drying time by 50% or more.   There’s a lot of controversy with Keratin treatment as associated with t the big word ‘formaldehyde’.  This is a   chemical that you don’t want in your hair.  In previous years, a lot of Keratin treatment was made from formaldehyde.  What formaldehyde does is it straightens, it makes the hair more straight,  almost pin straight, really straight. It’s a very harsh chemical. It can cause cancer. They use it to embalm dead bodies so you don’t want it in your hair. Has a result a lot of Keratin companies stop making their Keratin treatment with formaldehyde. A lot of companies now start making another system call Thermal Smoothing Treatment.  A thermal smoothing system  also  rearrange the hair, but it only stays on the surface of the hair so it doesn’t last as long,  and it’s easier for you to revert it. So normally if you get a thermal smoothing treatment in your hair,.  Your hair will go back to its natural state easier than a Keratin treatment. The choice between both treatments will depend on what you are looking for.  If you’re African American and you’re wearing your hair natural or you’re transitioning into wearing your hair natural and you’re looking for a natural non chemical look then a thermal smoothing treatment it would not be a bad idea. The thermal smoothing Treatment will give your hair more manageability and it’s going to cut down on the frizz, cut and blow dry in time. Make it easier to flat iron. And when you do flat iron, it will give you more of, a silk press type look.   Most thermal treatment also is more easier to convert back to your natural hair state.. For instance, there’s one made by Naked and with the Naked thermal smoothing system If you do the thermal treatment and you want to go back to your natural hair state  then after three weeks you go back to your stylist, she does  a detox shampoo and it will revert it back as opposed to if you did a Keratin treatment, you have to wait for it to wear off or revert our naturally.  Using non sulfate free shampoo will also revert the keratin providing there was not formaldehyde in it. Provided the Keratin treatment does not have formaldehyde in it, then your hair should go back to its natural state. There are people that will say, I did a Keratin treatment. I lost all my curls. My hair is dead straight. My curls went away. I’m going to assume that that Keratin must have had formaldehyde in it. In order for you to lose all your curl pattern after months and years after doing the treatment, it never came back the natural assumption would be there was formaldehyde in the treatment unless you forgot what your hair was like before the treatment or maybe you did the too much flat ironing while the treatment was in.  Too much flat ironing can also cook the hair and make it not revert back.  If you’re looking to have a smoother finish, you’re looking for frizz-free hair, you want more manageability  in your hair or looking to  transition from a relaxer to natural hair and you don’t want to have that breakage because as your  hair grows out of the relaxer, the roots are going to be thick, the ends are  going to be  thin and straight from the relaxer and this will cause the ends  to break away from the root of the hair.Some other transitional treatments would be a Keratin treatment or a Botox treatment or a hair plastic surgery, but in the case of the thermal smoothing treatment, it typically last on that hair maybe about 12 weeks, and then you could redo it.  The Keratin treatment is the same scenario except with the Keratin It may live in the hair longer. So after three months when it’s supposed to be gone. There still may be residue in it because some Keratin treatment will penetrate into the Cortex, layer off the hair. The thermal smoothing treatment, typically it stays at the cuticle layer, which is the first layer of the hair, and that’s the place where all physical change of the hair takes place. So that’s the layer that gets changed when you do a blow dry or a flat iron is a physical change.The cortex layer is the inner part of the hair and that’s where all chemical changes take place and even though the. Keratin is not a chemical. Sometime it does penetrate into the CORTEX, which is why, people will say my curl pattern is not the same. My curls calm down  when the treatment was done but  it did not come back the same way, or my curls came back but  they are not  as tight as they used to be. That could be because the Keratin may  have penetrated into the cortex layer.   This  happens a lot with formaldehyde  type Keratin treatments as well as other treatment types as well,  so that may be a cause. So if you’re more looking to stay on  the natural side and  you want more manageability, but you don’t want nothing to penetrate into your cortex layer. of your hair, then the terminal smoothing   treatment would be a better choice.  You would  call a professional hair  salon and  get  a consultation. We do a bunch  of consultations here at Shallamar’s Hair Solution.   A consultation is very important before you make a decision.    It’s is hard to do a consultation on the phone. You have to literally go into the salon for a consultation to get  an accurate analysis of your hair because when you tell someone whatever you tell them, it’s hard for them to give you an answer if they can’t see, touch and feel your hair. So when it comes to thermal smoothing treatments versus Keratin treatment, I would say if you’re looking for a less permanent change, you would go with the thermal smoothing  treatment, however  if you’re looking for something that will make your hair more straighter and with looser curls then a Keratin Treatment would be a better choice. If you’re for looking for  something that lasts longer in the hair and you definitely want to get rid of some of your curl pattern and you want to make the curl calm  and looser and you don’t mind if they stay loose than the keratin treatment would be a better choice. There’s also the express Keratin, which doesn’t really do much as far as changing the cortex layer for your hair. The express keratin  is also a good choice when it comes to children and manageability of their hair. I’d recommend the thermal smoothing  treatment or an express Keratin because those are kind of quick. The hair will revert right back. The express Keratin lasts about four to six shampoos. In the children’s hair ,  The thermal smoothing  lasts up to 12 weeks and it’s not a chemical whatsoever  The thermal smoothing treatment will be really great on children’s hair. If you’re trying to get more manageability of your kids hair, I would definitely recommend that over any kind of chemical  on children’s hair. I don’t believe in using any kind of relaxers or any chemical on any child’s hair until at least the age of 13 because the hair goes through a lot of  changes up to the age of 12 years old.  Once you get to thirteen  and then you can start playing with chemicals, which I don’t  advise because most people stay home and do the chemicals themselves and create a mess on their children hair.   So regarding Keratin treatment on thermal smoothing  treatment, I will say the thermal would be a  better choice for children.The Thermal  Smoothing   treatment will give you more  control and give you the manageability. Last in the hair for 12 weeks and give your natural hair more strength.  It gives you  smoothness, gives you that frizz-free look , but it will not rearrange your hair  pattern  permanently  Your hair  will  come right back soon as the product wears off.  If you’re having any problems with Keratin treatment then  the thermal smoothing treatment would be a better choice. If you have never tried any of them, then you’d need to come in for a consultation either with us or with a top professional salon that does both, who will be  able to explain to you the differences. Look at your hair, see what your goals are. And help you  make that decision. Article Written bySandy SillsShallamar’s Hair Soluions407 507 3000www.shallamarshairsolutions.com 

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Keratin treatment versus Thermal Hair Smoothing Treatment

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