Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

What are Keratin bond hair extensions?

Keratin bond hair extensions are individually designed and they’ are held together with keratin bonds. So it is an individual piece of hair that is bonded together at the very top by a Keratin bond. These bonds are applied to the hair individually in a strand by strand technique. So there are different strands of your own hair that are melted into this strand of hair and that is what is called the Keratin bond hair extensions. Keratin bond extensions are therefore placed individually throughout the hair. They give the ability to run your fingers through your hair, as well as create a lot of flexibility because they are individually placed. One can selectively place these hair extensions wherever they want


What Are The Best Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

The best keratin bond hair extensions are the ones that are truly made with keratin. There are some extensions which are Keratin bonds hair extensions but they are made with glue. These are typically called fusion hair extensions. Keratin bond hair extensions and fusion hair extensions get confused all the time. The difference is the keratin bond hair extensions has protein keratin which is what is used to hold it together. Fusion hair extensions have glue that holds the hair together. You want to stay away from the ones that have glue on the very tip of it which is the fusion hair extensions.One of the ways to know if the tips are keratin or not is to look at the tips of the hair when purchasing. Keratin tips are typically in a neat form and do not have excess on them. Fusion hair extensions typically as glue and as excessive glue at the tip. In other words, it looks like it as more than enough glue to connect to your hair. The keratin bonds, once it’s applied it just seals into the hair. Utips Keratin Bond Hair Extensions.These are the same as the keratin bond hair extensions. The difference is, the bonds at the tip of the hair extensions, the Utips are shaped like the letter U. Whereas the regular bonds are shaped like a pencil which is also called I-tips. There is also flat tips which are shaped flat at the tips. The ones that are shaped like a pencil which is also called Itips hair extensions are preferred. The reason is they give a neater application. Keep in mind that the fusion and keratin bond hair extensions come in these shapes. Therefore be careful when you re choosing your hair extensions.

Best shampoo for keratin bond hair extensions?

Sulfate free shampoo is the best to use because they are going to be very delicate on the hair. When it comes to hair extensions be sure to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioners because they tend to be very delicate on the hair and they don’t cause the hair to be tangled. With Keratin bond hair extensions, once you have them installed, it is important to take your fingers and go through the roots regularly to prevent tangling at the roots. If you have them in your hair and you are combing and brushing the hair that’s fine. However, you also want to use your fingers and you want to take your fingers and go through the scalp to make sure that the Keratin bonds are not sticking together. 

What damages are caused by keratin bond hair extensions?

Damages would be stuff like keeping them in your hair longer than is recommended. It is important that you take them out after three months. You may be told differently, but you don’t want to keep any kind of hair extensions in your hair for more than three months. Keratin bond hair extensions tend to be the most damaging form of hair extensions. You want to make sure you get those professionally installed and professional removed. Most of the damage takes place when, when you try to remove them yourself, so you want to get them from a professionally removed. Damages also take place when you keep them in for too long and also when you don’t, fingers through your hair to separate the links from each other.This also causes damages as well. It is important that you keep this in mind. If you are wearing keratin hair extensions care must be taken to follow all instructions that you get when you first get them installed. The most professional hair salon will give you an information sheet to take home or instructions has to how to take care of them.

Frequently asked questions for keratin bond hair extensions (FAQ)

How Much Are Keratin Bond hair extensions?

These hair extensions are going to tend to be expensive because these extensions are individually placed and it takes them to place each individual extension. You may be looking to pay with the hair included from $800 to $1,500. Each salon is going to be different and the quality of hair that is used will also make a difference. However, I would say anywhere from 800 to $1,500 would be where you would end up. It may also go over $1500 base on the length of hair that you’re using. The longer the length, the more expensive it will be.

Is Keratin bond hair extensions the same as strand by strand hair extensions?

The simple answer is yes. A few years ago, they came up with a strand by strand hair extensions and they were typically put in individually and they were sewn. From there, they start to come up with different forms of the strand by strand extension hair extensions. Such as I-tips, U-tips, micro links, Brazilian knots, fusion hair extensions and of course keratin bond hair extensions. These are all forms of the individual strand by strand hair extensions. Strand by strand hair extensions is connected to individual strands of hair. So it is connected individually by strands of hair. Strand by strand hair extensions is very popular today.

What is fusion hair extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are hair extensions that are very similar to the Keratin bond hair extensions. The hair extensions that are placed in the hair by glue on the tip of the extension hair. The difference between the fusion hair extensions and the keratin bond hair extension is that the fusion tends to have glue on the tip. On the very tip of the hair extensions is the glue which is melted in the hair to create the connection. You want to stay away from those because the glue individually placed in the hair can cause damage. You want to make sure if you’re doing Keratin bond hair extensions that the tips are made from keratin and not from glue.

What is keratin tips?

Keratin tips are what is used to create a keratin bond hair extension. The hair has keratin tip on the top of and it’s bonded into the hair with a special tool.

Is human hair used for keratin bond hair extensions?

Yes. You want to only use human hair for keratin bond hair extensions. Since the hair extensions are kept in the hair for up to three months, care must be taken to choose only high-grade human hair for your hair extensions. If the hair is not good quality, you may experience tangling and matting, which could be a nightmare. With keratin bond hair extensions, you don’t want to remove them as soon as you put them in because this causes damages.Be sure that you know for sure that these are the hair extensions that you want. It is important that you don’t remove these hair extensions before a four week period to avoid damages and sensitive scalp. You don’t want to put them in and then decide you don’t like them and you want to take them out within the week of putting them in. That’s not good because the bond is too close to the scalp for removal, so it’s not a good idea to take them out before a month, it will cause breakage. It is important that care is taken when removing these hair extensions.When you do a keratin bond extensions, you want to wait at least a month before you take them out. The importance of getting high-quality human hair is extremely important.

Can I do keratin bond hair extensions on natural hair?

This would depend on the texture of your natural hair. If you have natural African American hair and it is in its natural form. it is going to be hard to match your texture with the keratin bond hair extensions. Kinky straight hair is available for these hair extensions. However, if your hair is kinky, it will be interacting with the hair extensions and with the keratin bond hair extension, you want to be able to take your fingers to go through the hair. If your hair is in its natural African American state, that’s not going to happen.If you have natural African American hair and you want to do a Keratin bond hair extensions, you’d need to do a Keratin treatment or a botox treatment or a hair plastic surgery treatment to loosen your hair before you put those extensions in. Especially if you want to stay away from chemicals and relaxers. If you will have natural African American hair, and you want to do keratin bond hair extension and you don’t want to put any chemicals or relaxers in your hair. Then you’d need to do a Keratin hair treatment or botox treatment or hair plastic surgery to make sure that the hair is loosened up and it will flow with the keratin bond hair extensions. This hair extension technique is not recommended for African American hair in its natural state. That’s going to be a very bad experience if you try to do that.

Can I do a full head extension with keratin bond hair extensions?

Yes, you can, but some hair must be left out to cover the bonds. Keratin bond hair extension is where the hair extension is interacting with your hair, so some hair must be left out for coverage. You could do almost a full head with a little hair left ours for coverage. A lot will depend on the fullness or thickness of your hair. The thicker the hair the less hair needs to be left out. You can do a lot of it all over your hair. That is fine. As long as you realize that you have to leave some hair out for coverage.

Can Remy hair be used for Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Certainly, Remy is a word used for hair that is intact. This means it’s single drawn and it doesn’t have any chemicals at all and it is unprocessed. Coming directly coming from the donors head the cuticle is completely intact. That’s what Remy means. A lot of times people use the word Remy on hair that’s not really Remy. Remy hair is supposed to mean pure, natural cuticle intact, Unprocessed. virgin human hair, that is, single drawn. And comes directly from the donor. Be careful with that word because a lot of packages reads Remy but it is not at all Remy. The big supply stores have packages with Remy written on them. Take caution on these kinds of packages because a lot of times they are not Remy hair.True Remy hair is an excellent choice for keratin bond hair extensions. Make sure you are using 100 percent pure human virgin hair for Keratin bond hair extensions because you don’t want to produce a tangled mess.

How long does Keratin bond hair extensions last?

They last up to three months. It could go longer, but you don’t want to do that because the problem is when the keratin bonds are installed, they’re installed close to the scalp. As the hair grows down, the connection is going to grow away from the scalp. You don’t want the distance between the scalp and the hair extensions to be too great. You’ll have breakage in between there and if you have breakage in between the scalp and the hair extension connection, that’s going to be breakage close to the roots of your hair and you don’t want to play that game.

What Kind of human hair can I use for keratin bond hair extensions?

You should only use 100 percent pure human virgin hair. You don’t want to use synthetic hair. Don’t use blended hair. You want to make sure the hair is pure human hair. I would suggest you get the hair from the salon that will be doing the procedure. Most professional hair salons are going to have professional grade hair extension to sell to their customers and clients because they’re trying to build a relationship with that customer and client. They don’t want that customer to come back and complain, right? So I would suggest you get it from the salon.If the salon you are getting the hair extension from does not sell hair. Then you want to do your research. If you are in the Orlando, Florida area I would suggest shallamars hair solutions. They sell top quality human hair for Keratin bond hair extensions.  Always check for salon reviews and references.  You also want to make sure that you get the purest form of Keratin bond hair for your hair extensions. If these steps are followed, you will have the best experience with keratin bond hair extension.

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