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I-Tips and U-Tips hair extensions is becoming quite popular in the Orlando area of Florida.  These are extensions that comes prepared to be added to your hair.  The I-Tips hair extensions are made for the micro link applications and comes ready for the links to be added to your hair to create the extensions.  This is faster for the hair stylist as they are made to go directly through the links.  The I-tips hair extensions gives a strand by strand effect and is applied with a specials tool to connect the links to your hair.  This is a safe technique with little or no damages is done correctly.  A hair professional should be utilized to provide this service.
I-Tips and U-Tips hair extensions can be used to add length or volume or both and also for a highlighted effect.  The U-Tips are made with a keratin wax already added to the hair and is melted with a special heating tool to apply to the client’s hair.  Since the extension hair is pre-waxed it is easier to apply.  Not all U-Tips comes with keratin wax, some are made with glue so care must be taken  in choosing the ones to use.  The quality of hair used is also important.  A consultation by a professional is necessary in choosing the hair and adhesive to be used.  Keratin wax is safest since the hair is made from protein, the wax melts right in the hair.  For the U-Tips technique, care must be taken by the client that excessive grease, oil or moisturizer is not used at the base of the hair where the application is as this can cause the wax to loosened from the hair.
Whether you use the I-Tips or the U-Tips hair extensions, a consultation is necessary to determine what technique is best for your hair type and texture.   The client’s lifestyle will also play a role as there are maintenance involved in both technique.  It is important that you follow your stylist guidelines for a great wear time.  These typically last 6 months in the hair and can be refilled as needed.  The I-Tips are reusable, however the U-Tips are not as once the wax is melted that ends the use of that hair.   The quality of hair used will determine reuseablity for the I-Tips hair extensions.
Give us a call for a complimentary consultation to determine which technique is best for you 407 507 3000.  Visit our website for more details and also to see other hair extension technique available.  Join us on face book for regular updates.  Let us help you start your journey on using I-Tips and U-Tips hair extensions.

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I-Tips & U-Tips Hair Extensions – Orlando | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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