How to wash your hair extensions?

How to wash your hair extensions?

The biggest question asked regarding hair extension is how you should wash them. Many people have found themselves asking how to wash your hair extensions? Or what do i need to wash my hair extensions? Considering some hair extension can be quite expensive, you want to make sure that you take the necessary steps in order for you to protect your investment. It’s very important to find the proper method you should use to take care of them. Once you get them installed you need to immediately find out which is the best way to take care of  them. Hair extensions is hair that is no longer attached to a scalp. Their properties vary.  They no longer receive natural oils from your scalp. Due to the fact that they do not receive natural oils they no longer require to be washed as often. Once the hair extensions are installed we recommend that you wash them once every week depending on the care once every two weeks. Remember the better care you have of your hair extensions the longer they will last.

What you will need?

First and foremost you will need to gather the right materials before we begin. Right of the back a must is to use a sink in which you can plug all the water. Secondly we will be needing shampoo and conditioner. It is very important that both should be alcohol/ sulfate  free. The main reason for this is because the hair extensions are no longer attached to the scalp. Meaning they don’t receive natural oils anymore. So we recommend to wash your hair extensions with hair products that do not contain alcohol or sulfate. If the hair products you use have alcohol and sulfate it will dry up the hair extensions.

  • Sink
  • Shampoo and conditioner alcohol/ sulfate
  • Natural hair oil
  • Comb

Washing your hair extensions

Step 1 – Prepare your extensions and sink

While washing your hair extensions its important to avoid tangling your hair you should prep it before beginning. To prep it you need to brush it until you’ve removed all and any knots. Then we move onto prepping the sink. To do this you will first have to make sure its clean and plug it so no water escapes. Its recommendable for it to be warm. Once its filled up half way you can do 3 pumps of shampoo into the water to make it nice and soapy. Remember depending on the way you had them installed will vary the way you must care for them. The way you take care of tape in hair extensions is different from sew ins.

Step 2 – Shampoo and Condition

To avoid the bundle tangling it’s better if you wash each weft separately. The best way to do this is to hold onto the top of the weft and submerge it into the soapy water. Wash it gently with your hands being careful not to tangle it. Once you have finish the process you repeat it with all the others. Be mindful of what type of hair is used in your hair extensions, for example virgin human hair has a little different process.Having shampooed your hair extensions it’s time to apply conditioner. This is crucial to the process of taking care of them since it will allow them to be moisturized. To achieve the best results we recommend to apply and leave in over night.

Step 3 – Rinse, dry and comb

After you’ve applied the conditioner and left overnight the next morning we are going to rinse them out. Pay close attention to rinsing thoroughly and not leaving them washed half way. If allowed to dry with all the left over conditioner the hair extensions will look extra greasy.  A very nice tip is to rinse it in cold water to ensure the closing of the cuticles. This will produce a shiny effect.You have to allow for the weft to dry. The best way to achieve it is to air dry. We advise against drying them using a heat method because in the long run it can damage your hair extensions. To avoid frizz as they dry up we recommend to add oil to ensure the best results.The final step is to comb your hair extensions. We normally don’t recommend combing wet hair so keep this in mind. While you comb be gentle as wet hair is usually more prone to break.

Normal hair extension vs human hair extensions?

They are usually a bit more expensive but definitely worth every penny. The benefits come in the form of treatment. You can treat them as if they were your god given hair. It doesn’t make much of a difference the method they were installed. Only if some type of adhesive was used as is the case with glued in or if they clip in.  In those cases they should be taken out and treated differently. Overall you just have to be delicate the moment you are treating them. The gentler you are while you wash them the longer they will last you. It’s a must for the use of moisturizing shampoo and same as with normal hair extensions make sure the shampoo and the conditioner being used is alcohol and sulfate free.


The care process with normal hair extensions and human hair extensions has a few differences. With normal hair extensions we recommended to wash them once a week, depending the care once every two weeks. With human hair extensions we recommend to wash them 3 to 5 times a week almost as regular hair. Another huge difference is the drying up process. While in normal hair extensions you are advise to let air dry, with human hair extension you are advise to use a heat method to dry it up, like a blow dryer. Overall we recommend to pay a little extra for human hair extensions, it’s totally worth it.  

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