How To Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extensions

How To Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions is hair extensions that are placed in the hair with two different panels. There are two panels that are used to sandwich pieces of your own hair to create the extension. Each panel is two to three inches. These two panels are connected together throughout the hair. The end results are various sandwiches throughout the hair.

What Is The Best Hair Type For Tape In Hair Extensions?

Basically, any hair type is suitable for these hair extensions. The difference will be in the density of each individual hair. If you have a thick enough density to cover the sandwich panels, then you would be able to wear them. If you have fine hair, where someone is able to look through your scalp. Tape in hair extensions may not be the best choice for you. Medium to thick hair is more suited for these hair extensions. With this hair density, you can put the hair up or down or any other hairstyle that you desire. As long as there is no oils or gets involved close to the connection section of the hair extensions.

What Should I Avoid when Wearing Tape Ins Hair Extensions?

You want to avoid oil or grease on your scalp. Definitely keep oil and grease away from your scalp. Also keep any kind of heavy oily or greasy conditioner away from the scalp. Because it is a tape that is connecting the hair extensions to the hair. Any kind of oil or heavy cream or any kind of hair conditioners that gets into the scalp area where the connection is will cause it to loosen up.

Can I Do Tape In Hair Extensions If I Have Oily Hair?

The answer is going to be no. If you have oily hair, it’s not a good idea to do the tape in hair extensions, because the oil will loosen up the tape and cause the hair extensions to fall out. If you have oily hair or scalp, tape in hair extensions would not be the choice for you.

How Often Should I Shampoo Tape Ins Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions should be shampooed once a week. If you have to shampoo more than once a week, you should a dry shampoo in between that. Shampooing the hair frequently will cause the tape to loosen up and cause them to fall out. Also make sure that you are shampooing once per week, meaning you are wetting the hair to do a regular shampoo. Each time the hair gets wet, the tape gets looser. Using a dry shampoo in between will lengthen the time that the tape ins will last in your hair.

How Do You Dry Tape In Hair Extensions?

When you shampoo your hair and you have tape in hair extensions. It is a good idea to air dry the hair first before you start blow drying. Or sit under a dryer if that is possible to take out the excess water from the hair. Take out as much water first before you start blow drying. Avoid pulling on the hair too much when you are blow drying. This will pull the extension and cause it to loosen and also pull the roots of your hair. Be the hair extensions are dried somewhat by air drying before starting any kind of round brush motion on the hair. The more you air dry, the better it is because the less you will need to completely dry it out for styling.

How do I prevent tangling with tape in hair extensions?

That’s a very good question. A lot of times with tape in hair extensions, people tend to get tangled in the base area of the connection at the scalp. You want to take your fingers to go through the hair every so often to make sure there is no tangling at the root. Another thing you want to do is make sure it is completely brushed out before you go to bed. Never go to bed with your hair wet at no time at all.That will cause tangling. Also, if you have long hair extensions, you want to do a few braids, maybe two or three big braids on the hair before you go to sleep. That way, the hair does not move all over the bed when you sleep. This will greatly reduce the chance of tangling. It might also be a good idea to sleep in a satin cap or on a satin pillowcase to keep the hair soft. If the hair gets dry or too rough, it will cause tangling as well.

How Long Should Tape In Hair Extensions Stay In?

Typically, tape in hair extensions stays in the hair for six to eight weeks. At the end of this time, you could have them removed, get your hair shampooed and have them re-taped reinstalled. Some people could go as far as eight weeks. For others, it may be four to six weeks. One of the reason may be because they may have oily hair scalp. Or they may be shampooing the hair too often. Remember that you should only shampoo once per week or even longer if you can, and then use a dry shampoo in between that time. If you are going swimming, it’s not a good idea with tape in hair extensions. The water will soak into the adhesive and caused them to loosen up faster, so you don’t want to do that.

How Do I Replace Tape In Hair Extensions?

To replace the tape ins. You will first need to have them removed from your hair. A professional should do the removal. They will then need to be shampooed and re-taped. After that, they can be reinstalled. Each time you use the tape in hair extensions and get them removed, they will need to be re-taped before you get them reinstalled. You most definitely can reuse the hair when it comes to tape in hair extensions. If you use good quality hair, to begin with, then you should be able to reuse the hair over and over again. Really good quality hair will last for a really long time up to a year or more. You just have to keep re-taping after each removal. The reinforcement sometimes gets destroyed base on how it is treated after each removal and re-taping. Care must be taken, each time that is done.Tape in hair extensions is a very flexible way of wearing hair extensions. There is no tension, no sewing, so it is easier on the scalp. It last four to eight weeks. Most people can keep them in for six to eight weeks before removal For those with oily hair or scalp or if they are shampooed more than once per week, they may last four to six weeks. The quality of the hair used is very important. The better the quality, the longer it will last and the longer the hair itself will endure for retyping and reinstalling. If you have oily hair or scalp, you don’t want to use tape in hair extensions because it’s going to make it loosen faster and remember you also can’t swim with them in.  These tips should help you understand how to take care of tape in hair extensions.   Article Written by Sandy SillsLicensed CosmetologistShallamar’s Hair Solutions407 507 3000www.shallamarshairsolutions.com  

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