How to remove tape residue from your hair?

How to remove tape residue from your hair? 

Have you ever had trouble with the tape residue left behind in your clients hair? If so then this is for you! You are probably following the steps you were taught. Nonetheless still having problems with the sticky stuff left behind by the tape. Don’t panic I have a couple tips for you that will serve you dealing with your hair extensions.Let’s get down to the brass tax of it, nobody likes the residue left behind by the sticky tape. Even worse if it gets stuck in there removing it will be a nightmare. It pulls your natural hair while you are trying to pull it off. Usually this will cause clusters which if not taken care of in time will cause knots.The most common fix to remove tape residue from your hair is explained in the following step:
  • Find the areas where there is tape residue 
  • Apply olive oil in the affected area abundantly
  • Heat your hair with the applied oil for 30 secs with a distance of 12 inches away from your head
  • Let your hair cool with the applied oil
  • Pass a fine-toothed comb various times to gather all the tape residue
  • Wipe the remaining olive oil with a wash cloth and repeat the heating process until you achieve desired results
  • To completely remove olive oil and any left over residue you need to shampoo your hair.

What is tape residue and what causes it?

Now a days hair extensions have become very popular. Among the various methods tape in hair extensions is one of the most well known. These type of hair extensions have an limited time in which they will stay put and in and not break. The time frame is usually from 6 to 8 weeks. Once that time has passed it will begin to break up and that is where the tape residue is formed. There are two main reasons for tape residue. The first is that the client has passed the time frame for the hair extensions they had put in, which is normally 6-8 weeks so in other words they passed their life time. Secondly if the client has a very active lifestyle in which the are constantly shampooing and conditioning their hair. What causes residue is the same things that break down the tape. As we mentioned before the time span for the tape which is usually from 6 to 8 weeks. The second is the active lifestyle which causes sweat, shampooing and conditioning. So these destabilize the tape and it starts going everywhere in which case would be all over your hair. 

How long before the tape begins to breakdown?

As we mentioned its normally from 6 to 8 weeks. So to get the most out of your tape in extensions which is about 8 weeks depends on how active your lifestyle is and how careful you are. If you are constantly sweating, shampooing or condition you will not achieve the max life span. Of course instead of having to learn how to remove the tape residue you can schedule reapplication or to completely get rid of them before they start destabilizing. Essential facts about tape in hair extensions that you should be aware of is that the universal remover for hair extensions usually is an isopropyl alcohol based on. This does not mean that you are good to go with this. Each brand usually has unique ingredients in their own remover so its always best to use the brands recommended remover.  

What you will need to remove tape in hair extension the right way

Most removers will get rid of the residue, although you have to be aware that once it evaporates any left in your hair will most likely become sticky again and in some cases it will become stickier than beforeIt’s very important that while the remover is applied you should first completely remove all of the residue from your clients hair. Once that is done you can remove the tape from the actual extension panel. A big plus to your removal process is putting both ends of the panel together that way you can rest easy that during the rest of the process nothing else will get sticky. A big must is to always use the remover recommend by the brand. Another essential part is a leave-in conditioner spray that way the texture which is creamy helps in the removal process. 

Types of Tape Extension Removals

So we already showed you the most common fix, now we will get a bit more specific depending on your actual situation. 

Normal Residue

This is the most common case and the most common solution that they usually teach you. This happens when you wear your tape in hair extension 6-8 weeks and it still hasn’t turned gooey. In this case what you would do is just spray the tape in hair extension and just let it sit. After a while use a metal tipped comb and make a wedge between the bottom and upper part of the panel. Once the wedge is in place spay more remover into the space created and let it sit. Its should be lose at this point, the key is to give the remover time to work its magic. Once you’ve separated them you can put the upper and bottom panel back together. Moving forward there should be little to none of the tape residue in your clients hair. This is if you are using the tape remover recommend by the brand. If it is a remover with a alcohol base is requires a different process. 

Little residue

When the case is low amount of residue you want to apply the same process used in case of a normal amount of residue but here you want to make sure you don’t spay the panel with a remover with any type of silicon or oil base. So once you’ve applied the remover and let it work its magic with a fine tooth comb pass it through the hair as many times needed to break it up and get the greatest amount out of your hair. In case that spraying it once was not enough then its ok to spray once more and repeat the comb process again. For the next part make sure all the tape in hair extension panels are removed. Now you can proceed to wet your clients hair and apply conditioner especially anywhere there was residue. I know its sounds counter-intuitive but it works, it will allow to shampoo any remaining residue. Wash it twice and you will be good to go. 

A lot of residue

In case that you have a lot of residue to remove it will be easy to identify because the panels will be overflowing with stickiness. So much so that you may even be able to move them around. Once you’ve removed the tape extensions there will be heavy amount of  residue left so what you want to do in that case is do the normal residue process and repeat it how many ever times is needed for it to be completely removed. 

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