How To Have Long Healthy Hair

How To Have Long Healthy Hair.

First, let’s examine what is healthy hair? Healthy hair is hair that performs at its maximum capability without any breakage or tangling. Which means it will have good porosity, elasticity, bounce, and shine. There is no breakage and no split ends. Your best head of hair is gotten from the day you are born until the day something dramatic happens to your hair. Something dramatic could be an accident or an illness or a chemical treatment. Before that happens, your hair would be at its utmost performance.

What Does My Hair Look Like Healthy?

In saying so, one would have to reflect back to what condition was there hair in before such a time Between the time you were born until the time something extreme happens to your hair. Base on this fact, you will then know what your hair should look like and how it should perform when it is in it’s healthiest state. Unfortunately, some people don’t know that, because sometimes chemicals are used or illnesses sets in that change the hair structure from a child. If this is the case, then the only way to know if you have healthy hair is by the hair performance.

How Can I Get Healthy Hair Naturally?

This will be based on what you are putting on the inside of your body as well as the way you are treating your hair on the outside. Are you doing treatments for your hair? Or doing moisturizing treatments for your hair, and also what condition is your hair currently in? Is it chemically treated? Or is it in its natural form? Answers to these questions will determine the health your hair is currently in. If it’s natural, you will take care of it one way and there is a chemical treatment done on the hair, then you would take care of it another way.With a chemical treatment, I would suggest you use a professional to help you with your hair and to help you treat your hair. If you have a chemical service on your hair and you are going into a professional, damages might occur. On the other hand, if your hair is in its natural form, it still needs to be treated, in order keep it nice and healthy for as long as possible.Essations and Naked Cocktail

What Keeps Hair Healthy?

Several things come into play to keep your hair healthy.  Taking vitamins and supplements is one thing. Eating seven to 10 cups of vegetables is also a very good thing. Going to the salon and having a professional doing your hair and on a regular basis is also essential. Especially if you have chemical treated hair. Using professional products in your hair is also very important. If you are doing your hair at home, make sure the products that you are using are professional products and that they are made specifically to your hair type and texture.

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy & Growing?

Your hair can be kept healthy and growing by knowing what the needs of your hair are, and by following those needs for the healthiest form of your hair. So if you have naturally dry hair, then you want to be doing moisturizing conditioners and putting moisture back in the hair on a regular basis. If you have oily hair or scalp that sweats and gets heavy easily, then you should be using the appropriate products to keep the oil from making the hair not function the way it should. If you have chemically treated hair, you want to make sure you’ are going to a professional to treat it, to make sure it stays in its optimum health even though there’s a chemical on it.

Which Foods Are Good For Hair?

Foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins are good for the hair because the hair functions on minerals and vitamins. Vegetables would be a very good thing to eat on a regular basis. Multi-Vitamins would also be great on a regular basis. Collagen Peptides is a great supplement, especially since the body loses collagen as you age. The hair is made up of primary protein so food rich in protein would be at the top of your food list. It is important to be sure that you are getting enough protein in your body to maintain healthy hair. Also to make the hair grows naturally.

How Can I Make My Hair Super Shiny And Healthy?

That will depend upon what you are putting on the inside of your body as well as what is going on on the outside of it. Drinking a lot of water would be a great idea. You need to drink a lot of liquid. Eating a lot of vegetables, to produce water or to produce moisture to the hair. Green leafy vegetables do play a part in having shiny healthy hair. Leave-In treatments are also important because leave in treatments not only detangles the hair, but they also act as a humectant on the hair. What do Humectants do? They attract moisture from the air around us to our hair to create more moisture in the hair shaft. These are some of the ways to make your hair super shiny and healthy.

Habits Of People With Healthy Hair

What does people with healthy hair do, to keep their hair healthy? Well, for one, if their hair is chemically treated, they are doing regular visits to a professional hair salon. Absolutely they would be using professional products at home for sure and taking supplements and vitamins. Also eating a lot of vegetables. Once somebody is on a healthy path, they will obviously follow through with these habits through all areas of their life. This is not always true there are some exceptions. For the most part, I would suggest that people with healthy hair habits are more than likely doing a healthy lifestyle. What you put on the inside is going to come out on the outside of your body.

How To Have Healthy Hair

To have healthy hair on the outside, you need to put lots of healthy things on the inside, so you will have healthy hair coming on on the outside. And if you are going to a salon, the salon would be 50 percent of what is going on with your hair. The other 50 percent is going to be what you do outside of the salon, which is going to be, eating healthy, taking supplements, drinking water, and the products you are using outside of the salon

Rules To Always Follow For Healthy Hair

What are some of these rules?
  • Eating 7 to 10 cups of vegetables daily

  • Drinking 6 to 8 cups of water per day

  • Using professional products in and out of the hair salon

  • If you have a chemical to treated hair, you should be going to a professional, even if you don’t have chemically treated hair, you want to to go into a professional because you want to keep your hair healthy. For non-chemically hair, I would recommend you visit a salon professional at least once per month.

  • Taking Vitamins & Supplements including collagen peptides

  • You also want to make sure your it’s not always in a dry state. If the hair is dry, It’s not going to grow. It’s going to break. If you have dry hair and dry scalp, you want to pay attention to that because that is not going to produce healthy hair It will retard the growth of your hair.

What Are Some Of The Vitamins For Healthy Hair?

Vitamins which are rich in vitamin B, C, D and E. Biotin is good for hair growth but I don’t want you to get caught up with biotin and just get that supplement only. Get a vitamin supplement, because all the vitamins work together to supplement the hair to produce healthy hair. All the vitamins come together to produce maximum health. You want to go to use a good multivitamin. You could ask your doctor to prescribe you one. Also going to a health store and ask them for recommendations. Everything in the body has to function together to give you healthy hair. If everything is not functioning together in the body, you are not going to have healthy hair because if you’ are deficient in something, it’s going to play a role in your hair.

What Foods Gives Healthy Hair?

Lots of protein, green leafy vegetables. This is worth stressing. Vegetables are really good. Sometimes we don’t get all of our vitamins and supplements from the food we eat, so we definitely want to take supplements. Vitamins are important, especially the B group is really, really important. The B group contains so many different vitamins, like thiamin, riboflavin, etc. So you definitely want to take the b group as well as vitamin D and E and also vitamin A.  This is where a good multivitamin supplement comes into play because all these different vitamins are going play a role until your total well being.What is the conclusion? The conclusion is, in order for you to have healthy hair that grows naturally. You are going to have to eat healthily.  Pay attention to your hair to see what is going on with it. You should employ a professional to help you to get the maximum health from your hair. If you have any kind of sickness or illnesses.  Or if you are using prescribed medication that’s going to affect the hair. So you want to make sure you know. What are the side effects of any medication that you might be taking?   For any illnesses that you may have.

How Does Medications Affect Healthy Hair?

If you are taking medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid or cancer. These are some of the big main ones. And also f any kind of heart problem, those tend to have a lot of side effects of hair loss.  If that’s the case that you may want to stay away from putting a chemical in your hair. Because that will cause it to break even more.  I hope this is helpful to help in how to have long healthy hair.   Article Written by Sandy SillsLicensed Cosmetologist Shallamar’s Hair Solutions407 507 3000www.shallamarshairsolutions.com 

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