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How to have beautiful hair is not as difficult as you may think.  It requires just a few things to do and once you start doing them, they become second nature and you too will have beautiful hair sooner than you know it.   There are various minerals and vitamins that the hair needs and we don’t always get this in our daily diet so multi vitamins serves to provide those well needed vitamins.  Also drinking lots of water will help to keep the hair moisturized from the inside out.  Which is the best place to start.  Having beautiful hair will require regular visit to a professional hair salon especially if you have a chemical treatment.  And also more importantly to keep track of the health hair   It is important that if you are wearing a chemical that you get a protein treatment once per month and a moisturizing conditioner every two weeks. A chemical treatment may be a relaxer, a color, highlights etc.  If you have a double process such as a color and highlights or a relaxer and highlights or color then you will need a protein treatment once every two weeks and a moisturizing conditioner once per week.  A protein treatment will be in liquid form and made to go in the hair and you apply heat by a hair dryer or a processing cap for fifteen to twenty minutes.  A moisturizing conditioner will be a creamy conditioner that you will also need to apply heat for fifteen to twenty minutes.   For  beautiful hair you will need to get a hair analysis by a licensed cosmetologist to determine the correct treatment and conditioner to use based on your hair type and the current condition of your hair.   So how to have beautiful hair you ask?   A great way to maintain beautiful hair is also to sleep with a satin cap or on a satin pillow case.  This prevents dryness which sometimes can happen on cotton pillow cases or sheets.  Also rinse hair immediately after taking a swim in the pool or on the beach.  Rinse hair thoroughly and follow up with an instant or leave in conditioner.  Never allow your hair to dry after swimming without rinsing out the chlorine or salt water.  Visit our website to see a copy of our hair care plan.  We invite you to make an appointment for a free hair analysis and get on a hair care plan specific for your hair.   In conclusion it is important that you get a hair analysis before you decide to get any chemical service.  If your hair is too weak, it is best to start a treatment series first before you apply any chemicals.  Keratin treatment is a great way to treat damaged hair.  Since the hair is made up of keratin, this is a great way to restore loss keratin.  Visit our website for more tips or like us on facebook and allow us to show you how to have beautiful hair.

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How To Have Beautiful Hair - Orlando | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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