How to Grow Long Relaxed Hair

This is Sandy from Shallamar’s Hair Solutions.   Today we’re going to be talking about how to grow long, relaxed hair.  Is that possible?  There are quite a few controversies surrounding this topic. Everyone thinks relaxers are so bad for your hair and there’s no way you could grow your hair while also using a relaxer.  How many people agree with that? Okay, so I’ve been doing hair for 20 something years and I know that you could actually have relaxed long hair if it’s done professionally and you follow your professional stylists’ advice, licensed hair stylist advise that is. Now relaxers have become a big controversial topic and there’s a lot of people who wear their hair natural that goes around calling relaxers white crack and all these different kinds of names. What I tell my customers and clients on what I know is relaxers aren’t bad. It’s the misuse of the relaxer that makes it bad or that gives you bad results. There is also nothing wrong with wearing your hair natural or relaxed, but I want you to know that either of them can give amazing results.

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What to Look Out For in At-Home Relaxer Hair Kits

Years ago there used to be a big thing with these kit relaxers, Relaxers like, Just For Me, Gentle treatment, Dark and Lovely, Olive Oil. All of these different relaxers were on the market and all these relaxers are made with calcium hydroxide. That’s one of the reasons why these kits would have this pre-protect in the kit where you were supposed to put that on the hair before you start relaxing the hair. The job of the pre-project is to penetrate the hair shaft to prevent the calcium from the relaxer to penetrate into the hair.You were supposed to apply it from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair before you start relaxing the hair to prevent calcium deposits. Many people, however, did not use these pre-protect solutions so calcium was deposited in the hair shaft.  Most of these relaxers were used at home because they were so readily available. Every beauty supply store had these relaxers. As a result, what was happening was many people were doing their own relaxers at home. Adults were relaxing their hair, their children hair, their baby’s hair.  It became a relaxing party.

Learn About Calcium Hydroxide Relaxers

As you may imagine it was not long later that hair breakage starts to occur and of course who else are you going to blame but the relaxer. What happened in that situation is first, it was calcium hydroxide relaxers, which are not good for your hair unless you are using the pre-protect to prevent calcium deposit in the hair shaft. When you use a calcium hydroxide relaxer,  what it does is it sits on the surface of the hair.  For example when you fry an egg and you put black pepper in the pot, the black pepper  sits on the surface of the egg and does not penetrate into the egg, that is exactly what happens when you use a calcium hydroxide relaxer, so after a few weeks the  hair is  going to look like it was never relaxed and then the calcium  penetrates into the hair shaft, which makes the hair   dry and puffy overtime. After a while when you shampoo, your hair, it becomes just kinky and puffy and you have to really flat iron it with a lot of heat to make it smooth again.  This is  because the calcium makes it puffy and if you keep doing that relaxer over and over again,  it will become more and more calcified and the more and more calcified  it becomes the puffier and kinkier  it’s going to get until it gets to the point where whenever you wet your hair the   ends looks like it was never relaxed.   Can you see this cycle of damaged hair becoming a reality? 

Regular Touch Ups Are Important to Prevent Damaged Hair

Continuous use of this relaxer will lead to nothing but damaged hair. When you relax the roots, the roots look straight on the ends of the hair remains puffy and kinky and then after a few weeks, the roots in the ends remains puffy and dry. That’s the vicious cycle of using calcium hydroxide relaxers. Another thing that happens is people relax their hair and the kid’s hair and everybody’s hair and they don’t follow up with the root touch up. Relaxers are chemicals. There’s no doubt about it.Much like you do a permanent color. It’s a chemical. If you apply the chemical to your hair,  requires a certain amount of treatment to keep the hair nice and healthy and to cause it to grow. If you put a chemical in your hair and ignore it and forget that you have it in there, what’s going to happen is the hair is chemically relaxed. So when your new growth starts to come in, the new growth is not relaxed.  So the new growth is going to be your natural hair and the ends are going to be too relaxed hair.What’s going to happen is as it grows out, the end is going to break away from the roots. And then you’re going to say, the relax is breaking off your hair. The  Relaxer is not breaking off your hair.  What’s happening is your new growth is coming in and you got to do a touch-up relaxer to get it smooth as the ends. That’s one point. Another point is that when you use a chemical in your hair, such as a  relaxer. You’re going to have to treat it. You have to treat your hair to keep that chemical in there. So one of the things you need to do is a protein treatment.  Not a  keratin treatment.     A protein treatment is essential if you’re going to be wearing a relaxer.  The proteins treatment penetrates into the hair shaft and strengthens the cortex layer of the hair to make the hair stronger. 

The Importance Of Protein Treatments When Wearing a Relaxer in Your Hair

Consider a  regular chain, if you have a chain. This same chain is in the cortex layer of the hair where all chemical changes take place.  There are different links on the chain, and the chain is called an amino acid chain. Every time you relax the hair or use any kind of chemical in your hair, the chain gets weak. The chain is made up of amino acid so it’s all protein.  When you put a protein treatment back into the hair, it strengthens the amino acid chain and makes the hair strand itself stronger because when the hair starts to break, it’s going to break from the strands.If you have pieces of strands just all over the place, it means that the hair strand is weak and to get the hair strong again, you need to put protein back in it, so you have to be on a hair care program for relaxed hair.  You got to do protein treatments and it and you have to do moisturizing conditioner.  Moisturizing, conditioners put the moisture back into the hair so that the hair does not dry out.Essations and Naked Cocktail 

Professional Hair Relaxers

If you are going to do a  relaxer to make your thick, bouncy and healthy, strong and still grow while doing a relaxer.  You will need to use a professional relaxing system,  not a  calcium hydroxide type.   You should be using ones with  Lithium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide or Sodium hydroxide depending on the texture and condition of your hair and the sensitivity of your scalp.   You also want to make sure it’s professionally done.You don’t want to stay home and do it yourself. I’ve been doing hair for almost 30 years now.  I would never do a  relaxer on my own hair because I can’t see the back of my hair so I get it professionally done. You have to be in a hair care plan, so you need to do a protein treatment two weeks before and two weeks after the relaxer.  This must come into play.  You also need to do a moisturizing conditioner in between that time.Essations and Naked Cocktail 

Home Care for Damaged Hair from Relaxers

Let’s talk about home remedies for hair care.  When you stay home and you do your mayonnaise and avocado and those kinds of things, those are fine, but the thing is you also need protein treatments and more moisturizing conditioner to uphold the hair.  You also need good finishing products because if the hair gets dry, it’s not going to grow.  It’s not going to be healthy if it is dry. You also will need, you a good multivitamin. That’s always important no matter what.   Whether you have a relaxer or not.  A good multivitamin is good. You also need to be having a lot of green leafy vegetables. That’s also awesome. Drinking a lot of water. That’s great. That’s all about your nutrition.  You have to get and keep your hair healthy.  If you’re going to use a relaxer, you got to make sure you can afford to go to the hair salon every two to three weeks to maintain it.  Maintaining it at home may not give the results you are looking for. 

The Importance Of Regular Salon Visits for Hair

Most professionals will want to see you two weeks before your relaxer, and then two weeks after your relaxer.  Your licensed professional can give you products that you can use at home in between that time.  Make sure you are following directions if you are using these products at home. You could use a moisturizing conditioner at home. Some conditions require heat, so if you have a dryer at home, you could do that.Some conditioners do not require heat. Those are more the instant conditioners.  These conditioners are the ones that just sit for like five minutes. Most of the time if you’re sitting for over 15 minutes, it will require some kind of heat. There’s such a thing as professional and nonprofessional relaxers, if it’s in the beauty supply store and it comes in a kit, you may not want to use that.   You also want to go to a professional to get a consultation on your hair before doing a  relaxer.  This will determine the best relaxer suited for your hair. 

Consultations And Hair Analysis for Hair with Relaxer Damage

Consultations and hair analysis are key things before you do any service whatsoever concerning your hair. So let’s recap. We don’t want to use any lye relaxers on our hair for a relaxer. We want to get professional advice and get it professional analyzed before we get a relaxer.  We definitely want to be on a hair care program. Protein treatments and moisturizing conditioners are important for relaxed hair. And last but not least, we also want to make sure we keep the hair,  trimmed.  We don’t want to use a lot of heat on relaxed hair.  So we can’t be flat iron in every day, that’s just not good.  You should not flat iron your own natural hair every day either. You shouldn’t be using a flat iron every day, but you want to cut down on your heating process. So if you flat iron your hair at the salon, you may want to wrap it to keep it in that shape throughout the course of the week or two weeks before you get back to the salon again. Or You may want to use some heating curlers is fine every now and again, but you don’t want to use too much heat on your relaxed hair because that will also damage it. So I hope you take this advice and just get to a professional salon to get a professional consultation done before you do anything. But it is possible to have long relaxed hair.   Article Written by Sandy SillsShallamar’s Hair Solutions407 507 3000

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How to Grow Long Relaxed Hair | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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