How To Get Your Hair To Grow Longer & Faster

Hi, this is Sandy from Shallamar’s Hair  Solutions.  Today’s topic is going to be how to get your hair longer, faster. Everyone wants to get their hair longer and they are wondering, how do I get my hair longer and I want it to be done really quickly?  The first thing is vitamins. Vitamins are very important in the health of your hair. Remember that your hair is growing from the inside out, so whatever we put inside of our bodies is going to affect everything on the outside of our body, including our hair, so having a multivitamin is important. You could go to your doctor and have he or she prescribe a good multivitamin or you can go to any vitamin store and have them recommend one for you.  I know a lot of people a do  biotin, biotin is good, but you also need additional multivitamins for good hair health Click Here To Schedule  a Complimentary Consultation

I’m Taking Vitamins, Why Isn’t My Hair Growing?

If you were to go on a diet and do not  watch anything that you were  eating and drinking diet soda or I’m going on a diet and only  drink, eight glasses of water each day, but I’m not going to watch anything else that I’m eating and we know that that’s not going to work. Right? So the same thing happens when we only take Biotin. Everything plays into each other. So the first thing would be a good multivitamin. A lot of people like prenatal vitamins. That’s good too, but a good multivitamin is necessary so you could supplement all the nutrients that you’re not getting every day into your regular food.

Focus on What You Eat to Promote Hair Growth

Another thing that you want to consider is eating a lot of vegetables that also has a lot of vitamins in them that we need for the nourishment of our hair and also provides trace elements like magnesium and potassium. We need these trace elements for our hair.  A lot of people focus on protein. Protein is good for the hair and helps with strengthening the hair, but also vitamins and minerals are also needed for the hair to grow.  

Stress Is a Common Reason Your Hair May Not Be Growing Quickly 

Another way to grow your hair faster is not to stress.   Stress does cause hair loss. Menopause also causes hair loss, so if you are a premenopausal or menopausal that will cause hair loss and stress of any kind is going to cause hair loss and if you are predisposed to the DHT hormone, which is an oxygen blocking hormone that will also cause hair loss.  If you’re predisposed to DHT, which is a hormone that blocks oxygen from the hair follicles under stress.    If anyone in your family has thinning hair or bald spots or severe hair loss, that means you might be predisposed to it, and if you’re predisposed to it, that will cause hair loss and that is triggered by stress.So we definitely want to control our stress level. One of the things I tell my customers is,  just find one thing you love to do once a week and do it.   Like going to the beach, going to the park, going to a movie, going out with your girlfriends, whatever. That one thing is, try to do it and that will work for you.  Okay,  let’s talk about hair care products because that’s going to play a role too. What kind of hair care products are you using? Are you using professional hair care products? Are you just going to the beauty supply store and asking the person working there that your hair is dry, what should you use?  Then they’re going to recommend something that may not work because what works for one person may not work for you. And each person’s hair care plan and hair care products needs will differ.

No Matter What I Do, My Hair Doesn’t Seem to Grow

Whether you have natural hair or color treated hair or Keratin, or you have a relaxer or whatever it is that you’re doing, or you have color or highlights or balayage or ombres. What’s going on with your hair? This is going to come in for you to go into a salon and get a professional consultation from a professional hair professional.   Here at Shallamar’s Hair Solutions, we offer complimentary consultations. They’re normally 15 to 20 minutes long. They’re complementary, and we take that time to sit down with you and try to understand what’s going on with your hair.We have a whole hair care package that we use. We will ask you a bunch of questions and we are writing these answers down,  so we can relate to finding out what’s really going on with your hair and help you to treat the root problem, to get it to grow faster.  That’s going to be important, and getting a professional consultation to find out what hair care products you need to use both in the salon and also at home.  What you don’t want to do is get a  professional hair consultation,  then get a  professional haircare service done, and then go to the beauty supply store and get some other products and use that in your hair because that is not going to complement what the stylist or the professional cosmetologist is trying to do.

Proper Hair Care Takes Time and Consideration

First, you get a consultation to listen to what they’re telling you.  Just as you would listen to your doctor. Listened to the products you need to take home that is being recommended to use at home and try to follow that regime.  A lot of times people damage their hair and then they’re looking for a quick fix. That’s much like gaining 20 pounds over a course of time and want to lose it within a month because I’m guilty of that so I know what, that feels like.  The hair works the same way. Anything that we do to our body, any damaging effect that we do to our body, it takes time to build it back to where we want it to be, so you need to stick to a hair care regime and stick to the haircare products that will cover that regime. Next thing is you need to go into hair care plan.

What is a Hair Care Plan?

This comes after getting a hair care consultation. Where professional stylists who go over with you all the things that you should be doing or not doing to your hair. They’ll put you on a  haircare treatment plan, which we do in our salon and once we put you on a hair care treatments plan. Then we tell you whether you’re going to be in a weekly planner, biweekly plan, a monthly plan. We work your budget and I’ll often you can actually come into the salon to get the service done. In the meantime, when we’re not seeing you in the salon, we are recommending and retailing to you, the products you will need to use at home to maintain this. So let’s just summarize this first, need to have a good multivitamin,  and you got to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, a lot of vegetables to supplement all the vitamins and minerals that you will need for hair growth.Then you need to go to a professional salon to get professional advice on what hair care products you should be using.  Then you need to be in a haircare plan based upon what you’re trying to do with your hair. Now I know a lot of people that wear their hair naturally and there’s nothing going on with it. Thinks,  well, my hair is natural. I will need to see a professional. Sometimes you do.   Sometimes you do because the hair changes as you age and especially if you’re a premenopausal, menopausal.

Consider What Medication You Are Taking – It Could be Preventing Hair Growth

If you have any kind of issues if you’re taking any kind of medication that’s going to affect the hair growth as well. And there are certain things you should not do to your hair if you’re on certain medication.   Medication for blood pressure, medication for diabetes, medication for thyroid, any kind of medication for cancer.These medications work against your hair. And there are certain things that just should not do. If you’re taking certain medications they just don’t work together.  What I would advise you to do is whenever you get a prescription or medication from your doctor, you should probably try to go to Google, for the most part, Google the medication’s name. See if there isn’t a chat group regarding that medication, see if there are any side effects. Ask, your doctor. Sometimes they’ll tell you, sometimes they don’t. So that’s why I prefer Google because I know my clients will tell me that the doctor said that will make me lose my hair, but then I need it for my illness. The doctor’s concern is to cure or lessen your symptoms.

The Bottom Line: Visit a Professional for any Hair Damage

Not necessarily to help you with your hair. Because their thing is to take care of your body so they don’t care if your hair fall off, so you got to be careful with that.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t take the medication. I’m just saying be careful of what medication you’re using to know what is or not working with your hair.   Maybe some medication you can’t do chemicals in your hair because it’s going to make it fall out.   Maybe certain medications. you can’t do certain things to your hair because it would make it drier because it might be a drying effect on the hair. So a lot of things comes into play. So the one thing that you will need to do is you should go to a professional salon, get a professional consultation on your hair, professional hair analysis.   Find out what’s going on with your hair, follow the advice of that professional. And that will surely get you started in growing your hair longer and faster. 

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How To Get Your Hair To Grow Longer & Faster | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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