How To Find The Correct Hair Extension Texture?

Hair extensions, how can I find my correct texture and color?  

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What are the Various Hair Textures?

How to find the correct hair extension texture is important for a flawless look.  There are various textures of hair extensions on the market these days. We have straight hair, curly hair, deep wavy hair, relaxed straight hair, kinky straight hair, body wave hair loose wavy, to name a few. So there are all these different kinds of hair textures for hair extensions on the market and finding the correct hair texture will determine how natural your hair extensions will look, especially if you’re leaving some of your own hair out.So if you’re doing hair extensions and leaving some of your own hair out, you want to make sure you get the correct texture and color so the hair flows correctly. If you don’t have the correct texture, then you’re not going to get that exact look. If you’re doing hair extensions and you’re not leaving any of your hair out then it really doesn’t matter. You can switch the texture. You can switch the color because everything is in.

What if I Have Curly Hair? 

However, if you’re doing hair extensions and you’re leaving hair out, then we’re going to have to match the color and texture. It is very difficult at times to match curl patterns because everybody’s curl pattern is different. Everybody has a unique curl pattern. A curl pattern in each person’s hair is almost like your fingerprints. No two curl pattern will be the same. We could use the various hair extension curl pattern for similar people, but your own curl texture is going vary from another person’s curl pattern. The hardest hair to match up is when it comes to a different form of curls because we have so many different curls on the market.

What are the Different Kinds of Curls?

We have deep wavy, we have Italian curly, we have loose wavy, we have kinky curly, we have ocean waves, then ocean curly. All these different kinds of curl pattern and if we want to blend the hair extensions curl pattern with your curl pattern, we have to find a hair texture closest to your curl pattern, that’s going to require a consultation.You may have to go in for a consultation to determine what’s going to be your curl pattern, especially if you’re trying to determine a curl pattern and you’ll also want to wear a particular color. Let’s say you want red curly hair because you have red curly hair. You might not be able to walk into a store and get that immediately. That’s something that might have to be custom ordered. We do different custom ordering all the time in our salon because it’s sometimes very difficult to just have a particular texture work for someone. Especially when you’re leaving hair out. When you are leaving hair out we have to match for texture and color. The two must match for a flawless outcome. One of the things that you could do though, you could create a highlight effect.

How do I Match My Hair Color and Texture?

So let’s say you had red curly hair. You could do red curly hair and then you could do auburn or blonde highlights. So you could use two different color pattern on the hair extension to give you a more natural look. Let’s say you had dark curly hair and you wanted some highlights and you were going to do some hair extensions. Well, that’s great because you could use a dark curly hair as the base color and then we could use another lighter color, whatever that color is, red, auburn, blonde or browns, whatever it is to create that highlight effect, and that would make it even better.The problem becomes when you have a hair color on your hair. When you are coloring your hair and you have a hair color already existing on your hair and you’re trying to match that hair color on your hair with hair extensions, that becomes a little bit tricky because not all the time you could use the same color that you’re using on your hair to color in the hair extensions to get the same result or color.In our salon what we do is, we try to order as close as possible to the color of your own hair, and then if possible we tweak it with toners or colors to get the exact look. It is best to order the exact color if possible from the suppliers because when they do it, they maintain the integrity of the hair better. You can also color the hair, but when you color the hair your self, you may lose some of the integrity of the hair, no matter how good the hair is. If the hair is pure human then it will be just like coloring pure human hair. Care must be taken not to lose the integrity of the hair. It is better to have the supplier color the hair so you don’t lose too much integrity from the hair

How do I Find The Correct Hair Color For My Hair Extensions?

The hair can also be professionally colored, but sometimes a hair supplier is able to find a hair donor with the same hair color and if that’s the case then why mess with colors? So that’s why its good to go as close as possible to the hair color. Hair suppliers sometimes have different donors that donate their hair, or people who sell their hair. Some of these donors or hair sellers are in Cambodia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, to name a few places. Sometimes they might find the color, sometimes they may not. If the hair is coming from Europe like France or other Europian countries, they may be able to find certain browns or blondes in that color.

What is the Role of Color and Textures When it Comes to Hair Extensions?

Color and texture are going to play a part in creating the perfect hair extension look, especially for curly hair. Straight hair not so much because you could find different kinds of form of straight hair easier than curly hair. You could find. fine. medium, or coarse straight hair textures. You could also find different form of straight hair, curly and wavy hair. Curly and wavy hair can be problematic because everybody has a different wave pattern and everybody has a different curly pattern and you want to make sure in doing hair extensions, you are blending textures as close as possible.You don’t want to have like tight curls in your own hair and use loose curls for your extension because that’s not going to give you the look that you’re looking for. So to hair extensions is going to play a role, the texture of your hair plays a great role in having realistic, free-flowing, beautiful hair extensions that blending in with your own hair seamlessly. It’s very important for you to go into it for a consultation with a licensed cosmetologist to see how closely they will be able to blend your hair to find the correct texture for your hair extensions.Article Written bySandy SillsLicensed CosmetologistMaster HairstylistShallamar’s Hair Solutions 407 507 3000 

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How To Find The Correct Hair Extension Texture? | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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