How To Buy Human Hair Online

How To Buy Human Hair For Hair Extensions Online

First, let’s examine what is human hair? Human hair is hair that is taken from a human being’s body, which means somebody donated their hair or sold their hair. Or they cut their hair for religious reasons and that hair is sold or given away. This is where we get human hair from. There are different forms of human hair. There are

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Remy Human Hair

Remy human hair means that the cuticles are intact. All the cuticles are going in the same direction. So that would eliminate the hair from being tangled. And it’s also a human hair. So it’s Remy human hair. This means human hair that all the cuticles are going in the same direction This hair is processed, steamed or may be altered.

Virgin Human hair

Virgin human hair means the hair is completely unprocessed. Which means somebody sold their hair, donated their hair or the hair was taken from a human being, by whatever source. This hair is completely unprocessed. There are no chemicals, steaming processing, or color. This is completely pure 100 percent human hair. The hair bundles should be coming from the same person but that is not always the case. With virgin human hair if you’re buying a bundle, you would assume that that bundle came from the same person’s head, however, sometimes they have a bunch of hair, that is taken from various people and the hair is all mixed up together. This hair is then used to create various bundles. Not necessarily only coming from one donor from one person. This would also explain the difference in prices for various bundles of hair.

Raw Human Hair

Raw human hair means this hair is taken directly from someone’s head and it is not processed at all. It’s completely raw and in its own natural form. Nothing at all was done to it. The difference between raw and virgin human hair is virgin means. It’s unprocessed and raw means the same thing. However, raw means that just as just cut and sold or donated immediately. Most of the time the word raw means it’s coming from one donor. That word is used to dictate or imply that this is raw human hair coming from one person.Virgin, human hair implies the same thing, but that’s not necessarily the case all the time. Sometimes different hair gets bunched up together from different people. Meaning when you get a bundle of virgin human hair, that bundle is not necessarily from one person.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are used to add hair to our own hair to create length, volume or to create a different look, color, or a different style. That’s what hair extensions are. Hair extensions are placed in the hair by different techniques. They could be sewn in, taped in, glued in, clip in or linked in. There are different forms of hair extension. This is where we are using other hair that’s not our hair, to connect to our own hair , to create length, volume, or a different look.

How Do I Choose A Reputable Company To Buy Hair Online?

How do you choose that? I always say for reputable hair companies are going to have reviews. You can’t always trust the reviews because different competitors is going to abuse other companies reviews. So we must find out how reputable the company is.
  • What kind of hair are they selling?

  • What is their representation online?

  • If you are buying it from a company online. What does the website look like?

  • How much information can you truly get from this company?

  • Do they just have a bunch of hair in different pricing or do they give you any kind of details or information as to where their hair came from?

  • How do they get their hair

   If it is a salon, most professional hair salons are going to sell good quality hair because they are trying to build a clientele base. They are not just trying to sell hair. They are providing the service as a support of the services, but they’re going to be trying to sell bad hair. This could easily ruin their reputation has a hair salon. They’re going to want you to keep coming back every time you need to hair extensions. So salons typically have better hair. The companies you’re going to be leery of or the companies who are online, with no physical address that you can go to. Especially companies out of the country. Not because the company has a big name or they advertise a lot mean that they have good quality hair. Right?Sometimes you could ask for a sample. Ask the company to send you a sample of their hair so you can see the quality. And also feel what the hair feels like. That way you would be able to tell if you want to purchase hair from that company. Those are some of the ways you can find a reputable company.

What Do I Look For Before I Buy Hair Online?

  • What do you look for before you buy? So you are online and there is a lot of companies online selling hair.

  • How do you choose which one to use?

  • What do you need to know before you buy?

  • You need to first of all, again, look at the representation of the company.

  • What information are they giving you on their website?

  • Are they just telling you to buy this bundle of hair at this great sale price?”

  • Or are they giving you information on their hair?

  • Is there any information, as to how to take care of the hair?

  • Are they telling you the best practices after you purchase, this particular hair?

  • How is it going to work?

  • What do I do to better take care of it?

  • Can I color it and if I color it, what are some of the things I should do, once the hair is colored

If you are purchasing from a hair salon. The professionals will tell you this information. If it’s an online company, then you need to get this information, because once you purchase it, Who is going to give you this information? What are you going to do to take the best care of the hair you just purchased online? How are you going to know anything?Is it possible to speak with someone from the company to get any details? Do they offer a forum where you could ask questions like through an email or chat? Those are some of the ways to find out the kind of company that you are dealing with. These are also questions to keep in mind before you choose the company you will be purchasing hair from online.

Should I Buy My Hair From A Salon or Hair Company?

I’m going to say buy from a salon. Why? Because a professional salon, again is going to have your best interest in mind. They are not just trying to make a buck on the hair. They want you to buy the hair from them and they want you to do the service from them. So obviously if you buy hair from them and they’re installing it, they’re going to want, to make sure that you will be coming back to them. If anything goes wrong. You will be able to contact them. Right? So they’re going to want to have better quality hair. If you’re buying from a company, now you got to do some research. How reputable is the company in the hair sale world?If you buy the hair and the hair is not the best quality, are you able to contact that same company and say, listen, I bought some hair from you and it’s not working out? What are they going to do or what is their return policy? Are you able to return the hair if you have a problem? Is that a possibility? Most companies are not going to allow you to return the hair once you open it because of hygiene reasons. However, what are there return policy? Are they going to send you an additional pack of hair or make up for it in some way, If you don’t like your purchase? Those are some of the things to consider.

What about Online Hair Reviews?

A lot of companies are going to send hair for people to review. As a matter of fact, there are people, who actually seeks out hair companies because they’re trying to get free hair. So they seek out these hair companies to send them their hair so that they could review it. This way they could get a free human hair to install in their own hair.You will have to be leery on this because some of these reviews that are on you-tube doesn’t necessarily tell you the true story. Remember that the companies have given these people hair for free. So if you get hair for free from a company, you more than likely is not going to say bad things about their hair. Because then they’re not going to send you any more free hair. Right? So be leery of that. I would say ask around or other people who have used that company hair or who have a company that they use and love. Ask them the following questions. 
  • Do you go to a salon that supplies hair?

  • What has being your experience?

  • Do you purchase hair online?

This will give you a better picture as opposed to relying on the reviews that people are getting free hair and then reviewing it. If someone’s going to give you something for free and you’re going to review it, how useful would that information really be? So be careful of that as well.

Tell Tale Signs Of A Good Hair Company

What are some of the tell-tale signs? They are going to have a lot of information on their website. They’re going to give you the do’s and the don’ts of what to do and how to take care of the hair. They will also give you an opportunity to send email or comments to ask questions. If it’s a hair salon, then it is a different thing because you can naturally call them if it’s a local company. Local companies are reachable. You could call them and speak with them versus companies that are out of the country, I mean completely out of the USA. It’s going to be hard for you to talk to them, to return anything to them. You would probably be doing emails that could be ignored. You will need to pay attention to that as well.

How Many Bundles Of Hair Is Needed For My Hair Extensions?

It depends upon what you are looking for. Most of the time. two bundles are sufficient. These days most people want up to three bundles, so I’m going to say two to three bundles should be fine. That should give you enough hair if you are doing sew-ins. For clip in or tape ins, you may need a pack or two. And another thing is, it depends upon how much hair is in that package.Most packages should have 3.5 ounces or 100 grams per pack. I’ve seen packages with 50 grams, and others with one ounce of hair per pack. So it depends. The typical package should have 3.5 ounces or 100 grams of hair. For those typical packages, you’d need two to three bundles are two, three packs. Also remember that the longer the hair, the less width you are going to have in each pack. If you’re going over 20 inches, you’ll probably need three packs. Especially if you are using up to 24 or 26 inches or longer. If that is the case, you will need at least three packs.

How Many Ounces In A Typical Pack Of Hair?

Typically, a bundle or package is going to have 3.5 ounces or 100 grams of hair. When it comes to tape in hair, I’ve seen where they put an ounce or 50 grams of hair. And if that’s the case, if it’s 50 grams, you’re going to need at least four packs because 50 grams means you need 2 of those packs to make a typical pack. In that case, you will need at least two if you are using a typical pack and four if using a 50-gram pack. Especially if you’re going over 20 inches, again, you’re going to need at least four packs If it’s 50 grams per pack.

What To Look For Before I Purchase Human Hair Online?

You definitely want to look for some before and afters of probably hair that they have done before. Again, you want to look to see, how can you communicate with the company you are buying from online. If it’s a hair salon or a local company, you’re going to have a better dialogue with them. If they have a stylist on staff, that would be great, because the stylist would probably be able to give you some information. Especially if the stylist specializes in hair extensions. They will be able to give some information has to what goes on with the hair.Can you color it, how much times can you color it? A lot of companies will say the hair can be colored but don’t say how many times it can be colored. Or what other chemical treatments you can use on the hair.You want to make sure you know how much coloring, you could do because if the hair is true human, it may not be able to take too much coloring. .If it’s pure human hair you could damage it from too many chemical treatments. Just like, you could damage your own hair on your head. Right?

What Companies Should I Trust For Hair Purchase Online?

I would say a company that you probably did business with before. If you have never done business with them, maybe you know, someone who has. They may have reviews on their own website. Again, you’ve got to be leery of the you tube reviews because these people are getting hair for free and then they are reviewing them and now I don’t think they’re going to say bad things about hair that they get for free.

What is Hair Guarantee?

Sometimes some companies will send you samples of hair so you could touch and feel it. Sometimes you’re buying the hair online, but they may have a local story you could actually go into and actually get a chance to touch the hair. Feel the hair, see what the hair feels like. You also have to pay attention to their return policy. But this is the guarantee. Are they guaranteeing you good hair or not? Those are some things you’ve got to pay attention to before you purchase hair online.

Salons That Sells Human Hair Online

Our salon does sell hair online. Our customers love our hair. We do offer samples of hair ourselves. Our hair can be colored. Coloring is recommended several times based on what color is being used. We only sell virgin unprocessed human hair. We’ve been using the same supplier for a very long time, so we know, the quality of hair we are selling. You need to know the hair you are buying online. Understand the difference between virgin unprocessed hair, Remy hair, and just basic human hair because if it’s just basically a human hair it means is the hair from a human, but it may have been mixed with something else which will give you a different result.Article Written By Sandy SillsLicensed Cosmetologist Shallamar’s Hair Solutions 407 507 3000www.shallamarshairsolutions.com

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