Holiday Hair Care Tips

Holiday Hair Care Tips

Holiday hair care tips will be necessary as the holidays are coming up and we all want to know what are some of the best hair care tips to take care of our hair during the holidays. How can we take care of our hair without causing any damages? While still having nice, cute hairstyles during the holiday season. The season, of course, includes all holidays celebrated this time of the year. The holiday season also brings about our meeting with family members we have not seen in a while, and we want to look our best at these family gatherings. So first, let’s talk about

Holiday Hair Care Products

What are some of the hair care products we could use for the holidays? Well, we’ll definitely want to use products that are moisturizing. If you live in a colder state like New York or New Jersey, then you know, your hair will tend to get dry during the holidays or winter months. And if you live in a state like Florida, then you know it’s still hot and humid. And even though it’s not as humid, this time of the year, you still want to make sure you are using hair care products that are going to deal with that situation for you. So your hair care products should include moisturizing conditioners and leave in treatments has a must have.  These holiday hair care tips are essential for bouncy manageable hair

Holiday Hair Care Packages

They have a lot of different cute packages designed for the holiday season which would include these products. Joico is a company that always have great products in their holiday packages. They create different packages for different hair types. They offer a dry hair package, a curly hair package, one for colored treated hair, high light blondes to name a few. So I definitely like Joico o hair care kits for the holidays. You can pick up a Joico hair care kit from your favorite professional hair salon. And base upon your hair care need, you can get the kit that is right for you.The devacurl product line also comes up with a lot of different hair care products during the holiday season. They offer different hair care kits for different hair types. Each kit is going to have all the items you will need for a particular hair type that the kit is designed for. Make sure you are getting the correct kit based on your particular hair type. DevaCurls products are only sold in a professional hair salon. I would suggest getting a consultation before deciding what kit would be right for you. In talking to various customers regarding DevaCurl, they state that sometimes the DevaCurl products did not work for them. Upon further investigation or consulting with them, I realize that they were not using the correct kit for their hair type. So always remember that each DevaCurl kit, when you’re buying a DevaCurl kit, each one is made for particular hair type.The DevaCurl Kits comes in

Super Curly DevaCurl Kit

Body Wave DevaCurl Kit

Wavy Hair DevaCurl Kit

Straight Hair DevaCurl Kit

Curly Hair DevaCurl Kit

If you are going to buy a DevaCurl kit they typically have a picture of a model on the kit and that model always represent what those products are for in that kit. So compare your hair to the model on the kit that you are purchasing and if the model hair matches your hair type then that would be the correct kit for you. For example, if they have a model on the kit with super curly hair, and you have super curly hair then that kit would be the correct DevaCurl kit for you. If you are traveling, if you are traveling for the holidays, these kits are actually really good because it makes it easier to travel with all the essential items you will need.  These are some of the essential for our holiday hair care tips suggestions. They also come in travel sizes or you can pour them in travel size bottles that you can easily pick up in stores like Walmart. Let’s talk about

Products For Frizzy Hair On Holiday.

When you are on holidays and you have frizzy hair that is not too much fun. So a DevaCurl kit will be a good one to use. DevaCurll also has various gels, creams and finishing products on their line of hair care products. You could also any of those to control frizz. Another thing, you could consider if you have frizzy hair is getting a Keratin treatment or a Hair Botox treatment or a Hair Plastic Surgery Treatment to take you through the holidays. These are great treatments, especially if you are going away to an island for the holiday, let’s say you are going to Jamaica or the Bahamas for the holiday and you don’t want to deal with frizzy hair. These treatments would be the perfect solutions. They give a wash and go hair with great manageability and absolutely no frizz.These treatments typically last anywhere from two to five months based upon which one you choose. So this would be a great idea to get these treatment done, to completely control frizzy hair. Also, remember that these treatments can also be used on your hair extensions and also on your wigs. If you have a lace wig or hair extensions and you want to completely control the hair, then you can also consider getting a Keratin, Botox or a Hair Plastic Surgery over the holiday. These treatments will last the same period of time on your hair extensions or wigs as it would on your own hair.

Holiday Hair Ideas

Some of the hair ideas for the holidays would include using different holiday decorated clips to compliment your hairstyles. If you are wearing a pin-up hairstyle, then you can place various clips in the hair to give a festive look. These beautiful fancy clips are great for the holiday season. You can also wear your hair half up and half down and use these clips to wear it half up. Also combing your hair over to one side and using a festive clip to hold it in place is also a great idea. Also, you can put these clips in the front of your hair for a great comb back hairstyle. You can also color coordinator your clothing color with your hair color for the holiday season.

Summer Holiday Hair

Summer holiday hair is styling your hair to a summer style or if you are in a summer climate for the holidays, you want to have a nice summer festive look. So if you are in Florida or if you are in parts of California, or in the island or going to the island, as we discussed earlier, then you are going want to have products suitable for summer. Here again, you could do something like an Express Keratin Hair Treatment. This last four to six shampoos. So let’s say you are going to an Island for two weeks. An Express Keratin Treatment would be a great way to control the frizz and control your hair while you are away for those two weeks. Maybe you are going on a cruise, that will also work.  These holiday hair care tips are sure to give you the hair that you are always wanted. 

Holiday Express Hair Treatments

There is also something called an Express Hair Plastic surgery, which lasts 6 to 8 shampoos based on how often you are shampooing your hair. So you could do an express hair plastic surgery or an express Keratin Treatment. This is a great choice for an island for the holidays, and you want to control frizz and you don’t want it to react to the humidity and you also want to control and manageability. These treatments give a wash and go hair. Especially if you have curly hair. The DevaCurl styling products are also great for any kind of summer vacation because they will help to control your hair, especially if it’s frizzy and curly or have any curl pattern that needs to be controlled.

Hair Products For Beach Holiday

We spoke about some hair products earlier, and for the beach, we want to do all frizz free products. Mizani has a great leave-in treatment, which s great for detangling and to keep the hair nice and soft. It is a great product to spray in the hair before you go swimming. One key note is to make sure your hair is tangle free before you go swimming, especially if you are wearing hair extensions. So you know, when you are on holiday, and you go swimming a lot. Especially if you are on the island or you are in a nice climate is swimming is possible during the holidays, make sure you are detangling your hair very frequently or using detangler like Mizani to prevent tangling or matting. Be sure to spray the Mizani Leave-In Treatment in your hair before you swim and also after you are finished swimming.If you have a Keratin Treatment, Hair Botox or Hair Plastic Surgery in your hair and you are going to go swimming. You want to wet your hair up first before you swim. Once you are finished swimming, you want to make sure you use the appropriate shampoo to wash your hair.

Hair Items To Bring On Holidays

Nowadays they have a lot of different traveling equipment that you could bring with you and the items are quite easy to travel with. There is a portable hairdryer and this portable hair dryer also have a car charger. You could actually charge it in your car if you have no electric outlets. It comes with a diffuser and an air flow control all in travel size. This helps tremendously has the blow dryers in the hotel rooms don’t really do much. The ones that have the cruise ship are completely too the small. There is also a portable flat and curling irons that also comes with a car charger. So you could actually charge the flat or curling iron, bring it with you and you can use it up to four to six hours before you need to recharge it. They also give the options to style your hair anywhere, including right on the beach. How cool is that option? Wherever you are going, you could just do a few final touches or if you are in a hotel, that does not have a big enough blow dryer or someone else is using the one supplied.

Holiday Hair Treatments

What are some hair treatments we could do on Holiday or prepare for the Holiday? Well, they are different hair cocktails that we encourage our customers to get done before they go on holidays. you want to make sure you are doing protein treatments as this will strengthen your hair up before you go. Moisturizing conditioners are also a great way to prevent dry hair. Both options are great for the holidays to strengthen and prevent dryness for your hair.Both working together will greatly help while you are away. We also discussed the Keratin treatment, Hair Plastic Surgery, and Hair Botox, which are great treatments to get for the holidays. These treatments create a wash and go hair so that means fewer times fussing with your hair and more time having fun. They make the hair more manageable. We also discussed The Express Keratin treatment and also an express Hair Plastic Surgery treatment that you can also do. What this will do, is to control the hair for up to eight shampoos based on which option you choose. Following these holiday hair care tips will help you enjoy your holidays even more. The Mizani Leave-In Treatment, which is absolute, the best detangler, will leave the hair soft and detangled. Also, there are various leave in treatment available for the Keratin, hair plastic surgery or Hair Botox so if you get any of these treatments, it is a great idea to use the leave in treatments available for these treatments. You will not need Mizani if you use these treatments as the hair will already be soft and manageable.

Holiday DevaCurl Hair Kits

I love the DevaCurl treatment systems for curly or wavy hair. These products control curly hair, frizzy, or body wave hair type. It gives, a completely nice natural look and you don’t have to deal with your hair that much. And the other thing is if you have super curly hair, and you did the Keratin, botox or hear plastic surgery and it loosened up your curl pattern, which is what typically happens when you use these treatments on that hair type. The DevaCurl finishing products would be a good finishing product line to use in conjunction with that. So once you have the Keratin, hair plastic surgery, or hair botox in your hair, and you could go ahead and use the DevaCulrl finishing products.Remember that we said each kit is for a different hair type. So make sure you are reading the kit before you purchase or get a consultation to make sure you are getting the correct kit for your hair. Remember to match your hair with the model on the kit to be on the safe side. If the model on the box has your hair type then that would be the kit to get. Also, consult with your licensed cosmetologist to decide what products would work best for your hair.   I hope you found these holiday hair tips helpful.Article Written By Sandy SillsLicensed CosmetologistShallamar’s Hair Solutions407 507 3000www.shallamarshairsolutions.com   

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