Hair Detox: UNDO THE DAMAGE AND GET HEALTHIER HAIR The are many different kinds of hair treatments, from straightening to coloring and beyond, that can cause damage to the hair and to the scalp. This damage is often treated with a conditioner or even a deep conditioning treatment. Although these treatments are beneficial to the hair, they do nothing for the scalp, and add to the buildup of materials on the scalp itself. The answer is a hair detox treatment in Orlando.botox-hair-treatmentUnlike hair, the scalp is a living part of the body. As such, just like the skin, it can show negative effects from having the surface covered in products. Some of the most common negative effects from product buildup on the scalp are dry, flaky skin on the scalp, dull, lifeless hair or a decreased rate of growth for the hair itself. Shampoo alone cannot effectively remove the buildup of products on the scalp. In order to get the scalp back into shape and improve the look and feel of the hair overall, a hair detox is required. The products used in a hair detox are designed to products the hair while deeply cleansing the scalp.hair-replacement-orlandoThe first step in most hair detox processes is to treat the hair with a hair protein. This protein coats the hair strands to protect them from the deep cleaning astringents that are used in the hair detox. This product is designed to nourish the hair as well as protect it, all without the residue that is sometimes left after other conditioning treatments. Once the hair is effectively protected, the actual hair detox can begin. Green juice, which includes chlorophyll, is applied to the hair. This juice detoxifies the scalp, removing all the residue from previous hair treatments. It can reduce or prevent the oiliness and flaking common to scalps that have not been detoxified, and it works as a toner for the skin of the scalp, stimulating new hair growth. This is the heart of the hair detox treatment in Orlando. Following the scalp detox step, the hair is treated with special multi-nutrients to restore any missing nutrients from the hair and to strengthen and repair the hair, including rebuilding the DNA if it is damaged. This results in stronger, healthier, and more attractive hair overall.hair-replacement-orlandoAfter this step, the hair is shampooed and conditioned as usual, but using specially formulated shampoo and conditioners that are designed to support the detox process and provide cleansing and conditioning effects without leaving the residues the hair detox just removed. The hair detox treatment in Orlando is designed to provide a deep cleaning to the scalp and hair, removing all the residues from previous products and treatments. This produces a healthier scalp and facilitates faster growth of shiny, healthy hair.
Hair Detox: Undo The Damage And Get Healthier Hair

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