Hair Weave vs Hair Extensions

Hair weaves and hair extensions both involve attaching artificial or human hair to achieve a certain look, but they’re not the same thing. In fact, you’ll find plenty of differences between these two styles. If you’re looking into getting either of these in the Orlando, Florida area, consider the following points to help pick between a weave or extension.

Weaves Are Sewn Into Braids

A weave is a type of hair extension. It uses braiding and fixes the hair into place with a needle and thread. Other types of extensions attach the hair strand by strand, but a weave sews wefts of human or artificial hair into a person’s real braids. The hair can then be colored, textured, or styled, with weaves intended to last up to two months.

Hair Weaves Require Braiding

With a weave, the new hair is braided into place. This can be time-consuming and pricier than other extension options. Regardless of which type of extension you pick, you’ll have to continue maintaining the condition of your natural hair. If you have a particular style you want to achieve or plan on changing your hair color, ask your Orlando stylist which kind of extension will work best.

Hair Extensions Use a Needle and Thread, Glue, or Tape 

Though the sewing method is a type of extension, you have other options for affixing hair as well. The hair may also be glued, taped, or attached using another type of adhesive.

Types of hair extensions:

  • Interlock
    • A revolutionary braid-less sew-in technique to attach hair extensions to your natural hair without using braids and glue. In this technique, professionals sew every raw carefully to give a smooth, even look.
    • Good for spots where hair is thinning or balding.
  • Micro Links
    • Also known as I-tips, Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, and Microbead.
    • Experts use metal or plastic microbeads and a tool to loop natural hair with hair extensions.
    • Last up to 6 months
    • Giving you the freedom to move your hair freely like “real” hair
  • Keratin Extensions
    • Also known as U-tips, Fusion and Hot Fusions Hair Extension technique.
    • Keratin, a fiber protein which is already available in real hair is used to attach an extension to your own hair. It is melted to install hair extensions; it becomes harder when it calms down.
    • They can be worn day and night for several months.

Revisit Your Stylist for Maintenance

Regardless of whether you pick a weave or another type of extension, you’ll need to take care of your hair and revisit your stylist for maintenance. Come back every two to three weeks for conditioning and to touch up the extensions.Which style do you think could work for you? Weaves and all other extensions have pros and cons in addition to unique care needs. Go over your options with your stylist at Shallamar’s Hair Solutions, and find a style that achieves the look you’re after.

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Hair Weave vs Hair Extensions

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