Hair Plastic Surgery – What Is It?

What is hair plastic surgery?      It’s a big word. Is it about performing surgery on your hair? Not at all, but it’s a new system. It’s not really new. Its a few years old. It’s made by a company called Fios in Brazil. There is no formaldehyde. Let’s discuss what this procedure entails. Hair Plastic surgery was designed for people that are looking to control. Their hair without the use of any chemicals. There are no chemicals in this whatsoever, which means you can still color your hair if you’d like. You can still have highlights, you can still do your root touch-ups as well as relaxers with the hair plastic surgery, it’s not a chemical.If you’re looking to control your hair because it’s too curly or it’s still frizzy. Or if you are looking to cut down your blow-dry time by about 50 percent? Or if you’re a transition to grow out your relaxer and revert back to your natural hair or if you have children and it’s hard for you to control their hair because it’s either multicultural hair type or it’s just too frizzy or it’s still kinky or whatever the situation is. The hair plastic surgery would be good for that.What is hair plastic surgery? What it does it do? It goes in the hair and works primarily in the cuticle and cortex layer to pull down your natural curl pattern to make it straighter and more manageable. It will not take away all your curls, so if you have curly hair, what it will do is loosen your curl pattern to make your hair more manageable. The curls become looser, especially if they have tight curls. If you have straight hair and you use the hair plastic surgery, it will prevent it from being frizzy. It will give it more smoothness. It also gives it more nutrients, there are also nutrients in the hair plastic surgery. There’s a product called Acai berry that’s very beneficial to the hair it also has acetine which is also very beneficial to the hair. It has amino acid. which builds the amino acid chain links in the CORTEX, layer of the hair, and it also has different vitamins and minerals essential for the growth and the bounce and the thickness and the volume of your hair.hair plastic surgeryNow, let’s talk about this a little bit deeper. If you’re looking to do a hair color, or if you’re a due for a root touch up or if you’re going to do highlights or if you’re going into a full color, if you are going to do any of that stuff or relaxer, you would want to do that prior to doing the hair Plastic surgery. You can do it on the same day of the hair plastic surgery, but you want to do it before you put the hair plastic surgery in. Now, once you do that, you can do the hair plastic surgery. If you are due for a root touch up while you have the hair plastic surgery, you could do that. The hair plastic surgery lives in the hair longer than the Keratin is the hair botox. It lives in hair length. And it last in the hair about three to four months. You could do a color over it, like a root touch up over it and it won’t take too much of it out. You definitely don’t want to do a full head of highlights or a full head of color while it’s in there because even though it will still live in the hair it will take a good percentage out of it.You can do your color root touch up while the Hair Plastic Surgery is in, it won’t take out as much as most Keratin treatment, assuming the Keratin Treatment does not have formaldehyde. Well, most keratin treatment, you could do a root touch up on, but you will lose a lot of the treatment during the process, more than the Hair Plastic Surgery. Some people are able to keep the treatment in their hair for up to five months based on how often they are shampooing and if they are getting chemical treatments done while the treatment is in. It also depends upon how often you’re shampooing your hair. If you’re shampooing your hair a lot, the more you shampoo the more it will come out but it will generally last up to 4 months. You should also budget for the home care products that you will need when you do the hair plastic surgery. It comes with a certain shampoo and conditioner that you use at home if you are shampooing at home as well as a mask and a primer.The home care products help the treatment to live in the hair longer. Now the mask you would use on your hair every two weeks. And how this would work is you shampoo first, you put the mask on, you sit with this for about 20 minutes or so, it doesn’t really need heat, you could just sit with it 20 minutes with a processing cap on, once the time has expired rinsed that out, at that point you’ll just go straight to your leaving primer. So there are four products on the line, the shampoo, the conditioner, the mask on the primer. The primer helps to attract moisture from your environment. So in the air that’s around us, there’s moisture and you want the good moisture to be attracted to your hair so that your hair maintains moisture and stays moisturized. So that’s what the Primer does. In Orlando, Florida, where the climate is very humid, this treatment is a must do to give humidity free hair. It is also a good idea to get a professional consultation before you decide on this treatment or any other treatment. It’s very important that you understand what it’s about and what’s going to happen. You should try to use the products on the line to provide longevity of the treatment. It is also a great treatment for children awesome because it loosens up their natural curl pattern without damaging their hair.Once the treatment is done you could wear your hair curly or straight based on your natural hair texture before the treatment was done. So if you have naturally curly hair and did the hair plastic surgery, it will loosen the curl pattern down so you can wear your hair curly if you’d like or you could blow dry and flat iron it. In the case that you blow it, it will not revert as easily, so it won’t be reverting back as easily had it would without the treatment. Your curls will also remain calm and not get puffy once the humidity hits it. So the commitment is worth it. The process takes about 2 to 3 hours based on the length and volume of your hair.It’s definitely a great substitution for a relaxer. It will not make it as straight as a relaxer for people wearing a relaxer but it will give the hair a lot more manageability, even more so than a Keratin treatment will. Once it wears off your hair once you approach that four to five months mark, your hair will gradually go back to its natural state has the treatment wears off. So after a few months, it will just wear out or you’ll notice it wearing out because you’ll notice your hair is going back to what it was before the treatment was done. You could absolutely do this every three to four months with no harm, no damage. You can also absolutely colors, highlights root touchups, whatever it is. If you’re going to go swimming, it’s a good idea. To wet your hair before you go in the pool or to the beach and after you finished swimming, it’s a good idea to shampoo your hair out with the shampoo on the line so that you get rid of the chlorine or any kind of salt built up in the hair. You should shampoo your hair after swimming no matter what treatment is in your hair, but especially with these products in it. You wouldn’t need any other extensive treatment o while you have this in because it’s a treatment within itself. So it’s going to live in the hair for three to four months and give you that manageability for that period of time. There’s no crazy smell and burning and stinging while you get the treatment done. I would definitely recommend it for people who are looking to stay away from chemicals but still want to have manageability on their hair. The difference between the keratin and the hair plastic surgery is that it lives in the hair longer, it makes it straighter but it won’t make it dead straight. It will not make it that dead straight because there is formaldehyde. There is no formaldehyde whatsoever, but it is going to smooth it, and make your hair more manageable. It’s going to cut down your blow-dry time by 50 percent. Make it frizz free. Make it humidity proof, loosen your curl pattern so you’re actually able to wear your curls outside without it getting puffy. So the hair plastic surgery is a great option Feel free to give us a call 407 507 3000 for a complimentary consultation or be sure to find a professional hair salon that does this process and be sure to understand how the process will work before you get it done. We hope we were able to answer your questions on what is the Hair Plastic Surgery.The article was written by Sandy Sills Master Hair Stylist Shallamar’s Hair Solutions 407 507 3000 www.shallamarshairsolutions.com

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Hair Plastic Surgery - What is it?

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