Hair Plastic Surgery Versus Hair Botox

Let’s talk about Hair Botox versus Hair Plastic Surgery. Very interesting topic. Botox hair treatment is great for people thirty-five years of age or older. It’s great for all hair types, but it’s especially great for people 35 years and older because it puts more vitamins and minerals back into the hair. It makes it life, gives it more vitality and bounce. As you get older, the hair becomes dull, dry, and brittle. So the hair botox brings back the vitamins and minerals back into the hair and give it more body. It does also straighten the hair, but it doesn’t make it pin straight. So it does give it some kind of straightness. The hair botox typically lasts on the hair about two to three months. You have to be mindful not to put any chemicals over it because it’s not a chemical so any chemical that is placed over it will take the hair botox out of the hair. Care must be taken if you are doing a root color touch up after receiving the hair botox. 

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What Happens if I Need a Touch Up for My Hair Color While I Have Hair Botox?

Now if you have grey hair and must do a root touch up every six weeks or so while the hair botox is in your hair, you must be careful. Try not to do more than one or two sessions while the hair botox is in your hair. Each time you do a root touch up, please bear in mind that you are taking some of the hair botox out of the hair. So every time you do a root touch up, more botox will come out of the hair. The Botox is great for transitioning if you’re transitioning from a relaxer. The hair botox is also great for damaged hair and will help to repair it. hair plastic surgery

How Long Does Hair Plastic Surgery Last?

Hair Plastic surgery, on the other hand, does last on the hair longer than the hair botox. It lasts in the hair up to four to five months. Whereas the hair botox last two to three months. The hair plastic surgery is going to give the hair more straightness. It’s not going to make it pin straight, but it will make it straighter than the hair botox. Hair plastic surgery is also good for all hair types and textures.

What is Express Hair Plastic Surgery?

There’s also an express version of the hair plastic surgery, which you could use if you want to avoid too much flat ironing, so if you want to do to smoothing treatment but you don’t want to do too much flat ironing then the hair plastic surgery express would be a great choice. They hair plastic surgery express last two to three months just like the regular hair botox, but the regular hair plastic surgery last four to five months.

What are the Best Maintainance Products for Hair Botox?

It is always suggested, that you use the shampoo, conditioner and the maintenance of retail products on the same line s the treatment that you are using. For example, the primer, mask, shampoo, and conditioners. If you use to the hair botox, then you want to use the shampoo, conditioner and the mask from that line. On the other hand, if he uses a hair plastic surgery, you want to use a shampoo, conditioner and the mask from that line because that does make the product live in the hair longer. The manufacturers for these products make them specifically with home care follow up products to be used in conjunction with the treatment. So when you start to mix that up then it may not last as long. So if you got the Hair Botox and then you know you were supposed to buy the products, but instead, you use your own sulfate free shampoo at home that you’ve been using from whatever the brand is. Then we can’t guarantee it’s going to stay in hair as long because the manufacturer and make their home care products or their maintenance products in conjunction with the treatment system. If you have more mature hair that’s break or brittle hair, that needs more life in it, more manageability, more bounce in it. I would go with the hair botox.

What are the Benefits of Hair Botox and Hair Plastic Surgery?

If you are transitioning from a relaxer and you want to get something that will last on the hair longer and make it as straight as possible without a chemical. I would do the hair plastic surgery if you have curly or wavy hair and you’re trying to get rid of some of your curls or wave then I would go with the hair plastic surgery. If you have curly or wavy hair you want to keep as many curls or waves as they possible. I would go with the hair botox. They both make the hair frizz free. They both give you humidity proof hair they both give manageability on the hair. They can both be used as a transition from a relaxer. They both put vitamins and minerals back in the hair. Hair Botox more has more vitamins or minerals in it than the hair plastic surgery does. They both can be used in children’s hair. If the child will sit for the process. The hair plastic surgery express version is recommended on children’s hair over the hair botox as that is for more matured hair. But the hair plastic surgery express will be great for children’s. hair since there is not much flat ironing for this process. Okay. So there you have it. That’s the difference between Botox and hair plastic surgery has an overview. Be sure to get a hair consultation from a professional cosmetologist before doing any of these services and make sure they are professionally done. There are more comparisons when it comes to hair plastic surgery versus hair botox.  Article Written BySandy SillsLicensed CosmetologistShallamar’s Hair Solutions407 507 3000

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Hair Plastic Surgery Versus Hair Botox | Shallamars Hair Solutions

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