Hair Loss Problems? We’ve Got the Solutions!

  Hair Loss Problems? We’ve Got the Solutions! For all you want, our hair may go bye-bye on us anytime soon [especially if you’re starting to grow gray hair] and it’s an inevitable process in anyone’s life. Which could be irritating for some. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it anymore! There are natural and synthetic cosmetic solutions to hair loss, all you need to do is broaden your belief and understanding that it could be treated, more so prevented. But first, you must determine what is the real source of your hair loss. Genetics plays a factor in male or female pattern baldness but so does pregnancy, stress, too much exposure to hair chemical treatments, hormone imbalances [particularly women], illness, and scalp infections, aging, and nutritional deficits.    Remember it’s also normal to shed at least 100 strands a day, so that’s a handful right there, but if it’s extreme loss we’re talking about like there are already patches on your head, there really is something to worry about. Natural Solutions for Hair Loss You can use natural shampoo made from herbs such as saw palmetto or aloe vera. This can be applied on a daily basis. Both these herbs are said to help prevent or slow down baldness or hair thinning. You can even use the real plant if you can have access to it! You can also try natural hair supplements such as B complex helping your hair to achieve its color through melanin, vitamin E for good blood circulation and vitamin A for healthy scalp due to its antioxidant content. Orlando Hair Replacement  Other solutions include the oriental-based acupuncture therapy from Chinese origins, evening primrose oils, egg oil, and controlling one’s dietary lifestyle. It’s also recommended that you now avoid exposure to treatments that can damage hair [extreme heat or chemicals]. Other Proven Solutions Weaves, wigs and toupees are non-permanent solutions to hair loss but hey, they’re extremely affordable, cost-effective and really easy to apply.  Like us on face book for current hair trends.hair replacement orlandoIf you’re not into these stuff, you can always try topical treatments such as prescription required Finasteride or over the counter ointment minoxidil. Physicians recommend a maximum window of six months to determine if whether or not these treatments are taking effect. Surgical methods such as hair transplant are commonly prescribed and they’re effective but extremely expensive [and mostly recommended for men because they experience more concentrated areas where baldness occurs]! Nonsurgical processes include hair integration and enhancements. Some people go for these options because they’re the best alternatives to expensive surgical methods plus there’s little to zero waiting time for effects, noninvasive and requires less maintenance work.  Solutions can be based on what likely causes you hair loss has. This is the reason why we emphasized that you determine the root cause of this all before going into medication. Consult any hair professional or licensed physician to  help you better find the solutions based not just on your preference but also budget and  health conditions. Give us a call to discover your solutions for your hair problems.

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Hair Loss Problems? We’ve Got the Solutions! | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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