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Hair extensions using I-tips is done by using micro links to connect the hair  extensions in a strand by strand process.  This is a safe technique which eliminate any glue or sewn in to achieve a great look.  The Donna Bella I-Tips hair extensions  are a great way to achieve this look.  You can achieve various colors and length with this technique.   Hair extensions using I-Tips hair creates less damage to the hair and can be used as a full head or to add highlight or fantasy hair extensions.
Every Donna Bella hair extension product uses the highest quality human hair available from India. The Indian hair, (always remy hair) undergoes a special and extremely effective treatment method, in preparation for use, which sets it apart from other extension brands.
Donna Bella I-Link Benefits: Strand by Strand: Donna Bella’s I-Link Hair Extensions are installed using a grooved bead with a strand by strand method. This allows for 360 degrees of natural movement for its wearers. This method of installation is perfect for all hairdos, be they up or down. Each strand is ready to be installed the moment you open the package. No Damage: The beaded method is the perfect solution for those who are worried about damaging their own hair. Donna Bella’s I-Link Extensions only require a bead for installation—no heat, chemicals, or glues are applied to the hair. Long Lasting: Donna Bella’s I-Link Hair Extensions last 3-6 months and can be reused 1-3 times. When well taken care of, the 100% Remy hair extensions Regular maintenance combined with quality hair care makes these extensions ideal for a lasting look. Price: I-Link Hair Extensions are an exceptional price for the quality and quantity of hair that is received. Each hair package includes 20 strands of hair, each weighing one gram. Plus, each stand of hair is 100% Remy hair that has never been treated or processed beyond its coloring and moisturizing. Versatility: Beaded hair extensions offer an easy installation method that is perfect for all hair types. Mistakes are nearly nonexistent because each hair extension can be easily repositioned during the installation process. This is also the perfect method for installing highlights and peek-a-boo’s of color.    Hair extensions using I-Tips   This hair extension technique can be used on all hair types and textures.  Call us for a free consultation at 407 507 3000.   You can also visit our website or like us on face book to stay updated on current hair trends.  You will still be able to part through your scalp with this technique.  No restrictions to styling.  We invite you to give it a try and you do will get luxurious hair with this hair extensions using I-Tips.     Some information in this blog courtesy of vision hair.    

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Hair Extensions Using I-Tips – Orlando | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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