Hair Extensions Orlando

Hair Extensions Orlando

What is hair extensions?  This is a technique where hair is added to the existing hair to create length, volume, and density to the hair.   Hair extensions can also be used to change the entire look of an individual.  Hair extensions as being used for years to achieve different looks.  Years ago they were more popular with movie actresses and actors as well as celebrities and singers.  Today this technique is very popular with everyone.  It is also readily available through professional hair salons.

  Hair Extension salons in Orlando.

There are many different salons in Orlando that offers hair extensions. The key to choosing hair salon for hair extensions is to make sure they offer a complimentary consultation. That way you can make an appointment to talk with a hair extensions specialist, who can take you through the various techniques to choose the best one suited for you. It is important you choose the right kind of hair extensions specific to your own hair texture and volume. Hair extensions were designed to add length and volume and density to your hair. There are different t techniques available on the market these days. There is
  • Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Tape Ins Hair Extensions

  • Sew In Hair Extensions

  • Fusion or Keratin Bond Hair Extension

  • Micro Beads or Micro Links Hair Extension

  • Braidless Sew In Hair Extension

  • Weaves Hair Extensions which is the same as Sew In Hair Extensions

Let’s take a look at each one of these hair extensions in details

Clip in Hair Extensions Orlando

Clip In Hair Extensions was designed to be used for a temporary way of creating length and volume in your hair. Clip in hair extensions can be clipped in and out at will. You should never sleep in the clip in hair extensions because if you do, it tends to pull on the root of the hair where the clip is connected to your own hair. For clip in hair extensions, it is best to clip them in in the morning, go out to work or to play, and when you come back home before you go to bed, you should remove these clips ins hair extensions This way they will not pull on your hair. You should also change the positions that you are using each time you clip the hair extensions in your hair. Never use the same positions all the time. This will cause pulling on the hair and create thinning of the hair in that area. Clip In Hair Extensions is great to give temporary fullness, volume, length, and even highlighted effects to your hair.

Tape In Hair Extensions Orlando

Tape In Hair Extensions is designed to create fullness, length, and volume, like any other hair extensions. These extensions are done with small slices of hair. These slices are used to create small sandwiches throughout the hair. Your own hair goes in the middle of the sandwich in small strands. One slice of hair extensions are placed on top of your hair and the other slice on the bottom of the same strand of hair. They are placed in a special order based on the look you are trying to achieve Typically tape in hair extensions last six to eight weeks in the hair. After six to eight weeks, you should get them professionally removed. Never try to rip out the tape in hair extensions from your hair. Always have them professionally removed. There is a solution designed specifically to remove them. If you try to remove them yourself, you could create damage to your hair. Once they are removed, they can be retaped and reinstalled.Tape In Hair Extensions is reusable. If you have oily hair or oily scalp, this may not be the hair extensions for you. Oiliness loosens the tape on the extensions and it will not last as long. Also, if you swim a lot, tape in hair extensions would not be the choice because the more it gets wet, the more the adhesive will loosen up. If you are wearing tape in hair extensions, you should not be shampooing every day. If you are wearing tape in hair extensions, you should try to shampoo once per week and then use a dry shampoo in between that time. If you are shampooing more than once per week, the extensions will not last six to eight weeks, they’ll last less time because the more the gets wet, the looser the extensions will get and likely fall out. So if you have oily hair or oily scalp, or if you are shampooing more than once per week, tape in hair extensions may not be the choice for you.

Sew In Hair Extensions Orlando

Sew In hair extensions are great. This is where you have wefts of hair sewing into your hair by individual rows. Sometimes a net is used if you are getting more than 75% of your hair sewn in. You could also do a full head of sew in. You could do just a few rows of sew in or you could do some sew in with hair left out. Regardless of what you do, the sew in hair extensions are pretty good on your hair. If you are sewing in by rows, those typically last four to six weeks based upon how fast your hair grows. At that point, you should take them out and you can get them put back in the same time. . If you are doing a full head of sew in hair extensions, then those typically last two to three months, after two to three months, it is best to have them removed. These also can be put back in the same day. It is recommended that you get your hair treated before you put them back in.Now with Sew in hair extensions, people tend to put sew in hair extensions in their hair and forget that it’s there. It is very important that you wash and treat your hair while you have the sew in extensions in. Sew In hair extensions are a great way to do a protective style or to put your hair to rest if you’re trying to rebuild your hair. Also if you just want to give your hair a break, the sew in hair extensions is a great choice especially if you do a full head of hair extensions. You want to make sure you are shampooing your hair and also make sure that you are doing professional protein treatments with the sew in hair extensions. Sew in hair extensions are great for fullness, length or volume. You can completely put your entire hair away with sew in extensions and completely get a whole different look. This is a really great way to change your look as well.

Fusion or Keratin Bond Hair Extensions Orlando

Fusion or keratin bond hair extensions are the same form of hair extensions. With the fusion hair extensions, they are attached individually at the roots of your hair. These are the most damaging form of hair extensions. The reason is because if you keep them in for too long, they can break the hair. This happens when you have a big distance between your scalp and the connection of the hair extensions, this occurs when the longer the hair extensions are left in the hair. Three months is the maximum with these hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions should always be professionally removed. You should never try to remove fusion hair extensions by yourself because that will lead to hair breakage. Fusion hair extension should be kept in the hair for no more than three months. After three months it’s a great idea to take them out.Fusion hair extension hair cannot be reused, so once you install the hair you can’t reuse it. If you will be redoing the technique, you will need to get a different set of hair to reinstall. Fusion hair extensions are great because they rarely slip or slide our of the hair and they are more of a permanent form of hair extensions. Let me stress that they must be professionally installed and professionally removed. Fusion or keratin bond hair is not recommended on natural of African American hair in it’s natural form. If you have this hair type you will need to relax or get a smoothin treatment done before, these hair extensions are applied. There is a difference between fusion and Keratin bonds hair extensions.The keratin bonds hair extensions are made with keratin bonds on the tip of them. When they melt in your it is keratin that is being melted in the hair, which is beneficial to the hair. If you are using fusion hair extensions, there is glue on the tip of the extension hair which can be very damaging to the hair. It is recommended that you lean more towards the Keratin bond hair extensions and not the fusion hair extensions.The fusion hair extensions tend to have a lot of glue. These two forms of hair extensions tend to get confused. They are the same technique to apply, however, the connection on the tip of the hair is what makes the difference. Keratin bonds hair extensions are made of Keratin and the fusion hair extensions have glue on them. This glue tends to be very damaging to the hair. When you are removing the glue, it tends to get all over your hair. For that reason, you want to go towards the keratin bond hair extensions. These two hair extensions are also called Utips hair extensions. To be on the safe side, if you are getting these hair extensions installed, be sure to get keratin bonds hair extensions.These hair extensions typically last for three months. It is recommended that these extensions be done on people with medium to thick hair. it is not recommended that keratin bond or fusion hair extensions be used for people with very fine or thin hair because this will cause even more damage to your hair.

Micro Links Or Micro Beads Hair Extensions Orlando

Micro links or micro bead hair extensions are called Itips. Micro links hair extensions are connected similarly to the keratin bond extensions, except they are connected by little microbeads. There are small micro-beads that connect the hair extensions hair to your own hair. They are done individually throughout the hair. The drawback with this form of hair extensions is you can have slippage every now and again. You may lose a link or two because sometimes the connection where the link is gets loosened and you’ll lose a link or two.This is a safe form of hair extensions and you could always have the links replaced. It is not recommended that you keep this hair extension in for more than three months. If you go over three months, you re going to have problems with breakage because there will be a big distance between the scalp and the hair extension connection on your hair. The greater that distance is, the more likely it is for your hair to break in the root area. You want to make sure that they are removed after three months. After a few weeks, you also need to get them moved up because they are going to be growing down has your hair grows. You cannot get them moved up if you never moved them up for three months. So in other words, if you are wearing the micro links hair extensions and you never got them moved up, and now it’s three months. They would need to come out and be reinstalled.Moving up means there is a few inches away from your scalp so it’s easier to move up. But if you have been wearing them for quite a while and there’s a great distance between your scalp and where the hair extension is connected, then it’s damaging to move it up at that point because then it’s too much distance between the scalp and the connection. At that point, you would need to take them out and get them pre-installed. Micro link hair extensions are great, they last up to three months. The drawback is you might lose a link or two along the way. This is caused by combing and brushing your hair. You can, however, get the links re-installed. You want to avoid using oils and conditioners on the root of your hair when you wear micro link hair extensions. This will cause more slippage as well.

Braidless Sew In Hair Extensions Orlando

 These are hair extensions that are sewn in without braids. They are done with rows and rows of extensions on your hair. They are flat to the scalp as opposed to the traditional braided extension where you the braids are done then the extension hair is sewn to the braid These extensions are sewn in, but they have no braids on them has the foundation. There are various techniques that are used for this particular kind of hair extensions. There are 
  • The Sewn Directly To Your Hair Braidless Hair Extensions

  • Micro Links Braidless Sew In Hair Extensions Hair Extensions

  • Brazilian Knots  Braidless Sew In Hair Extensions

There are different techniques that are used for braidless sew in hair extensions. This is a popular technique because it lays flatter on the hair. These typically last six to eight weeks. After six to eight weeks should be removed and you could reuse the hair as well for braidless hair extensions. The upkeep is pretty normal because it doesn’t matter if you have an oily scalp or oily hair. It will basically stay in the hair The most you have to do is to be gentle when you are combing and brushing the hair extensions. 

Weave Hair Extensions Orlando

 A weave is traditionally the same thing as a sew in hair extension. A weave and a sew in is basically the same thing. Back in the days, back in the nineties, sew in hair extensions were called weave hair extensions. Nowadays people are just saying sew in hair extensions but it’s the same thing has a weave. It would be the same traditional way. You can put it in individually as rows or you could do a full head and leave at least some hair out or you can do it to change your whole entire look. Because you could do a full head and change your entire look as far as the color of the hair and leave done of your hair out. So that’s what really a weave is.

Human Hair For Your Hair Extensions Orlando

 If you are doing hair extensions, you want to make sure that the quality of hair for the hair extensions is the best grade. No matter what technique of hair extensions you are doing, if the hair is not good, it’s going to be a very bad experience for you. Research the hair, , make sure the hair is a good quality. If the hair is too cheap, that might mean that it’s not the best quality. There is some good quality hair in the beauty supply store, but it becomes a hit and miss. I would suggest you go to a professional hair salon, to get your hair because hair salons are going to make sure that they have top grade quality hair. They have a relationship with their customers. At least most professional salons will have a professional relationship with their customers and they want to give their customers the very best.A stylist is not going to want the customer to come back and say, you sold me bad hair. They are going to make sure they have the best quality hair. This may mean, you may have to spend more money on the hair, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Most of these techniques, you could reuse the hair. The only technique that you can not reuse the hair is the fusion or Keratin bond or utips hair extensions. Ever other hair extensions you could reuse the hair. To summarize, hair extensions are a great way to give your hair more length, more fullness, more volume or a brand new look. Care must be taken to ensure that the form of human hair you will be using is top notch grade. A consultation is completely necessary to determine what type of hair extension would be best for you from all the different ones that are available. It is very important that you go to a professional salon, read the reviews online, make sure ask around for referrals. This could be from your friends before you choose a salon. You will need to do a consultation. You want to make sure that they go over all the techniques that are available and then they’ll recommend the correct technique that is best for your hair. Once that’s chosen, be sure you choose the correct hair texture for your hair and the correct color to match your own hair. The grade or quality of hair to is important to make sure you are not going to go through the hair tangling or matting on you. You also want to make sure if you are leaving your hair out or if your hair is going to be incorporated with the hair extension that the texture matches correctly.  There are lots of choices when it comes to hair extensions Orlando.

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