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Hair extensions provide a great way to enhance an individual’s look and improve confidence. With so many options to choose from, deciding which is right for you can be an overwhelming decision. The more you know before you go, the better you will look and feel about your new style. It’s always advised to meet with a professional Orlando hair extension expert who can sit down and go through all these options with you in greater detail that’s more catered to you specific hair type and personality.











Topics We Will Discuss

Why people wear hair extensions?

The Types of Hair Extensions

Are they Safe?


Why People Wear Hair Extensions?

The reasons will vary based on each customer. Some of our Orlando hair salon visitors simply want longer hair, some are craving more volume and bounce while others seek out hair extensions for medical reasons such as thinning hair or balding. Whatever your hair extension goals are, there’s a correct and well-suited solution for you. But that solution will vary based on your individual needs. These are some of the more popular hair extension techniques that might just be right for you

The Types of Hair Extensions


I-Tips/Beaded Extensions







The hair is pulled though the tip of the hair extension and then crimped with specialized pliers to stay in place. There is no heat involved. It’s the most straight-forward way and one of the more economical ways to add hair extensions. The I-Tips normally come assembled with either aluminum/silicone or copper micro rings. They are often referred to as beaded or micro beaded hair extensions. However, these tips have a tendency to fall out easier for customers with thin hair.  Take a  look at  this  videos that explains hair extensions in more details



U-Tips/Keratin Extensions







Better suited for all hair types, U-Tips are dipped in keratin, a wonderful hair protectant that is also used to bond these tips to a customer’s current hair. Hair salons in Orlando will fuse these keratin tips to the hair with a hot hair extension iron. The tips are characteristically in the shape of a “U” and will not damage existing hair. The range of flexibility with U-Tips make them the most popular choice among those seeking hair extensions in Orlando.









These extension types have grown in popularity in recent years and utilize a double sided tape to bond hair extension and scalp together. They are tough against water and can withstand a series of typical shampooing. They have the ability to last longer when coupled with using  a dry shampoo in between shampoos.   The tape is clear and attaches to the hair by the root area  to give a more natural look. Best for adding volume and  length.  This technique is not recommended if you go swimming a lot of shampoo more than 2 times per week or have an oily scalp.


Braidless Sew-ins







This hair extension system uses no glue or tapes. It utilizes a weaving system. It allows the customer to mimic the look and feel of natural hair by providing no bulky feeling tips, clips or tapes. It’s naturally sew into existing hair to provide an increased range of style and flexibility. For this type of hair extension in Orlando expect salons to charge more than traditional methods.


Are They Safe?


Hair extensions are completely safe when handled and installed by a professional Orlando Hair stylist. The quality of the hair used is critical in obtaining the natural look and feel of a quality hair extension job. Orlando hair salons such as ours only provide 100 percent virgin human hair for a reliable and safe look that will make you look amazing in the process. Synthetic hair is cheaper, yes, but it’s stiff, looks unnatural and doesn’t feel great on your hair. Treat yourself to a rejuvenated and confident look.




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