Hair extensions for thin hair

Hair Extensions On Thin Hair 

Nowadays it is more and more common to see somebody with hair extensions.  Unfortunately they are easier to install on some people than on others.   Hair extensions have a little weight to them.  With normal hair the weight of hair extensions is fine.  In the case of thin hair the weight is a bit too much sometimes.  It causes damage and can even pull out thin hair.  In most cases people with thin hair are suffering from hair loss.  So the weight of the hair extensions actually makes the hair loss occur faster.  The hair extensions whether they are real or synthetic can add a nice volume and add great length.  Even so it’s not all rainbow and sunshine.  Due to the weight it can be overbearing on thin hair.

These types of hair extensions include:

  • Clip-ins

    This style of hair extensions is mostly focused on the clip that attaches to the persons real hair. It has a huge pro which is that a stylist can install the clip on hair extensions. It also has a hug con which is that the clip is quiet heavy for people with thin hair. The weight of the clip may cause for the extensions to slip out or even worse it may pull out the thin hair on a persons head.
  • Weaves

    In this method of hair extensions the stylist first braids the persons natural hair. Afterwards he sews the wefts or bundles into the braids. In the special case of people with thin hair their hair is usually not strong enough to make braids or do not have enough to create the braids since their head is thinning.
  • Fusion

     This is the method of hair extensions we least recommend for woman with thin hair. The reason we do not recommend this method is because not only can it be a lengthy installation process it can also be quiet pricey. For people with thin hair we especially do not recommend this because the keratin bond that is used can be heavy and can pull out thin hair. It can also be quiet damaging when it’s time to remove.

Tape-In Extensions for Thin Hair

I think we’ve left it very clear that almost all hair extensions are not the best option for people with thin hair.  Like every case in life there will always be an exception.  In this case your best bet is Tape-in extensions if you have thin hair.Compared to other methods it is fairly new.  The up side is that the stylist uses a special hair tape.  It also helps that the actual wefts are lightweight.  They don’t have the normal weight other extensions carry.  Since they don’t weigh as much, they do not strain the hair.  It’s the best method for people with thin hair because unlike the clip on hair extensions the tape-ins do not have that weight that is added from the clip.  It is very important the upkeep for the tape-in extensions otherwise the will leave tape residue and it is quite difficult to remove.

How to Take Care Of Tape-In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

The duration of your tape-in hair extensions vary mostly on the methods of care that is used.
  • Wash and Condition

    Select a shampoo and a conditioner preferably that are sulfate free that way they do not damage your hair. Since it has less chemicals it does not beat up your hair extensions. Every case is special so we recommend that you consult your stylist for specific recommendations. While you are lathering the shampoo make sure you really get your finger tips in there. Of course don’t go overboard anything in excess is bad, not only that but it may also affect the bonds of you hair extensions. Afterwards apply the sulfate free conditioner from the middle down avoiding the roots. 
  • Dry Delicate

    After you have washed and rinse it is now time to dry. The key is to not be rough while drying. To avoid this occurring you can use a soft towel instead of a regular one. Also you can use an old t-shirt. Avoid blow drying with excessive heat. It shouldn’t pass 50%. .
  • De-tangling

    The main goal is to avoid knots anyway possible. The best way is to braid you hair before you sleep. In the event that it does tangle you should start from the ends and work your way up in order to de-tangle.
  • Avoid Oil 

    We recommend sulfate free because oil based products can affect the integrity of the bonds in your tape in hair extensions.

Looking good in the long run

Without a doubt hair extensions help so much in terms of aesthetic.  In the long run is it a long term solution?  While they add more volume and it is a relatively quick fix.  We cannot deny that it is a temporary fix.  Viviscal is a hair growth supplement that helps fix the problem inside out.  It has been proven that in a period of quarter to half a year it will increase the thickness of your hair.  You can get best of both worlds.  Extensions and viviscal that way by the time the hair extensions come off your hair has grown and there will no longer be a need to get more installed.  

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