Do hair extensions damage your real hair?


Do hair extensions damage your real hair?

Recently in the past years the demand for hair extensions has gone up.  They are no longer a secret among the famous woman of Hollywood.  More and more they are becoming more common due to the demand.  Since there is such a high demand, in the past 2 years there has been an increase little under 30% in the United States alone.  Although hair extensions make you look incredible we have to wonder at what cost?  Many women get hair extensions installed in order to look amazing.  But are you opening yourself up to a potentially dangerous situation?  Do hair extensions damage your real hair?Beauty has a price.  The price to be payed in the case of hair extensions takes shape in the form of bald spots, or the scalp being irritated and having headaches.  This happens if the proper care was not taken.  So we are going to explore the pros and cons of hair extensions.  Balance if they are really damaging your real hair.The way many women look is very important to them.  This is why they go on diets, go to the gym and buy new outfits.  Of course a woman’s hair has a huge role in her self image.  So hair extensions are automatically a great solution for them to conceal thinning hair.  Constantly this is occurring more often and as a response the demand for hair extensions has gone up.    

Different Hair Extension Methods

You probably have wondered if the hair extensions you had inserted are damaging your hair.  Many woman believe while you are walking around with the hair extensions in your head you are neglecting your natural hair.  So the big question is, while you are neglecting your natural hair are the hair extensions damaging your real hair?  The simple answer is it depends on which was the method with which you had the hair extensions inserted. The common misconception is that all methods of insertion of hair extensions will damage your real hair.  The truth in reality is that it depends on the method.  For example clip in hair extensions or sewed in hair extensions are fine.  With these methods your hair is in no way in risk of being damaged, unless an extreme situation occurs.  The method that causes the most damage to your hair is probably the  glued in hair extensions.We can deduce that not all extensions are bad for you.  You are opened to more damage being done to your hair depending on the way they were inserted.  A simpler way of explaining this is that one method can cause less damage to your hair than others.

Clip-in Hair extensions

The most common method of insertion that does not damage your hair.  Clip in hair extensions are very easy to put in and very easy to take out.  They are great to add volume very easily to your hair depending on how many you actually use.  It literally only takes a matter of minutes to insert the clip in hair extensions.  Since they are so easy to install they are very popular among all the methods of insertion.  The most common clip in extensions usually consist of 4-6 pieces.  With that amount of pieces you can get a full head of hair in minutes.Clip in hair extensions can cause real damage to your hair when they are pulled out.  If the hair extensions are pulled out in a harsh manner rather than being removed gently they can cause damage to your real hair.  The reason this method of hair extensions does not really pose a threat to your hair is because you can easily take them out and put back in.  So you are constantly having to remove them.  Instead of just neglecting your real hair. 

Glue-in Hair extensions

Glue-in hair extensions are extensions that require an adhesive. In this particular case it is a special hair glue. Once you have experience with these type of hair extensions it becomes very easy to manage.  A person with experience in glue-ins can take as little as an hour and a half with need for only a couple of bundles.  This is the method of insertion that does the most damage to your real hair. If you don’t  remove the glue properly it can actually take some of your hair when if finally comes out. It’s not all bad news though.  There are a few options to removing the adhesive from your hair.
  • Purchase the brand recommend glue remover
  • Apply conditioner to your hair and let it sink it for at least an hour before you try to remove
  • In the worst case scenario if the situation is to tough, you should go see a professional before it gets worst.

Sew-in Hair extensions

Sew in hair extensions are the right choice if you are looking for hair extensions that do not damage your hair.  It’s considered the best method because once they are inserted the hair style requires  very low maintenance.  No damage will be caused to your hair as a consequence of the sew-in hair extensions.  You still have to take care of them even if they are low maintenance.  Which means keeping your scalp nice and clean.  Your scalp should be moisturized meanwhile the sew in extensions are inserted in to your scalp.  To make sure it causes no damage to your hair, the person who removes the extensions should know how to cut the thread.  Avoiding cutting your real hair. 


A new recommendation for all the different hair extension application methods out there is to do thorough research prior to committing.  Out of all the application methods: skin wefting, micro-linking, tape-ins or keratin fusion, etc clip-in hair extensions are the best all around.  Not only are they the ones who pose the least damage to your hair.  It’s also the fastest way to get hair extensions inserted.  Different application methods do exist which may last longer but they may cause serious damage to your hair.  A clear example is glue-in hair extensions.  If the corrects steps aren’t taken to remove them they may cause balding.  Each method has a different insertion and care process, we recommend you ask your licensed stylist for tips on your particular case.Hair extensions can cause traction alopecia, which is hair loss and balding due to the pulling and excess weight of extensions.  The way to imagine this condition is of hanging curtains.  If you keep pulling on the curtains what is going to happen is that they will eventually fall.  In the case of your hair when the “curtain” finally falls it’s falling with a piece of your hair.  This is what produces the balding.  It’s best if you’re not constantly getting hair extensions inserted, that way you are not constantly putting weight on them. Taking care of your extensions does not end in giving your head time to breath.  You also need to bear in mind that everything can damage your hair.  Using the correct shampoo and conditioner goes a long to protect your hair.  We recommend to try to avoid the DYI methods.  Trust your hair in the hands of professionals.  If you are looking for a salon with master stylist in Orlando we will be waiting for you.

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