Hair Botox – How To Make It Last Longer

Hey guys, this is Sandy from Shallamar’s Hair Solutions.   Today we’re going to be talking about Hair Botox and how to make it last longer.    

Quick Recap: What is Hair Botox?

Hair  Botox is a treatment system that we use to revitalize the hair.   If you have dry, dull hair or if you’re over 35 years of age and your hair is not doing what it use to do or if its damage.  Also if it’s not moving the correct way or is not bouncy. That’s what we use the  Hair  Botox for.     The Hair  Botox goes in I and revitalizes the hair, put more vitamins and minerals back in the hair.  And also give it more vitality, make it more bouncy.   The Hair Botox last in the hair for two to three months. 

How Do I Make My Hair Botox Last Longer?

In order for your hair Botox to last, a few things are going to come into play. One of the first things is the amount of time that you’re shampooing. I suggest that you should shampoo no more than once per week with the hair Botox.    You won’t have that oiliness or residue happening to your hair with the treatment in, so we recommend once per week.   If you can’t go once a week,  then twice per week, but don’t go more than twice per week,  because the more you shampoo your hair, the more the hair botox is going to come out of your hair. The hair botox is not a chemical, so it sits on the cuticle layer of the hair, so every time you shampoo some of it is going to come out and the more you shampoo, the more it comes out until it actually wears out, and then after two to three months you’d redo it again.

Can I Go Swimming with Hair Botox?

Next question is swimming, in order for the hair botox to last in your hair longer.   Whenever you go swimming, you want to wet your hair first.   Wet all the hair up first with regular water.   Then go ahead into your swimming. Once you finish swimming, you want to definitely make sure you’re going to shampoo the chlorine or the salt water out of your hair and you want to be using the botox shampoo and conditioner

What Shampoo Should I Use While I have Hair Botox?

It’s very important that you purchased the shampoo and the conditioner that goes on the line of the hair botox, because that shampoo and conditioner are made by the Botox manufacturer, and they make it specifically for the hair botox to stay in the hair longer. Not all sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are the same. Some of them that are on the market is not 100% sulfate free.   There’s a reason why there are different prices on them. It’s not particularly because of the name that’s on the product in this situation, but it’s more of what it’s going to do.Some sulfate free shampoo and conditioners do have a  little bit of sulfate in them, which you’ll figure out as you use them and I’m telling you, don’t do it. You don’t want to learn the lesson the hard way because there’s a big investment to invest in getting the botox treatment on your hair and you don’t want to do it and then use the incorrect shampoo and the product and the treatment comes out faster out or your hair.  You’re going to be very upset about that.  Be sure to use the correct shampoo.  So that’s for swimming.Let’s go to chemicals.   Can I use chemicals in my hair while the botox is in it? Will that affect how long it lasts on the hair? That will affect it. So what I’m going to say is this, if you’re considering doing a hair botox and you also considering doing highlights or ombre or balayage or any full color.  If you will be doing a  full color. You want to do all that before you do the botox.

Getting Your Hair Botox Done at a Salon

You can do it the same day of the hair botox our salon. You could do that if you go to another salon and make sure you find out if the hair botox they’re using can be used the same day. In most cases, it should. Or You could do it the same week off.   If you’re doing a root touch up, you want to do your root touch up the same week or the same time of the hair botox.  If you want to do your highlights, your ombre, balayage, or full color or any kind of special effect color. Anything at all that has to do with color, you should do that prior to the hair botox. Once you do your color then you can put the hair botox in and then you’re good.

Hair Touch-Ups at the Salon

Now let’s say for the people that do touch-ups, color root touch up.   I suggest that you do the touch up every close to the botox hair treatment.   When you are due for another touch up which would be in four to six weeks be sure that your stylist is keeping the color in the root of the hair.   It is important that the color is not dripping down on the hair or dripping down into all other areas of the hair because that’s going to affect your hair and the treatment. You need to stick to the roots of the hair.  The one thing I want to point out is this, if you do the hair botox and then the next week or two weeks or three weeks later you decide to do highlights or ombre or  balayage  or any other color treatment that includes hair going on the shaft of the hair,  it is going to affect hair botox treatment  and here’s why,  the hair botox treatment  sits on the cuticle layer of the hair, it is the outer layer of the hair.   Any chemical treatment that goes in the hair,  is going to go into the cortex layer of the hair, which is the inner part of the hair, now in order or it to get to the cortex, it has to go through the cuticle layer first. When it passes through the cuticle first, it’s going to take off whatever is on the surface of the hair, which in this case is your hair botox treatment to penetrate to the cortex to give you the color you want.  So you don’t want to color to lose the Botox. You want to color your hair before.  You can do a color root touch up while you have the botox in because that’s the only going in the roots of the hair.  Yes, when you rinse the hair out,  the color is going to go through it, it is going to take a little bit of botox out, but not as much as if you were to do a full color or highlights or something similar to that effect.

I Have African American Hair, Do I Need a Relaxer for Hair Botox?

If you have African American hair, and you do the hair botox,   you would not need to do a relaxer because they hair botox would be taking the part of the relaxer.  It’s not going to make it a straight as a relaxer because it’s not a chemical, but it’s going to loosen up your curl pattern. It’s going to make it frizz-free.   It’s going to make it more manageable, so it’s going to give it more flexibility. So if you’re in a transitional thing where you want to transition from a relaxer to your own hair texture or if you have natural hair, but you want to get more manageability of the hair, then we would recommend the hair botox as well. The hair botox has been around for quite a while.

I Have Damaged Hair, Can I Still Get the Hair Botox Treatment?

Let’s talk about damaged hair. If your hair is severely damaged,  we’re going to try to treat the hair to a certain level before we put the hair botox in because with the hair botox we need heat to seal it and we use a flat iron to seal the treatment in.   If your hair is so damaged and it can’t withstand the flat iron then we won’t be able to do the hair botox.   Typically we do special treatments for a few weeks before we get to the hair botox that will last longer and everybody would be happy and it wouldn’t destroy the hair.   For the hair botox, there are three different shampoos that we use. We use a regular shampoo and conditioner, which is from the botox line.   if you have colored treated hair,  especially blondes or platinum hair, there is the special shampoo for that as well. There is also a  purple violet shampoo and conditioner for super blonde hair or for the white hair, that is very popular now.   If you’re looking for a straight look or you want to get your hair as straight as possible we use our straightening and shampoo and conditioner. So we have three different shampoos and conditioners that we use on the botox line.Again, this is Sandy from Shallamar’s Hair Solutions. Hopefully, I answered all your questions. If not, feel free to give us a call at 407-507-3000.  We offer a complimentary consultation with an appointment at our salon.  If you follow the steps outlined your Hair Botox treatment should last longer. 

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How to Make Hair Botox Last Longer | Shallamar Hair Solutions

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