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Have you ever wondered what type of treatment is right for your hair? at the moment of having it healthy, manageable but above all without Frizz? Here we will give you 4 types of treatments and the benefits it has! We recommend that when you do any procedure, do it with a beauty professional Expert!


You have heard the about the Hair Botox Treatment?

  Botox hair treatment is great for people 35 years of age or older. It’s great for all hair types, but it’s especially great for people 35 years and older because it puts more vitamins and minerals back into the hair. It makes it life, gives it more vitality and bounce. As you get older, the hair becomes dull, dry, and brittle. The hair Botox brings back the vitamins and minerals back into the hair and give it more body. You must be mindful not to put any chemicals over it because it’s not a chemical so any chemical that is placed over it will take the hair Botox out of the hair. Care must be taken if you are doing a root color touch up after receiving the hair Botox. 

Who can use this product?

Botox hair treatment is great for people thirty-five years of age or older. It’s great for all hair types, but it’s especially great for people 35 years and older because it puts more vitamins and minerals back into the hair. It makes it life, gives it more vitality and bounce. It does also straighten the hair, but it doesn’t make it pin straight. So, it does give it straightness. The hair Botox typically lasts on the hair about 2 to 3 months.   


Bye Bye Frizz:

Bye, bye Frizz! This new product was Carefully developed for professionals who need a practical product, easy to apply, without odor or burning, which enhances the hair worn by chemistry with efficiency and naturalness. Bye Bye Frizz is a Thermal Realignment that, unlike Botox and progressive smoothing existing in the market, can be applied in a single step, not presenting whitening problem during discoloration. In addition to recovering damages caused by excess of chemistry, it provides a durable anti-frizz, hydrated and with shine. This product offers from Shampoo and conditioner up to Leave-in for hair protection at the time of drying and flat Ironing.  

Who can use this product?

 Any type of hair and any Age! If your daughter has super curly, wavy or frizzy hair, this is the perfect product! This formula has been carefully developed with splendor Oil Technology. without odor or burning, more than of 9 natural Oils. macadamia, peach, Hazelnut, chia,kukui ,baobab, moringa, batana and canoa oils, which provide naturally Straight and moisturized hair. Can be applied in a single step. In addition to recovering damage caused by excessive use of chemicals, it provides long-lasting shinny hair!


What is the Hair plastic Surgery?   

 Have you asked yourself what is the treatment of hair surgery? What is it for? Which has benefits?  Do not be scared, it’s not related to Doctors! Hair surgery in addition to be a treatment that is fashionable is similar to Keratin but lasts in the hair for much longer. It is a strainer that contributes a deep hydration, gives shine and diminishes the frizz, highlighting the color and above all it can last from 3 to 4 months! But before making the decision to do this treatment we always recommend that you consult with a beauty professional. 

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  It can be used on any type of hair. Contains D Pantheon that moisturizes deeply giving shine and elasticity. Contains Vitamin B6 that helps restore and condition damaged hair. Regenerates the cells of the cuticle, providing fibrous proteins to the hair cortex. Helps keep hair out of frizz, keeps hair manageable to keep your look longer and much more!


Keratin Treatment?

It is an innovative hair can solution that was designed to smoother and enhance the overall appearance of the hair of a person. This hair treatment will always be an excellent choice for those who really want to be able to enhance the healthy and smooth appearance of their hair in a very efficient way. It’s very affordable and many people will surely appreciate the fact that it’s totally safe for the hair. Keratin Treatment is something that can provide maximum satisfaction to those who really want to be able to make their hair frizz free and manageable.


What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • This protein is essential for hair restoration. Improves color, brightness, texture and helps eliminate frizz.  


  • It does not matter if it is a chemically treated hair with dyes or discolorations. Keratin or products made from this substance are good for improving capillary health.


  •  It helps to shape the hair that has suffered damages such as dry ends, spongy hair, lack of shine, the hairpin and the damages produced by the irons and dryers.


  •  Keratin is a protein that can completely hydrate the hair and restore vitality.


  •  Because of its chemical composition, it makes the hair recover all the amino acids and essential nutrients that are lost with the passage of time and the lack of hair care.         


  • Through the use of products with keratin, you can achieve a hair more elastic and resistant to damage and much smoother.




I hope these Tips have been helpful! remember to visit our website Shallamars Hair Solutions and see a little more of our work and more Information about this amassing Product. Make your minim consultation appointment completely free and our experienced and licensed Stylists will be more than willing to help you with your questions! We are located at 8960 Turkey lake rd Orlando fl 32819.

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