Closures & Frontals – What Is The Difference

Closures & Frontals When it comes to getting hair extensions, it almost goes without saying that most women are aiming for a natural look. With that in mind, stylists work to get as close a match as possible between the virgin hair extension and the client’s hair. This might require heat treatment or color, and sometimes treatments can cause damage to the natural hair.360 Closure With Full Sew In Frontals and closures are the names for two types of extension applications that are meant to close that area or space between real hair and extensions. Normally this is done by a technique called blending. A frontal or closure relieves the need to hide the difference in the natural versus extension hair strands. This avoids unnecessary roughness or damage to your hair through blending techniques. While they both serve the same purpose, they differ in size and placement. A frontal covers the front portion of the hair, including the hairline. It runs from one temple, along the hairline, to the other side and simulates a natural hairline so hair can be pulled back from the face in styling. Frontals are made larger to cover the entire area around the face.Orlando Hair ExtensionsFrontals can be sewn but are often installed by bonding. This is because they are meant to be installed in front of the hairline. There are some times when your stylist will choose to sew in the frontal if it is to be placed just behind the hairline. This technique places the frontal using invisible thread and the hairline can be pulled back with the extension piece. Your hair stylist expert will discuss which is the best choice for you. A closure is similar in purpose to a frontal. But instead of being placed across the head, a closure is inserted at the smaller area on top of the head to cover the extension attachments near the scalp. Since they are placed differently, they are smaller in size. They aren’t built to be pulled back but instead meant to cover the exposed scalp on top of the head from the extension attachments. A closure sits behind the hairline and its purpose is to give the scalp a natural look and avoid exposing any of the weave. Blending can be avoided and the hair looks complete. If you don’t intend to wear your hair pulled back, a closure is an excellent choice for a natural finishing look.Weave OrlandoClosures are also made with either a silk attachment or lace attachment. The lace attachment has tiny holes in the base where the hair can be pulled through, effectively hiding the lace. It lies flat easily but needs to be tweaked with pulling hair through it for a smooth look. The silk attachment has knotted hairs and the knots themselves sometimes need to be hidden with a lightener. Both work well for the area they’re intended for and your stylist will help you choose which one works with your extension weave. Closures are usually installed by sewing with invisible thread. They are meant to attach to the weave base at the scalp. Sewing is a secure method of inserting the closure in a smaller area, keeping it flush and making the scalp appear natural. More of the weave is added in, after the closure is attached, blending the closure and extension completely.hair-replacement-orlando  In Orlando, the heat is going to make you want to wear your hair up. Beach style, warmth and Florida in general usually make you think of piling your locks up. Now, there is a new weave for that, too. The new trend on the marketplace specially made for up-do’s is called a 360 frontal or closure. These pieces are meant to be installed for the freedom to wear up-do’s or ponytails. They go completely around the hairline. The term 360 comes from the fact it’s built to go around the outside perimeter of the head in a circle. The crown is exposed and the weave drawn through. The 360 frontal then works like a frontal does, allowing the hair to be pulled back and up. Since it runs fully around the head, the hair can be piled in a bun or top knot without exposing any of the weave that might show at the scalp or from the back and sides.Braidless Sew In Weave OrlandoThey are relatively easy to install and are attached the way any hair extension is, often with some of your own hair left outside the band to blend the attachment. These are sewn in like a regular closure and weaves can be added to them as needed. They can be styled in any look requiring all the hair up from the face and neck. Any time you are looking to have your hair cared for, the best hair stylist experts in Orlando are at Shallamar’s. Our stylists will consult with you on making your hair the beautiful mane it is meant to be. Extensions add volume to your hair and now they can provide ease as well, with new techniques and the options above. Call us or drop by for a consultation.

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Closures & Frontals - What Is The Difference

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