Brazilian Blow Out At Orlando Salon

Brazilian blow out at Orlando salon is being offered at Shallamar’s Hair Solutions located in Dr Phillips.  This treatment is formaldehyde free and is safe on all hair types and textures.  Brazilian blow outs last various times, from 6 weeks to 4 months based on the treatment that is used.  Make sure you are aware of what type of treatment being used and how long it will last so that you are not disappointed.  I have met quite a few customers who taught they have the four month treatment when in fact they have the express which last four to six weeks.  A thorough consultation is necessary before getting this treatment done.   What in fact is a Brazilian Blow Out – This is a treatment that calms the hair, making it smooth and frizz free with a softer texture without any chemical being added.  The treatment is safe on African american hair including natural hair by smoothing the keratin bonds in the hair.  For curly hair it smooths the curl and makes them calmer and frizz free with no puffiness.  If your hair is limp or lifeless it will add body and more luster to the hair.  It cuts down blow drying time and strengthen the hair while delivering natural sheen and luster for dry hair.  Brazilian blow out is well worth the price and can be used on color treated or highlighted hair.  You can color and highlight and do the treatment all in the same day.  Call us for a complimentary consultation at 407 507 3000.   If you are thinking of getting a Brazilian blow out but not sure if you want to make the commitment, now about trying the express treatment that lasts four to six weeks, you can shampoo the same day you get the treatment.  Once you get this blow out and love it then you can step up to the one that last 3 to 4 months.   And now there is a new and improve Brazilian blow out that does not require the 3 day wait.  You can shampoo your hair the same day you get the blow out and it still last 3 to 4 months.  This is also great for children’s hair if you are trying to get more control of their hair.  Visit our website for more information or to schedule an appointment.   Brazilian blow outs can be worn with your favorite hair color or highlights or both and all can be done in the same day.  No breakages and  you will experience stronger hair.  This is truly a great treatment that will only improve your hair.  Once you try a Brazilian blow out, you will never want to stop receiving the treatment.   You can also wear your favorite weaves or extensions with this blow out and the blow out can also be done on your extensions as well.  This is the perfect solution for dry, brittle, weak, frizzy, uncontrollable hair.  We invite you to come experience a Brazilian Blow Out at our Orlando Salon.

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Brazilian Blow Out At Orlando Salon | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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