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Shallamars Hair Solutions 407 507 3000 http://www.shallamarshairsolutions.com   Black Hair Salons In Orlando is becoming more popular as more and more people moves into the area.  It is important to make sure that the salon you choose as knowledge in the care of black hair and as experience in how various chemicals will react on black or ethnic hair.  This hair kind cannot take double processing of two different chemicals at the same time.  In other words you cant do a relaxer and highlight or permanent color in the same day.  For some black hair you cant do it at all as the hair maybe too fine to deal with both.   Black Hair Salons also offers hair weaves and hair extensions.  Care must be taken in the technique used to install this service.  The gluing technique is the most damaging especially when used on a consistent basis directly on the hair.  Gluing is good for a temporary style for an event or specials occasions.  However it should not be used as a consistent method to install hair enhancements.   Black Hair can be worn in various styles and care must be taken to make sure that the style chosen supports the texture and condition of the hair.  Not all styles suits all hair textures.  One of the most damaging styles are ponytails.  When worn too much especially if you are using extensions in the ponytail can affect the hair if done  in the same spot all the time.  Also if you pull your ponytail back too much it will cause breakage on the hair line.  For clients that wear  a ponytail on the top of their head then pin extensions in….please be careful.  The pins and tensions in the crown of your head can start to cause hair loss in the crown.  On the other hand hair weaves and hair extensions when done correctly can be a great enhancement to a hair style.  The safest long term method is sewing in but care must be taken if the hair is braided first then the hair sewn on as this can be too tight at times and causes tensions which will break the hair.  The braidless sewn in technique is the safest in my opinion but again care must be taken in the tension used to install the hair.   Shallamars Hair Solutions is new to the Orlando area.  They have 22 years of New York city experience and is bringing all this skill and knowledge to the Orlando area.  They specialize in all all aspects of hair care including hair weaves and hair extensions.  Hair Care is a big deal for this salon and each client is placed on a hair care plan to either maintain healthy hair or bring back hair care.  Call them for a free consultation of your hair and get started on a hair care plan that is specific to your hair needs.  See their you tube videos for helpful tips and like them on face book for monthly discounts.  Feel free to also visit their website.   Article written by Sandy Giff…owner of Shallamars Hair Solutions and licensed cosmetologist with 22 years of experience

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Black Hair Salons In Orlando | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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Shallamar’s Hair Solutions prides itself on working with a firery passion. Our number one thing is Hair care and we live that each and every day with our clients. When you come in to our salon as a new client, you will receive a consultation and hair evaluation before any service is provided, so that we can best suggest what your hair needs to look and feel its best. At Shallamar's "Your Hair Care Is Our Affair."

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You don’t just need a hair stylist. You also need a knowledgeable person that can advise you on the best care procedures for your type or hair and your general hair care needs. With over 20 years of experience, Sandy distinguishes herself as an expert who really cares about your hair care. Having worked with people from multiple ethnic backgrounds makes Shallamar’s Hair Solutions the best place in Orlando for your hair care needs.


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