Benefits of Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Benefits of Virgin Human Hair Extensions   When it comes to hair extensions, most women [at times men] have varying reasons why they get it done to their crowning glory. Like many other things, it too has its own benefits, and we’ll discuss that here!   But first, did you know that most hair extensions use virgin human hair? Virgin human hair to be called and classified as such MUST be 100% sourced from human hair, the hair will not tangle in the course of its usage, was cut off of the original hair donor in one ponytail and has never been treated nor has it undergone the process of either perming, bleaching or coloring.   Authentic virgin hair is the premium hair extension in the salon industry. As it was never treated, it lasts longer when applied. Be wary though of sellers who claim to sell 100% real virgin human hair. If it isn’t black, chances are it’s forfeit. Majority of most authentic virgin human hair are colored black as that is the most abundant color type, never blonde [at times but extremely rare to find] nor red.   hair weaves in orlando     Benefits of Real Virgin Human Hair Extensions  
  1. It will make you look good and feel good especially when you have hair thinning problems. Confidence is the number one condition that people with hair problems experience. They feel like they can’t go to public places anymore for fear of being ridiculed by strangers. Aside from major boost in confidence, it too can make someone look younger than their actual age.
  2. It acts as a good balancing cover up for damaged hair as well. Although this is not a good permanent solution, it is a quick fix that goes well for months or up to a year. We still recommend that you have your hair treated for any damages but instant fixes can do the job for you even for just a day or week.
  3. Hair extensions are not permanent as was discussed above. Its effects are generally, still, reversible unlike color or perming as both treatments may do permanent damages. If you feel like it isn’t for you, you can have it removed anytime you want.
  4. As a good cover up and length augmenter, hair extensions aren’t real part of your hair, therefore, applying colors or other treatments into it while it’s intact will not damage your real hair. That’s instant protection for you!
  5. Despite the fact that it’s not permanent, taking care of it as as easy as taking care of your own natural hair. Simply wash it then dry and comb afterward and it stays as good as when it was first applied.
  6. And finally, hair extensions give not just the length you want but also added volume. If your hair is stiff and less bouncy, extensions can do the trick for you by adding volume to your once lifeless, limp and thinning hair.
    For more tips and other tricks to add to your knowledge bank on relevant issues and topics revolving your crowning glory, make it a point to always check out Shallamar’s Hair Solutions‘ blog posts for regular updates. You can also subscribe via email. Shallamar’s Hair Solutions offers 100% authentic virgin human hair extensions in Orlando and nearby areas in Florida, you can give them a call at 407 507 3000.  Check them out or visit their face book page to learn more about the benefits of virgin human hair.

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Benefits of Virgin Human Hair Extensions | Shallamars Hair Sollutions

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