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Braidless Sew In Hair Extensions – Orland

Braidless sew in hair extensions is also called the malaysian technique.  It is where hair extensions is added to the hair and sew in without braids.  There are various techniques used to achieve this.  One is the strand by strand method which as … Continue Reading »

Euro SoCap Hair Extensions – Orlando

Euro SoCap Hair Extensions is  Keratin Tipped for easy installation.  This technique is added to your hair by using keratin bonds to infuse the hair.  This should be installed by a professional hair extension specialist and also be removed by the same professional.  This technique … Continue Reading »

Hair Extensions Using I-Tips – Orlando

Hair extensions using I-tips is done by using micro links to connect the hair  extensions in a strand by strand process.  This is a safe technique which eliminate any glue or sewn in to achieve a great look.  The Donna Bella I-Tips hair extensions  are … Continue Reading »

Hair Extensions Specialist – Orlando

Hair extensions specialist is available at Shallamar’s Hair Solutions, located in the Dr Phillips area of Orlando, right off of highway four at the sand lake exit.  Hair extension specialist Sandy as over 22 years of experience and as just relocated from New … Continue Reading »

Balayage & Ombre Highlights – Orlando

Balayage & Ombre Highlights are a great way to change your hair color and get a unique look.  Highlights can be done to enhance your hair color or for a more dramatic look.  The most popular is the balayage sun  kissed highlights with … Continue Reading »

Ombre Color – Orlando

Ombre color as become a popular way to color with a flair. There are several techniques available all creating different effects on the hair. Ombre color can be used with balayage and foil highlights to create different depths and colors on the hair. … Continue Reading »

Balayage Highlights – Orlando

Balayage Highlights is a highlight technique used to create precise highlights in your hair.  It gives a different effect than foil highlights though both can be used together to give different effects on the hair.  Though balayage highlights were first done on blonde … Continue Reading »

Best Hair Salon In Orlando

Best hair salon in Orlando is located in the Dr Phillips area and as relocated from New York City with 22 years of experience and is called Shallamar’s Hair Solutions.  Master Hair stylist Sandy Giff leads her staff in the best of hair … Continue Reading »

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions ranges in different hair types and textures.  Some of the most popular ones includes Brazilian, Remy, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mongolian to name a few.  Prices ranges based on the quality, texture, length and color.  One factor to be aware of … Continue Reading »

Brazilian Hair Extensions – Orlando

Brazilian Hair Extensions are included with your hair weave and hair extensions at Shallamars Hair Solutions.  We offers the braidless sewn in technique hair extensions with no braids, twist or glue. Just a complete flat solution that looks just like your own hair. … Continue Reading »