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Balayage & Ombre Highlights – Orlando

Balayage & Ombre Highlights are a great way to change your hair color and get a unique look.  Highlights can be done to enhance your hair color or for a more dramatic look.  The most popular is the balayage sun  kissed highlights with … Continue Reading »

Ombre Color – Orlando

Ombre color as become a popular way to color with a flair. There are several techniques available all creating different effects on the hair. Ombre color can be used with balayage and foil highlights to create different depths and colors on the hair. … Continue Reading »

Balayage Highlights – Orlando

Balayage Highlights is a highlight technique used to create precise highlights in your hair.  It gives a different effect than foil highlights though both can be used together to give different effects on the hair.  Though balayage highlights were first done on blonde … Continue Reading »